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Grounding and protection tools


I’ve been practicing Racquel’s grounding, releasing and protection tools both at the hospital and when I’m at home, which I think has been helping, including:

  • clearing the hospital room, using a grounding cord and draining the room of all of the extraneous energies in the room and filling the room with golden light;
  • grounding cords for the family and our hospital room, including all of the individuals (doctors, nurses, support staff, visitors) who enter the hospital room;
  • a protection rose at our hospital door, as well as a protection rose for Moses, DH and me; and
  • calling back our original energies and healing colours to ourselves.

I’ve also been listening to Racquel’s cds while I sleep so that my energy body can be attended to, even as I sleep.

I’ve been listening it when I wake up. I’ve been listening to it while I do some yoga stretches in the morning.

Today, I brought in my laptop to the hospital room and listened to it there as well.

I really feel that it’s been helping.


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