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A fresh start – Heilkunst 28

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[Sorry, the spacing in this post is showing up weird, but I can’t seem to fix it].

This past month was our first session with our new Heilkunst practitioner. She has a different approach in that she generally uses lower dosages, and she seems to use a wider range of  remedies than our last two Heilkunstlers used. As a result, I am not familiar with any of the remedies that he used this month, but I trust that they are exactly what he needed.

On April 23, Moses started a new round of droppers:

– Eczema – Epih. 12C – Take 2 X a day (AM and PM) plus spray it on him up to 2 X a day. (Buy a fine spray mist bottle. Fill it with water (not from the tap – either filtered or spring water) and add 2-3 drops from the dropper bottle and spray it on him where he has eczema. You can do this up to 2 X a day in addition to taking the drops orally).

– Dry, itchy scalp/Ear fissures/Asthma/Staph abscesses – Lapath. 30C/Nicc. 200C/Coryd. 12C/Anag. 12C – a drop a day

– All over itchiness – Sol. t. ae. 30C – 2 X a day plus spray 2X a day (same technique with fine spray bottle as above – spray wherever he feels itchy.)

– Food Allergies/Eye ulcer/Eyelid abscesses (or styes)/Prone to pneumonia/Thrush – Vacc. m. 12C/Pin. syl. 12C/Daph. ind. 12C/Hoang-nan 9C/LImulus 30C – a drop a day

– Immune System support – China bol. 30C – a drop a day

– Stress Levels – Elaps. 1M – a drop a day

Two acute droppers:

– Acute – Asthma – Lob. i. 30C – Take a drop as needed. If he has an asthma attack, give him a drop.
– Night terrors – Acute – Imper. 30C – as needed if/when he wakes up with a nightmare / night terrors.
She decided not to prescribe any powders this month (i.e., no miasms were cleared) because Moses is so sensitive. She wanted to be very cautious and see how he responds to the above droppers first. With the lower dosages, she generally finds that her patients experience less intense healing reactions. (I’m all on board with that

She asked me to check his stool and it’s healthy (type 4 on the Bristol stool scale). I was pleased how healthy it was considering he was just on 2 different courses of antibiotics, and has been on a continuous prophylactic antibiotic since he was 4.5 years old. Perhaps the remedies that we started with him a couple of weeks ago for diarrhea during the course of pneumonia antibiotics helped??

She checked the appropriateness of the supplements and essential oils that we have been using, and she suggested that we stop everything that we were doing except for:

      • a grounding essential oil blend;
      • an immune support essential oil blend (this was considered so-so);
      • Silicea 12X and Natrum Sulphur 12X.

She suggested that we stop:
– HMF powder;
– Flax seed oil;
– Genestra Vitamin B12 and folic acid;
– frankincense essential oil; and
– an immune support essential oil blend.

After starting the above droppers, Moses was very emotional / felt like life wasn’t fair / very dramatic. He developed a new bump on the back of his head, behind his left ear and on a sensitive part of his body.

On April 29, 6 days after starting the above droppers, Moses started on the following acute droppers:

      • Arum itlaicum 9C – 2 X daily for an abscess in a sensitive location; and
      • Cic. m. 7C – 2 X daily for the rest of the abscesses – behind ear, back of the head.

On May 4: ear fissures are looking better. Is the improvement because of the new cream we started: 2% hydrocortisone with Bactroban or is it because of the new remedy that he started for his ear fissurse?? He wasn’t feeling well (general malaise, achy, no fever) and he developed an abscess on his left eyelid. It was so big that it was partially obstructing his vision.

On May 5th, we spent 7 hours in the ER because the abscess on his eyelid was causing so much pain that he couldn’t sleep. He received Midazolam (a short-acting central nervous system [CNS] depressant) – I hate it when they give him Midazolam because he starts to speak nonsense and drools uncontrollably. It’s scary to watch. He also received an IV and a CT scan to make sure that his eye itself wasn’t infected (it wasn’t). Some doctors thought that the abscess needed to be drained and he needed IV antibiotics. Thankfully, his surgeon (who we love!) came to the rescue and came to the hospital at the end of the day (he wasn’t even on call, but he came just to consult on Moses’ case). He informed the ER doctor and the eye doctor that he knows Moses well and he knows from experience that most of his abscesses resolve on its own. He felt that it was prudent to wait and see, as long as the abscess didn’t have the potential to cause damage to his eye (and the eye doctor felt that it didn’t), and so we waited. Later that evening, Moses started the following acute droppers and stopped the other abscess droppers:

1) A background remedy for all the abscesses:
– Arum. tri. 30C – 2 X a day
2) For the eye primarily but also to help the other abscesses –
– Cich. 30C – 2 X daily.
By the next morning, the abscess had started to drain (whew!). Fascinatingly, when the eyesight on his left eye was checked the very next morning, it had improved from 60/20 to 50/20 within one day (this is with his glasses on), which is amazing since Moses’ eyesight had never recovered from an eye injury (a corneal shield ulcer) that developed in 2011.  Back in January 2015, his eyesight was 70/20 from a distance with his glasses on. I think (and his Heilkunstler concurs) that the dropper that we started earlier this month for his eye injury helped his eyesight.  Absolutely amazing!!!!
By May 7th, Moses’ left eye was draining even more and looking sooo much better. Thank God!!!!!! Some other great news: the abscess by his ear had disappeared, the bump on his head was resolved and his ear fissures were looking fantastic! And, his state of mind was great.
Over the next week, Moses had a couple additional small abscesses on his eye pop up. He has one right now, but it’s not causing any pain and is relatively small. He also still has an abscess in a sensitive area.
That’s a lot of detail, but the overall great news includes the following:
      • Moses’ eyesight has improved in his left eye. He sees his eye doctor in a couple of weeks and I’ll have a better idea if the improvement was a permanent change.
      • Moses’ ear fissures have healed up and he is no longer wearing arm braces at night. Hallelujah! You have no idea how significant this is! He has been wearing arm braces at night for over a year to stop him from scratching his ears at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • He hasn’t had a night terror in the last 7 weeks. This is the longest period of time that he has been night terror-free in at least a year!
      • It has now been over a year since Moses has needed to be admitted to a hospital. Woot woot!  Here’s to another hospital-free year!

So far, I’ve been extremely happy with our switch in practitioners! I especially like the fact that our new Heilkunstler is able to fine-tune the remedies and the potencies so well. I feel that Moses is getting the exact remedies that he needs and it’s really helping!


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