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Fourth egg challenge fail

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As my long-time readers know, Moses is allergic to eggs, and we have tried on a couple of occasions to “challenge” his egg allergy because his allergist felt that the best way to know if Moses is really allergic to eggs is to feed it to him. She has found that some of her patients are able to tolerate eggs in baked goods and she hoped that Moses might be one of those people.

A brief history of Moses’ experience with eggs:

  • When he was 2 years old, he had what we think was an “accidental exposure to eggs” (i.e., he accidentally ate a muffin that contained eggs) and he wound up in the hospital for four days with gastro-intestinal bleeding;
  • April 8, 2011 – he had a stomach ache after eating the equivalent of 1/30th of an egg in GF banana bread.
  • Sept 24, 2011 – he had a violent vomitting incident after eating the equivalent of 1/8 of an egg in a GF pancake.

Based on Moses’ previous experience with eggs, I didn’t feel good about the challenge, but we were open to trying it because it had been awhile (3 years) since we last tried, and it would have been so great to add eggs to Moses’ diet.

So, his allergist recommended that Moses have an official “egg challenge” at the hospital. We baked 12 GFCF blueberry muffins with 1 egg, which meant that every muffin contained 1/12th of an egg. The first “dose” was 1/32 of a muffin, which meant that it contained 1/384 of an egg.

Moses ate it up and thought it was delicious, but within one minute, he told me that his tongue was starting to swell and his throat was itchy. Oh oh!

It wound up being a terrible experience because the allergist wasn’t present and the nurses weren’t authorized to give Moses any medicine without the doctor’s authorization (she was in the hospital and available on call), but when my son is having the start of an anaphylactic reaction to a known allergen, there’s no time to spare. I actually delayed, while I waited to see how fast they could get “authorization” to give Moses medication, but Moses (understandably) started freaking out, so I grabbed our Benadryl and gave him some medicine. And then the nurses were upset because I didn’t follow proper procedure. Ugh! (Insert curse words here).

As much as I’m trying to “make peace” with the medical system, it’s stuff like this that drives me absolutely CRAZY!!! I was soooo angry.  So was Moses. Within 40 minutes of the Benadryl, Moses’ tongue went back to normal and he was fine, but today he is completely broken out with the worst rash that he has had in a long, long time.

Well, I guess the lesson is that Moses is really, really, really allergic to eggs. And we are not going to set up any other oral allergy challenges for any of his other allergens for a long, long, long, long time.


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