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Double COMT gene mutation?

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A friend of mine wondered if Moses might have a double catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene mutation, and if he did, it might explain why he develops rashes when he takes supplements that contain ingredients such as Acetyl L Carnitine and Quercetin (i.e., supplements that increase glutathione production).

Her daughter has this gene mutation and can only handle very small doses of these supplements.  Most people need methyl donors (which are found in supplements that increase glutathione production) but if you have a double COMT gene mutation then they cause issues for the person.

Something for me to think about because I have wondered why Moses has such strong “healing reactions” to some of the supplements that I have tried with him (such as MaxGXL, Robert Keller’s original glutathione formula, and Alpha CRS).

My friend knows that her daughter has a double COMT gene mutation because she ordered a nutrigenomics genetic test for her daughter.  “This test has been the best thing by far we have done for our daughter and I am convinced it would be helpful for anyone having a variety of health challenges.  Through this test we have been able to implement the correct diet and supplements that she needs and eliminate all the things we were doing wrong that usually would be considered healthy for an individual without her mutations.  The test costs $499 and tests for 30 different genes, best money we ever spent.” Find out more here.

We haven’t ordered this test for Moses, but it’s yet another thing for us to “keep in our back pocket”.

On a similar note, my karmic healer also highly recommended someone who does great diagnostic work. Again yet another test that might uncover other avenues of healing for us to explore. I’m keeping this in our back pocket as well.

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