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Heilkunst testimonial – full autism recovery

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Reblogged from Arcanum Wholistic Clinic’s website. It’s a story worth sharing.

“My daughter was 2.5 when we started working with Allyson and Arcanum.  At the time, she had lost all but two words of her speech after receiving her delayed schedule 18 month vaccines, to which she reacted with days of diarrhea, vomiting and fever.  Looking back, there were many red flags throughout her infancy – starting with her struggles to breastfeed – only after she received her Hepatitis B vaccine.  My daughter had minimal to no interest properly playing with toys or interacting with other children.  She instead insisted on obsessively controlling every detail of our days, at which point her tantrums became out of control multiple times per day.  She hadn’t had a formed stool since she developed multiple food intolerances after her vaccines, as well – and when we stopped breastfeeding, she stopped gaining weight for months.  The light in her eyes was just gone – and I so desperately wanted it back.

I began spending my sleepless, crying nights – newborn son in hand, searching for someone to help me.  That’s when I found Allyson and I knew that my prayers had been answered from the first time that I spoke with her.  She understood everything and promised me that I would see the sparkle in my little girl’s eyes again.  The first huge improvement – just days after taking out first remedies, was my daughter sleeping through the night without waking and crying out multiple times.  She was 2.5 and had never slept through the night until this point.  Shortly after this, her bowel movements became formed and her belly slowly lost it’s constant distention…and with that, the ‘hurting tummy’ complaints were minimized as well.  As we navigated through the first couple of months with Allyson, my daughter gained many new words in her vocabulary – then phrases shortly after.  Before she was 3, she potty trained herself in a few short days.

Today at 5 years old, my little girl is talking (all.day.long!) in conversations,  thriving in a Montessori pre-school, spelling and writing words, asking for playdates with friends – finally enjoying being a young child.  The transformations in her because of Heilkunst and Allyson are nothing short of amazing – and I am so thankful for finding this system of medicine and an amazing doctor who truly turned our world around.  As I reflect on the changes over the past couple of years, it pains me to think how different our days and our lives could be now had we not put our faith in Heilkunst.”

~Mom of Former Autistic Babe


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