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The birds are singing again


“The birds are singing in our living room and in our back yard.”

It feels like that statement sums up our lives at the moment. The birds are singing again.

In our living room…

We have two budgie birds, John and Yoko, in our livingroom and they are singing. They bring us such joy.

Over the summer, we had another bird, Ringo, who became sick with a brain tumour (poor bird) and it was sooooo terribly sad when the birds stopped singing. We didn’t have Yoko then and we needed to separate the two birds. John, bewildered, would spend all day over on the side of the cage, peering into Ringo’s cage, silent and watching and worried.

And Ringo would spend his days with his head heavy and would often fall off his stick, only to climb back up again. And again, and again.

It was a heartbreaking couple of months.

Now, we have a new companion for John, and it brings me such joy to hear them singing again.

Backyard birds

We live in a newer neighbourhood without many trees, but close to a green space. When we moved in, we planted a couple of new trees and put up a bird feeder. And then another. Over the years, we often had a pair of dark-eyed juncos who would visit our backyard, but something shifted towards the end of the summer. The pair of juncos must have told their friends because we started to have a multitude of birds show up in our backyard.

This year, we’ve had five blue jays, a northern flicker, a dozen or more juncos,  a chickadee, 20 or more starlings, a couple of crows, and even a sharp-shinned hawk visit our backyard. And, earlier in the summer, we had a big fat American robin and some of his friends, who ate the dozens of cherries on our cherry tree.

Three or so years ago, we planted a pear tree in our front yard. In the first year, it produced one small (inedible) pear. The seond year, it produced ~8 small pears, but we didn’t know how to ripen them. This year ~30 pears and we learned how to ripen them (put them in a pot with a lid along with a couple of ripe bananas). The pears were delicious! We are finally enjoying the benefit of all of the seeds that we have planted.

From our pear tree

From our pear tree

And that’s how our life feels – it feels like the birds are singing in our lives and in our hearts and all of the seeds that we have planted long ago – the seeds of healing for Moses, are now blooming. And it’s time for us to enjoy the benefits of our sweet life.


2 thoughts on “The birds are singing again

  1. I loved reading all your latest updates! I am SO happy to see how well Moses is doing, all the different “shifts” he’s experiencing, and all about his heroism. These kids are our heroes, indeed. But so are you and your husband. I hope you are having a great *love week* in NYC!!!! So well deserved.

  2. Awww…. Thanks for reading and sharing in our joy. Thanks for the kind words – it means a lot coming from another warrior mama! Hope you and Dante (and hubby) are all well!

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