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The best week ever!


A sweet story…

As we walked to school on Thursday morning, Moses told me that this has been his best week ever.

On Tuesday, he scored his first goal during ball hockey, and ate Neapolitan So Delicious soy milk “ice cream” for the first time.

On Wednesday, he wrote his first book and illustrated it.

On Thursday morning, he declared that he is an author. He said, “Aren’t you proud of me that I already have a job and I’m only 7?” He has big, big, big plans, including contacting publishers, self-publishing, starting a blog, and/or photocopying his story and sitting outside our house and “selling his book for free”.

My heart was so full to hear him so passionate and so full of ideas.


4 thoughts on “The best week ever!

  1. Yay! So glad things are going well! And now I have to try that ice cream!

  2. Thanks, Aine! And yes, it’s delicious!!!!

  3. So happy for him!

  4. You’ve got a sure winner in your hands, dear Janice! Love to read about his ambitions! God bless him and you all.

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