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Clearing Ringworm to 50M (Moses’ journey)


During the last month, starting on Feb 11, Moses cleared the Ringworm chronic miasm. Ringworm is one of the 8 chronic miasms that is cleared during Heilkunst treatment.

Ringworm can show itself in skin conditions, especially fungal. It is linked with symptoms of SAD and depression.  A person with the ringworm miasm may be tired, have a dull headache and not want to do anything. One may continue out of duty, causing frustration and self-blame. Ringworm has a general sense of being a victim, a deeper fatigue and frustration. The theme of ringworm is “wants to, but can’t” (p. 70 of this link).

Moses cleared Ringworm to the first level (to 10M) in September/October 2011. I was a bit dismayed to recall that Moses developed pneumonia prior to clearing Ringworm, when I delayed the treatment in 2011.  In Feb 2015, Moses started developing flu-like symptoms and was having difficulty breathing right before we started this round of treatment. Based on the symptoms that Moses was presenting, his homeopath thought that he might have the flu, so she prescribed a Influenzium / Bry / Phos 10M dropper. His homeopath sensed that the ringworm chronic miasm was big in Moses and might be a difficult one to clear (in terms of healing reactions). I started to feel a bit nervous when his Heilkunstler told me that if he needed to be hospitalized (say if he came down with pneumonia), he would continue to heal as long as I kept giving him his remedies. Gulp.


  • Staphylococcinum/ Nitricum acidum – 3C to 13C (4 powders, fibonacci scale)- for abscesses;
  • Ringworm 3C to 13C (4 powders, fibonacci scale – since he didn’t clear Ringworm on the Fibonacci scale when he first cleared Ringworm in October 2011) and 50M/LM5;


1) Influenzium 10M / Bry 10M / Phos 10M – 2x / day for a week  (increased to 50M after 4 days) – for his cough and flu-like symptoms, achy body, etc. Stopped on Feb 25 (after two weeks).

2) Stramonium MM (that’s a huge potency, but the same potency as last month) – 2x / day – for night terrors;

3) Ringworm LM5 – 3x / day – started after he was done taking the Ringworm powders. This helps to moderate healing reactions related to the C scale clearing (this was up to LM6 3x/week after a healing reaction related to having a “plugged up ear”);

4) Staphylococcinum CM – 3x / week – to treat the abscesses (this is a huge potency, but not as high as the 10MM from last month); and

5) A dropper taken twice a day that includes all of the following:

  • fungal 200C (to treat thrush and other fungal infections);
  • Nitricum acidum 200C (resentment);
  • Graphites 1M (for ear fissures);
  • Sarsaparilla 1M (for ear fissures);
  • Petrussinum 200C (for his cough – this is a remedy for “whooping cough”;
  • Silicea 6X –  this was for his ear fissures;
  • Aesculus 1M (I assume this is for ear fissures, but not sure); and
  • Hepar Sulphuris 30C (I assume this is for ear fissures, but not sure).


Hubner silicea for ear fissures (silicea is good for healthy skin, hair and nails) –  1 teaspoon daily. It’s thick and kind of tastes like chalk, but easy to hide in shakes.

Healing reactions

The night that he started the remedies, he had a night terror. Two days later, he was having difficulty breathing, was coughing a lot, and had an increase in rashes (back, stomach and other areas). (I later found out that the increase in symptoms was related to an allergic reaction to something, but that’s a whole other story). Three days later, the huge abscess under his armpit that had been there for 6 weeks spontaneously drained (yay – I think likely as a result of the Staphylococcinum powders) and the rashes seemed to be subside. Thank goodness! He still had a bad, congested cough and couldn’t make it through his entire skating class since he was having difficulty breathing.

Four mornings after starting the remedies, he woke up crying and said that he was feeling sick, so I upped his Influenzium / Bry / Phos from 10M to 50M. (His homeopath had said that he might need the higher potency, so when he woke up with the same complaint that he had on Wednesday, I took it as a sign that it was time to up his dose). Within minutes, he calmed down and felt better. Amazing.

One week after starting the remedies, he started to complain that his ears were plugged and he was having trouble hearing. His Heilkunstler changed his Ringworm LM5 dropper to Ringworm LM6 (three times a week) and within a day, this complaint disappeared.

Eight days after starting the remedies, we rejoiced that he was officially abscess-free (another abscess that was developing disappeared on its own), for the first time in four months (since October, when he was abscess-free for three weeks). His ear fissures were looking much, much, much better (not oozing, inflamed or raw looking).

11 days after starting the remedies, he was doing really well emotionally. The main symptom remaining was a cough, the healing ear fissures and some rashes in places.

13 days after starting the remedies, we received a message from Moses’ teacher that he was not focused in class and was having too much fun (i.e., laughing and talking). Truthfully, I see this response as being a good sign (i.e., having fun, being sociable and laughing are all great things, really – especially a child who hates school and has previously been so shy — he’s starting to come out of his shell and make friends!), but not great for classroom management.

