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Karmic healing update


We had a good and quiet Christmas and we were ever so thankful that Moses had a healthy Christmas.

I’ve been continuing to sit with the effects of the karmic healing that we’ve been receiving from a healer in California. I really feel like the effects have been immense. Like the work that she has been doing with us has been a huge answered prayer.

There is so much to say about the work that she has done with us, but I’m uncertain how much I want to share. A lot of what she shares during the sessions (i.e., past lives, the energies that are removed) is really out there. As my husband puts it, “Homeopathy makes zero sense to me, and this work makes negative sense to me”.

And yet, and yet, and yet…

I have felt differently since the sessions. Different in a deep way. I’ve been feeling less obsessive about things. I have stopped researching, researching, researching for something to help Moses. I have stopped energy healing.  I have been trying to teach myself to run my energy differently, in a way that is hopefully healthier for my physical and energetic body.

I have started to teach yoga again. After a two year sabbatical from teaching, I am teaching again. I’m still just getting back into the swing of things with teaching, but it feels good to be doing body and movement centred work again. I stopped Taekwon do classes, so I can focus more of my energies on my own passion (i.e., yoga).

Life is feeling simpler.

I am doing things that I have been on my to do list for years. Like working on a family photo album. I have 7.5 years of photos to sort through and I’ve been sorting through them and reflecting on the beauty over the last 7 years.

We cleared out a lot of junk in our basement over Christmas. There’s still more to clear out, but we have made a significant dent in starting to move things out.

I treated myself to new winter outerwear (a new winter coat, new boots) and a new yoga outfit over Christmas (changes on the outside to match changes on the inside). I attended a Thai yoga massage workshop with a dear friend a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been enjoying a monthly meditation group with some supportive spiritual women and friends. I’m been trying to make more time for me.

We purchased a pellet stove for our home, something that we’ve wanted to do ever since we moved to Newfoundland 6 years ago.

My relationship with my husband has felt different since the karmic healing. He also has been receiving distance sessions and learning about his past lives / soul purpose and karma has helped me to understand him better. I feel like we are all working together as a family unit better than we ever have before. The sessions are helping all three of us to release “stuff” that has been in our way of creating the lives that we have been wanting to create.

Christmas eve

Christmas eve

So far, Moses and I have each received two healings and DH has received one. I have another session booked for all three of us at the end of January / beginning of February and after that, I plan on taking a break since her sessions are very expensive. More expensive than any other treatment that I’ve paid for. But, something in me says that it’s worth it. I’ve always said that I would be willing to pay anything. anything. if it would help Moses, if it were to help our family. And, I am feeling that so far, it’s definitely been worth it.

I feel that many questions that I’ve had about my personal struggles have been answered. It has given me context for what’s been going on for Moses on a karmic and cosmic level. It has simplified so much for me. It has made things seem so much clearer.

Moses and I are both continuing to see our energy healing chiropractor, the one who recommended this karmic healer to us. During our last session 9 days ago, he said that  Moses was “lightening up” energetically and physically, especially in his chest. His system is clearer / less murky. He felt that there have been good tangible changes since we started work with Racquel. As for me, he said that I was still processing the karmic work that Racquel had initiated energetically. It takes me longer to process things than Moses since I’m an adult and also because Moses is more of an adept healer than I am. He is more of a master than me.

We are all healing as a family unit. In fact, we learned that it’s  imperative that we all heal together. It is impossible for one of us to heal without all of us healing. And it is impossible for Moses to heal without DH and I also cleaning up our own energetic bodies, since we are all so inter-connected and Moses’ soul has a strong commitment to healing DH and I (as well as the planet and all of its inhabitants, but that’s a whole other story).

New Year's Eve

May there be Peace on Earth


2 thoughts on “Karmic healing update

  1. Wow!! I ‘ve never heard of a karmic healer before! Sounds pretty cool! Glad to hear you’re all continuing on in your healigng journey and happy to hear of the recent shifts that have happened. I couldn’t agree more that the family needs to heal together!! My DH started his Heilkunst treatment this past fall.

    I look forward to comtinuing to read up on your family’s journey to restored health.
    Cheers my friend!

  2. Hi Hanna: That’s wonderful that your husband has starting Heilkunst treatment as well!!! I was going to mention in the post above that the whole family receiving treatment was in line with Heilkunst philosophy as well.

    Thanks for dropping by and your well wishes on our continued healing journey. As always, it’s great to hear how Adam is progressing with his Heilkunst treatment. 🙂

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