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Follow up session with our energy healing chiropractor


Dear readers:

As you know, one of Moses’ main local energy healers is our chiropractor. I talk about his work from time to time, but don’t often dedicate a post to our sessions since I’ve been detailing all of his sessions in this one post here.

Right from the very first session that I had with him, when I felt that I was being held in the hands of God, I have felt safe and good about the work that he does. I’ve always felt like we’ve been in good hands with him and that he sees and understands our energy bodies well.

It is approximately 1.5 weeks after Moses received a karmic healing.  His chiropractor said that Moses felt less heavy / less “clogged up” than usual,  physically lighter and more energized. He said that he typically needs to “troubleshoot” with Moses since so much is going on, but today, he was much easier to work on. He did a lower back adjustment in an area that had been causing Moses pain. He did some physical and energetic work on his head, continuing some of the work that the karmic healer had started. He also did some cranialsacral work in his mouth, which was a very minor “fine-tuning adjustment”, something that he would typically not have gotten to before being that before he was too busy dealing with some bigger issues in Moses’ system. Overall, it felt like confirmation that the session with the karmic healer was having positive effects on Moses’ energy body.

As for me, he said that I was still processing the karmic work energetically. It’s taking me longer to process the work than Moses’ body did. He felt called to work on my heart space, which was less congested than normal. The karmic healer conducted work on all of my chakras, but there was a particular past life memory related to my heart chakra that had been cleared, which was significant. My chiropractor has always had to “tread lightly” around my heart chakra as it’s typically very charged and my energy body often doesn’t even allow him to work near it.

Overall, the chiropractor was very pleased about the effect that the karmic healer had on both of our systems. Moses and I have been seeing him monthly for two years, so he is very familiar with the typical energetic patterns within our bodies. I’ve also kept him informed of all of the other treatments and healings that we’ve been doing, so he’s been able to see how different modalities have affected our energy bodies. He commented that typically, he hasn’t really observed a major shift in our energy bodies after other energy healing sessions. Nothing like the shift that he has witnessed after this karmic healer’s work.

I’m feeling really pleased about the whole situation. It feels like confirmation that the karmic work was significant and positive. I love how our chiropractor understands that the work that the karmic healer did and can help support our energetic and physical bodies as we adjust to the work that was done. It felt good to have some “hands on healing” to ground the energetic work that was done.

Will keep you posted, as always.

Happy Holidays!!


5 thoughts on “Follow up session with our energy healing chiropractor

  1. Spirityoga,

    I have been reading your blog for a while. I’m glad Moses is feeling lot better. He is really lucky to have you. You are doing such a phenomenal research on every thing. most of the time i’m coming to your blog to understand things better about homeopathy and EO and healings that you are doing. I’m glad I found your blog. My kid is 2.5 years and really allergic to everything. Now we left with max 10 foods and it became really a struggle to feed him. He is just running away if he sees a plate with food. We started LDA(low dose Antigen) for food allergies. After 3rd shot looks like our allergies are gone up and we are getting hives if he touches vegetables and also getting hives if we go to grocery store may be bcoz of perfumes and chemicals. Looks like LDA might have triggered Mast cell activation disorder (MCAD)or LDA might have aggravating it if we already had it. Now i’m looking for other alternatives for food allergies. I read Heilkunst homeopathy helped a lot with Moses food allergies. We would like try that for food allergies. We already explored SLIT but it is almost similar to LDA. So do you think Heilkunst homeopathy is better choice for food allergies? I see Now Moses has very few food allergies which is giving me lot of hope. Please let me know. Thank you so much for your response.

  2. Thanks so much for your email and your kind words. I’m so sorry to hear that your child has so many food allergies. As you know, we can really relate.

    I really feel that Heilkunst homeopathy helped Moses heal from a deep level, but as you’ve likely read, the journey was very up and down for us. It’s not a linear journey, but I am thankful that we did go through it. You can read about our journey in the link below, and we started some new food introductions by the 4th round of healing.

    Another mom was recently debating doing Heilkunst homeopathy vs. homotoxicology and SLIT therapy. I believe that she is currently going through Heilkunst homeopathy with our same practitioner. In our Heilkunstler’s opinion, she felt that going through the sequential timeline and the chronic miasms would eventually heal her child’s food allergies, and she wasn’t a fan of SLIT therapy. I don’t know very much about LDA or SLIT therapy myself, so I can’t comment.

    I hope that this helps and keep me posted on how your child is doing… Wishing your child much healing, and you much strength.

  3. Spirityoga,

    Thank you so much for the quick response. Looks like Heilkunst homeopathy is better for ours also. I will have to wait for that for 6 months to start that as my DH wants to see few more months of LDA shots. we need to get atleast 6 shots to see whether its actually working or not. I thought about Homotoxicology too. Looks like some one on autism FB page mentioned homotoxicology (Mary Coyle protocol)is the best option to start with as it opens up the broken pathways. then she will refer us to sequential homeopathy to clear metals and vaccinations. Heilkunst, is it same as Sequential homeopathy right? Thank you.

  4. That sounds wise to give it a few more months of LDA shots to really see if it’s working our not. Yes, Heilkunst starts with sequential homeopathy and then works to clear chronic miasms. I do like the idea that homotoxicology works on opening the drainage pathways first…..

  5. Spirityoga,
    Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it. I will keep you posted of our progress. Take care.


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