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Sharing the full story helps my process and also helps me to keep track of significant medical events. Probably not very interesting reading for most of you, but here it is…. Tomorrow is to be his last day of IV antibiotics, so we are coming to the end of his treatment.

On Monday afternoon (2 days after this great day), Moses was running a fever and had developed a bad cough. DH brought him to the ER “just to make sure” that everything was okay and because Moses is susceptible to developing pneumonia. The ER doctor felt it was too soon for a chest x-ray since even if he had pneumonia, it probably too early for it to show up on the x-ray. They said if he was still sick within 24-48 hours, we should bring him back.

On Wednesday, he was still running an intermittent fever, which was accompanied by belly pains. We brought him back to the ER since the ER doctor said to return if he was still sick in 48 hours. The ER doctor took a chest x-ray and his lungs were clear (thankfully).

On Friday, he his belly pains were getting worse, so we brought him back to the ER. They took a urine sample and the preliminary test indicated that he had an infection and there was blood in the urine culture. His right kidney was also sore, so it appeared to be a urinary tract infection (odd to us since this is the first UTI infection that he has ever had). The ER doctor wanted to prescribe a sulfa drug for it, but because Moses has G6PD deficiency, he can’t have this (and several other) antibiotics. When the ER doctor saw the extensive list of medications that Moses cannot take because it’s contra-indicated for individuals with G6PD deficiency, he suggested that we just wait for the results of the sensitivity tests, so that they could prescribe an antibiotic that would be effective for the infection.

Later that night, Moses was in terrible pain again and we brought him back to the hospital at 10 pm. They prescribed him with an oral antibiotic, which DH filled at 3 am at the 24 hour pharmacy. Meanwhile, Moses was still in intense pain and so he had a bath to help with his pain and finally fell asleep at 4 am and then was up at 9 am with the same pain.

He had a relatively better day on Saturday, and we thought the oral antibiotics were working, but the intense pain started again at 7 pm and Moses asked to be brought back to the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital later that night and was started on IV antibiotics at midnight. By 10 am, his pain was already subsiding (note, that he responded abnormally quicker to the IV antibiotics than was expected or can even be explained by IV antibiotics alone). On Sunday, they performed an ultrasound, and they determined that he did not have a kidney infection (thankfully) and also no intra-abdominal abscesses (thankfully).

Late on Monday afternoon, they determined that he had a Pseudomonas urinary tract infection. By Tuesday, they were ready to release him on oral antibiotics, but unfortunately, there were no options for oral antibiotics to fight the Pseudomonas infection that he had due to his G6PD deficiency.

On Wednesday, an alternate plan was created – they switched his IV antibiotic to Cefapime, which only needs to be administered twice a day, and on Thursday, they let him go home during the day between IV infusions, although we needed to sleep at the hospital in the evening. He had a great afternoon playing with his cousins and another friend. He hammed it up for his relatives and even did a couple of one-armed push-ups (remember, he still had an IV site in one arm) to show everyone how strong he is. What a trooper!

Today is Friday, and he had another day pass. We spent the day getting ready for his birthday next week: making birthday invitations, delivering them and getting some things for the loot bags. He also spent some time with his favourite cousins, and we went out for dinner. Tonight, he’s with DH at the hospital so I have some time to myself to unwind, relax, write and reflect.

Tomorrow night will be his last night of IV medication, and then we’ll be able to bring him home. My boy will be home with me for Mother’s Day. The greatest gift I could ever imagine.


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