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Dearest friends:

Just a quick update that Moses is doing really well. He is still in the hospital and has been having very frequent diarrhea (a side effect of the triple antibiotics that he is receiving, each one 3 times a day for a total of 9 courses of antibiotics through the day), but his very intense pain has subsided, which is a great sign and such a relief. He has an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow to see how his intra-abdominal abscesses are healing. I’m feeling optimistic and very happy with how he is doing. Very thankful for all of the prayers and friends and family who have been supporting and sustaining us.

I also wanted to share that Tess, a blog friend, has shared a modality of healing that I will definitely be exploring. German New Medicine, which is complementary to Heilkunst treatment (both of which have Germanic roots). As my longtime readers will know, Moses and I were treated with Heilkunst homeopathy for 2.5 years and I attribute much of his deep healing to Heilkunst. But we have been taking a break from Heilkunst since November 2012, given that some of the healing reactions were so destabilizing, I felt our family needed a break and I wanted to see how Moses would do without healing reactions.

Overall, I feel that Moses has had a good year, but it’s obvious that he’s been having recurrent abscesses, still resulting from healing reactions (e.g., reflexology, shamanic healing work, phases of the moon). Tess mentioned that she thought that German New Medicine may help to identify the root cause of Moses’ recurrent abscesses so that we can shift out of this cycle.

Tess said this about German New Medicine (GNM) and Moses’ case.

I believe within the GNM understanding, abscesses are caused by what is called ‘self devaluation conflicts,’ but a GNM practionner would be able to give a full explanation, and identify what circumstances in Moses life keep triggering this issue. As a longtime reader of your blog, it seems like this particular health issue is going to continue to re-occur until the root causes are addressed…

Yes, both modalities (i.e., Heilkunst and GNM) are completely compatible, although they developed independently from one another. In fact Heilkunst has incorporated some of the GNM discoveries (such as microbes and bacteria being used by the body as part of specific repair processes) within its system of medicine. There are some Heilkunst practitioners who are also trained GNM practitioners. I discovered GNM through its mention in Heilkunst related material (practitioners blogs/websites.) I haven’t actually worked in an official capacity with a GNM practionner, although I have had informal discussions, also I have read a lot about it from what’s available online. GNM is in essence a system of knowledge about disease, so applying the understanding I’ve gleaned is what has benefited me.

I was just now asking the GNM practitioner who I sometimes have chats with, about Moses’ case. Within GNM understanding all diseases have 2 phases, the conflict active phase- which occurs after a sudden unexpected shock or trauma sets into place a ‘biological program’ to help the body deal with this ‘threat’ at the biological level, and the healing phase, which occurs once the conflict has been resolved, where the body restores the organ/tissue affected back to it’s original state. Re dental abscesses of the upper molars: this is a healing phase of the conflict of, ‘not being able to bite down’ on something-either literally, or more likely in a figurative sense. So there would have been some type of issue/s around self-assertion, that was resolved for Moses just before he developed these latest abscesses (which is the healing phase.) That is a very oversimplified and over condensed explanation which doesn’t do GNM justice, but I thought it may be somewhat of interest to you.

From my very quick look at some of the info online about German New Medicine, I’m feeling very optimistic about it. It also makes sense to me because I have really felt that Moses’ abscesses have been healing reactions (encapsulating disease and bringing disease to the surface), and GNM also views abscesses as the healing phase of the disease cycle. It’s just that we need to identify the “tracks” that have been recreating the “conflict active phase” again and again and again, so that Moses’ body doesn’t need to continue to recreate abscesses.

I thought I’d share some of the links of info that I’ve been pursuing… And if any of you have any experience with this modality of healing, I’d love to hear from you.

Carolyn Markolin

Alvin Leon (a student of Carolyn Markolin’s)

Ilsedora Laker

I have the scientific chart of GNM ordered and a session booked for Moses with a GNM practitioner for next week. 🙂


2 thoughts on “German New Medicine

  1. Yes, GNM is an excellent approach – it helps you to get right to the cause of the symptoms. resolving the cause is not always easy – but it is the only thing that really works.
    Abscesses are most likely a result of “attack” conflicts …the attacks that Moses has been experiencing are his unconscious response to the pain. The pain, on the other hand, would be part of the healing phase of the self-devaluation conflict …one thing leads to another!
    I’ve created a free 8-Video mini course on how conflicts and healing work, as well as how to identify what is going on in your own body and, most importantly, how to heal. I have had a lot of good feedback about these videos, that people find them very helpful. I hope they can help you, too.
    XO and blessings to you and Moses.

  2. Hi Lishui: Thanks so much for sharing your insight and your 8-video mini-course. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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