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The pattern


In general, April has been a great month and in particular, we had a couple of great days before Moses was sick. I even shared what a great Saturday we had here. On Sunday night, I met with four of my girlfriends, friends who I used to meet for ceremony and Wish games. Given my recent explorations with the karmic healer, I have completely stopped doing all ceremony, ritual and Wish games, and I hadn’t gathered with my girlfriends for a while. I’d seen them all one-on-one, but not in a group. We had a great night on Sunday and I felt expansive – it was so good to re-connect, share stories and laughs and snacks.

The following afternoon (Monday), Moses was running and fever, and he was diagnosed with a UTI infection on Friday. He was admitted to the hospital late on Saturday night for IV antibiotics. Oh my.

I know this sounds crazy, but this is my theory (and I know that my karmic healer will agree). I “picked up energy that wasn’t my own” when I was with my girlfriends because my energy was so expansive and because Moses has an “agreement” to heal me (an agreement which the karmic healer has tried to break for us, and which I’ve tried to break), these energies were automatically transferred to Moses for healing. And then Moses got sick. So sick that he needed to be hospitalized.

I know that it sounds crazy, but I’ve seen this pattern time and time again. When my energy is expansive and in particular, when I’m with other healers / intuitive people, Moses becomes sick or develops abscesses. I’ve seen it again and again and again.

I’ve seen this pattern just about every time I’ve gathered for ceremony, but I had no idea that it would happen after having snacks and a good conversation with some of my girlfriends.

I know, I know – it might just be a “coincidence”, but when a coincidence happens again and again and again, it starts to seem like more than just a coincidence. (Here’s another time when Moses coincidentally developed an abscess (this time a dental one) within hours of me hanging out and talking with two of my spiritual girlfriends [and we didn’t participate in a ceremony that night]. And read more here).

At the moment, I’m just watching the pattern and taking note. I’m continuing to practice Racquel’s grounding and protection tools so that I can learn not to take on other people’s energy. I also booked another session for Moses with Racquel next week.


3 thoughts on “The pattern

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  2. This is very interesting! In addition to grounding and protection techniques, do you ever try cord cutting? That may help as well. I have to do cord cutting everyday otherwise I get completely drained. God bless your son, I will pray for you both! You are a strong and admirable mother.

  3. Hi Mommy Lives Clean: Thank for your comment. I have tried cord cutting, but truthfully, I don’t practice it enough. Thanks for the reminder, your blessing, your prayers and your kind words.

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