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Once Upon a Time – Part 2

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Once upon a time there were two powerful healing souls. They incarnated on the planet to help and to heal, but they were naïve and made all sorts of agreements that ultimately didn’t serve them and have kept them locked in a pattern of uncontrollable healing to the detriment of their own physical and spiritual bodies.

In an ancient life long ago, one soul incarnated as a healer. In that one lifetime along, she healed thousands and thousands of souls. When she healed, she picked up the karma of the people that she healed. So that she wouldn’t get sick, another soul (a much more powerful healer, a planetary healer) made an agreement that all of the karma that was taken on by first healer would be transferred directly to him. He was the behind-the-scenes healer so that the first healer would remain healthy.

To this day, these two souls have incarnated with the same pattern in hundreds of lifetimes. The second healer (the son in this lifetime) heals the first healer (the mother) automatically. He doesn’t even know that he is doing so. These same souls are trying to break these old healing agreements that no longer serve them, and are trying to stop healing everyone around them (on this dimension and others). They are learning new ways to run their energy.

Read Part 1 here.


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