Two weeks after starting remedies

Two weeks after starting this round of clearing, we had a 15 minute consultation with his practitioner because she thought he might need more support to make it through this round of healing. (I had booked this consult immediately after the initial consult because my practitioner is busy, so it’s difficult to get last minute appointments).  I’m glad that I had this time put aside because there were some additional things that needed attention (e.g., cough, rashes and  ear fissures). I mentioned how thrilled I was that he was officially abscess-free. Woot woot!

She added these droppers to the mix:

1) Rumex 200C – for use as needed for a wet and productive cough that he still had (note, we were able to stop the Influenzium dropper after 2 weeks).

2) Baccillinum 50M + LM5 was added to the Ringworm LM6 dropper – 2x/day – this was for the increase in itchiness and rashes that he was experiencing.

3) Gemmotherapy Betula Ver. – he was supposed to have 1/2 teaspoon of this, but with Moses, I need to hide most things in his shakes and 1/2 teaspoon would be too difficult to hide since this has an alcohol base. I just hid a couple of drops in his shake a day. This is anti-inflammatory. I can’t remember if this was for his cough or his ear fissures.

4) Silicea 12X cell salt / tissue salt –  this was for his ear fissures (I ordered this online as she wanted him to have Silicea in the cell salt / tissue salt format, but I needed to order a lactose-free version). “This cell salt/tissue salt is for connective tissues, skin and has the function of helping with skin eruptions, brittle hair and nails, cleansing, initiating healing processes, sores, constipation and functionality of the skin”. 

Moses had an interrupted sleep on the night that we started the new remedies and woke up with his ear fissures looking more red again. By the next day, the cough remedy seemed to be working as his cough was starting to “dry out”. Two days later, he went to bed angry and ripped his left ear apart – the left fissure deepened. ugh…

Six days after the short consult, on March 3, Moses had an allergic reaction to an unknown food (swelling of his throat at school). The school gave him Benadryl and I brought him to the ER and they gave him Decadron (a corticosteroid) to calm down the swelling. Early March coincides with the start of Medhorrhinum season and I wondered if the reaction was related to this. (I just did a quick search and it looks like it likely was).[Update March 22, 2015: his Heilkunstler thought it might have been a healing reaction related to clearing Ringworm and not Medhorrhinum]. During the short consult, his Heilkunstler had said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Moses went directly into Medhorrhinum after clearing Ringworm, and since she was going to be on vacation, she provided a Med LM6 dropper, just in case.  The instructions were to not give him the dropper unless he was showing signs that he needed it (e.g., if he started acting like a maniac) and then to give it to him just 3 times a week. She cautioned against giving it to him too soon. I gave him his first drop of Med LM6 on the day of the allergic reaction and then gave him the Med dropper ~2-3 times a week.

Gifts of clearing Ringworm

Despite the ups and downs of the healing reactions (which were relatively minor this month), Moses continues to do remarkably well. We are so pleased.

Moses had an appointment with his chiropractor who has been treating him for the last 3 years and he is happy with how Moses is doing. He just needs to treat him structurally now (whereas, in the beginning, he was doing a lot more to help his organs, etc.).

Moses had an appointment with his dentist last week. This dentist remembers when Moses was a sick little boy and had terrible skin afflictions. (Moses actually once developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for 15 days after developing a dental abscess, so this dentist knows Moses very, very well). Whenever he sees Moses, he reminds us how far he has come. His dentist knows about Moses’ diagnosis and past hospitalizations and I could tell that he was surprised (and pleased) about how well Moses is doing. He was amazed at how calm Moses is now, and also how clear his skin is. It helps me to have these health practitioners in our lives who can remind us about how far Moses has come and that we really need to appreciate and celebrate where we are today.

He has officially been abscess-free for one entire month. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Read about why this is significant for us here).

He didn’t have a night terror during the last two full moons. I think this pattern is officially done. And it’s been more than a month since his last night terror. Woo hoo!

He has made it through the entire fall and winter without any major illness or hospitalizations. Wow!!!!!

He is a strong, robust, happy, well-adjusted boy. He is doing well at school and is doing well socially. He just started power skating and he did phenomenal. He is healthy, well and strong!

It’s hard for me to express how significant this all really is.

I’m so very thankful. So thankful.


2 thoughts on “Clearing Ringworm to 50M (Moses’ journey)

  1. Hi,
    it’s nice to see he is healing. 🙂
    Apart from the 15 minutes consults, how often are you in contact with your homeopath?

  2. Thanks, Ragni. We book sessions every 4-5 weeks (typically 30 minutes). If he has a flare up, I do call her office and she typically responds, but sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of her because she works part time.

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