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Dehydration and constipation


Well, I’ve been quiet for a whole month!

Time for a catch up…

Thankfully, things have settled down for us during these last couple of weeks. I did stop teaching yoga and Moses did (for the most part) start feeling better.

Although, we did have a week when he experienced intense abdominal pain due to dehydration and constipation. That boy was just not drinking enough!!  It’s always been such a battle to get him to drink enough.

In Moses’ own typed words (he likes to journal from time to time, like his mama).

I can,t slep because my blle is hrting because I,m dhidradid because I,m not dricing.

(Translation: I can’t sleep because my belly is hurting because I’m dehydrated because I’m not drinking).

And since his reactions are so big, this bout of dehydration / constipation resulted in three ER visits, including two in the middle of the night, three days of missed school and a lot of suffering for us all.

Oh my.

Thankfully, he is feeling much, much better now.  And he doesn’t fight us anymore when we ask him to drink his water!

And now, we’ve had a week and a half of “normal” healthy life. Whew!

I’ll share our good news in the next post.

glass of water


2 thoughts on “Dehydration and constipation

  1. Do you use stevia? A bit of lemon juice, liquid stevia and a tall glass of water makes delicious lemonade and a great way to get extra water!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Aine! 🙂

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