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Feeling optimistic

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Dear friends:

Something has shifted in the last month and it feels so good.

  • Moses is doing well. Abscess-free for 3 weeks now. I feel that the MRSA essential oil protocol that we started is helping!
  • DH and I are getting along sooooo well. Beautifully.
  • Moses has started homeopathy a few days ago. Clearing Tuberculinum.
  • I started receiving powerful and loving sessions from my dear friend, Cheryl, who is training with Lissa Rankin at the Whole Health Medicine Institute (the work is based on the book Mind over Medicine). I love this work and I feel that it’s work that I want to do with others. I’m so happy and inspired to have direction!
  • I had a huge break-through with Cheryl, and as a result, it really feels as though my world is opening up.
  • Moses had a session with our karmic healer on Monday and I’ll have one with her tomorrow. I feel that that work that she has been doing with us has helped “stabilize” our situation and has made it ripe for miracles (she started the work for Moses’ session in mid-August).

I’m sure that there’s more to share, but that’s a snippet of what’s going on in our lives right now.

Feeling so optimistic and happy and good.

All is well!




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