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Clearing Tuberculinum LM3 (again) (my journey)

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During my consultation with my homeopath in early January, the pendulum indicated that I wasn’t quite done clearing Tuberculinum on the LM scale and still needed to the Tub LM3 in dropper form (read my journey with clearing Tuberculinum  to 50M in December here). I wasn’t ready to clear any new powders this month. It made sense since January is still in Tuberculinum season. So interesting that both Moses and I were still needing to clear Tuberculinum – we were mirroring each other.

“Tuberculosis – the essence of this disease state is restlessness, the desire to escape from the encroaching limits of the psoric state. There is no sense of peace in the present, but a continual need to move, preferably to higher ground (> mountains), but where they then feel the constriction in their heart, forcing them to move to descend. They feel caught between opposing forces and seem condemned to wander the earth without repose. There is an increasing sense of lack of connection with life as manifested in the lung symptoms. The paleness and weakness also speaks to the increasing lack of vitality.” – Source (page 68).


  • Nat Mur CM (old grief – this is such a key emotion for me – it goes so deep); Tub LM3; Bacillinum 50M (I think this was to prevent any potential bacterial healing reactions related to healing Tub); Sepia 10M (totally fed up – typically the “mother’s remedy”); Nux Vomica 200C (can’t stand losing); Phosphorus 10M (outgoing, enthusiastic constitutional type); drainage.
  • Pyrogenium – 1 M for 2 weeks, then 10M for 2 weeks (this was related to bowel health) – 3 times a day (fascinatingly, within 3 days of starting this dropper, my bowel health changed for the better);
  • Lachesis MM (guilt, jealousy, envy) – this is quite a high potency!/ Arsenicum 50M (fear, control) – 3 times a week.

Tissue salts:

  • “The use of tissue salts at specific junctures throughout treatment can help restore function at the cellular level and reverse the disease process. They constitute an important part of regimen and help alleviate symptoms that are the result of imbalance (rather than disease proper).”
  • Nat Mur 6X – This cell salt/tissue salt is for Cartilage, Mucus, Cells and has the function of helping with headaches, water retention, indigestion, nutrition absorption, cell division/growth, colds, emotional Stress, sleeplessness and headaches.
  • Calc Fluor 6X – This cell salt/tissue salt is for Bones, Elastic Tissues, Teeth, Joints and has the function of tissue elasticity.

I felt depressed immediately after I started taking my new remedies (things often get worse before they get better with homeopathy), but within 24 hours, I was starting to feel more optimistic and that optimism and inner peace continued for most of the month.

Overall, truthfully, I have been feeling good. As Elizabeth Gilbert said in “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Even in my underpants, I feel different”. Overall, at my core, I am feeling more at peace. More balanced.

A big outward sign that something significant has changed is that I’m dancing again. I’m taking a weekly Modern Dance class just for me. Just for the joy of it. I love it.

Dancing on the street

Dancing on the street (summer 2013)

Oh! And I learned to ice skate recently.

Learning to skate

Learning to skate

Right now, things are feeling emotionally charged as our family is discordant about a few issues, but underneath the outward turmoil at the moment, I can still access that quiet voice that lets me know that all will be okay.

I’m thankful that Moses is healthy and well. I need to anchor myself in that reality. Overall, all is well.



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