Raising a Sensitive Child

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“The family that kicks together, sticks together”

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Our whole family started taking Taekwon Do classes. Moses, DH and me!

Moses has been in Taekwon Do for the last two years and now that he’s seven, he’s ready for the family class, so all of us can take the class together. Moses’ favourite cousin and uncle are also taking the class as well!

Our first class ever was co-taught by a 7th degree black belt visiting from New Zealand. How auspicious!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the class, but so far, so good. It feels good to use my body in a different way (i.e., different from yoga asanas). Plus it’s great that the three of us (really, five of us), can spend this time together and exercise our bodies (as well as our minds). I also feel that it’s good for the energetic body as well. I’m not really interested in learning how to spar, but right now we are learning the basics (which I am finding challenging enough as it is). 🙂


Our very first white belt class was co-taught by a visiting 7th degree Dan from New Zealand.


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