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The best week ever, indeed


I agree with Moses – it actually has been the best week ever.

Moses and I recently joined the YMCA and we are having so much fun!

Moses is enjoying floor hockey. He absolutely loves it! His favourite cousin joined too and they have been having so much fun playing floor hockey, running around the track, and playing basketball. He even tried hand ball today.

And in the last week, I attended a yoga class, worked out three times, and attended the most fun dance class that a dear friend is teaching (a fusion dance class including African African Diaspora, salsa, jazz and urban style, and ending with a yogic cool-down). So. Much. Fun!

On Friday, I went to a dance party hosted by a local yoga teacher to celebrate the launch of yoga for youth in the city. Again – so much fun!

Today, Moses and I spent more time at the Y. Then, the three of us had fun downtown and went to our favourite place to eat and hang out – The Rocket. We had a visit with friends and their three month old baby. In the afternoon, DH went for a bike ride (in the snow), Moses had a play date, and I had a meditation and talked to a good friend on the phone. DH and I spent the evening cuddling on the couch.

And tomorrow, I am treating myself to a photo shoot just for me. It’s part of a “Self love Marathon“, and includes a pampering session (a professional will be doing our hair and make-up) at a gorgeous cottage on the ocean. Check out some of the photos here.

It feels like something major has shifted, and it feels so good.

The best week ever, indeed.


2 thoughts on “The best week ever, indeed

  1. Cherish every second, my friend. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Have fun, enjoy.

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