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Great news about the pneumococcal vaccination

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Some amazing news this week is that our allergist has been consulting with a doctor, who specializes in treating individuals with Moses’ diagnosis, and we specifically asked about her thoughts about vaccinating Moses with the pneumococcal vaccination (Pneumovax 23).

It’s been a source of stress because 1) Moses’ pediatrician is constantly trying to line up Moses’ next vaccination, 2)  DH would like to minimize Moses’ exposure to vaccinations, but has been interested in getting Moses vaccinated with Pneumovax, and 3) I don’t feel good about any additional vaccinations for so many reasons (read here and here), but mostly because of the following:

  • Moses’ marked decline in health (physically and emotionally) to the MMR vaccination,
  • vaccinations increase IgE levels (and Moses’ IgE levels are already sky high),
  • I know at least a few people with Moses’ diagnosis who have had serious negative reactions (requiring hospitalization) to the pneumococcal vaccination, and
  • recent blood work has indicated that Moses’ pneumococcal antibiodies are in the normal range (likely because of his history of pneumonia).

Our allergist asked us if we had any questions for the Job’s syndrome specialist and one of our questions was, “We are curious about whether she would recommend that Moses receive the pneumococcal vaccination keeping in mind that his pneumococcal antibodies are in the normal range and his previous negative response to the MMR vaccination. His last pneumonia was in November 2012 and it was a secondary infection developed when he was in the hospital with IV antibiotics for an MRSA infection.”

Happily, the specialist responded that she would NOT recommend that Moses be vaccinated with Pneumovax 23. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!! This is because they have seen some severe reactions to Pneumovax (including those requiring hospitalization). That said, she still recommends the rest of the vaccinations (and even Prevnar – the pneumococcal vaccination for children [which I’m still not a fan of since it contains aluminum, which raises IgE levels), but at this point in time, DH has dropped the issue.

I’m feeling sooooooo relieved…..  So thankful!!!


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