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Allergic reaction


Today is Moses’ 9th birthday. He had a great celebration with his friends playing ball hockey yesterday and we celebrated today with a family dinner at his Grammie’s. We eat at his Grammie’s just about every Sunday night and she’s very careful at making sure that all of the food that she serves is allergy-friendly.

But…. tonight, he had an allergic reaction to something. We have no idea what it was. I suspect that something was cross-contaminated with milk.  Maybe his allergy-friendly Rice Dream was cross-contaminated by ice cream at some point.  I think that is the most likely culprit.

Within 30 minutes of eating, he indicated that he wasn’t feeling well (his mouth was tingly). We gave him 15 mL of Benadryl. He then rinsed his mouth out with water (which, for milder reactions, seems to help).

He seemed to be having difficulty breathing, so he had his Ventolin puffer.

Things started to escalate, so we left his Grammie’s right away. He spit up on the stairs before we left. We didn’t even put his jacket or shoes on. I grabbed his medicine bag and I didn’t even put my shoes on properly. I sat in the back seat with him, in case he needed his epi-pen. We had the foresight to bring a bowl for him to throw up in.

He tried to make himself vomit into the bowl (to get the offending food out of his system). He just kept bringing up mucous. So. Much. Mucous.

His stomach was hurting and he had a “bump” forming on his throat. I had the epi-pen out and was that close to using it, but we were soon close to the hospital and his airways were still open, so we delayed.

I parked the car while DH carried him into the hospital. By this time, he was drooling uncontrollably and talking nonsense (a very typical reaction to when he had Midazolam, but he didn’t have Midazolam, so it was very odd). I’ve never seen an allergic reaction that looked like this.

When I found him in the observation room in the ER, he was still drooling uncontrollably – a lot of mucous / drool. His stomach was still hurting him and so was his throat.  The doctors didn’t have any idea why he was drooling like he was. It was a very weird reaction.

Within an hour, the reaction passed. We don’t know exactly what he had an allergic reaction to, but it was definitely an allergic reaction to something.

They watched him for another 30 minutes, and then let us head home, reminding us that sometimes individuals have a secondary allergic reaction within four hours of the first reaction, so they advised us to keep him awake to monitor him.

At home, I gave him all of the homeopathic remedies that he is currently taking to help bring him to homeostatis. Within 5 minutes of taking the remedies, he complained of stomach pains and within a couple of minutes after that, he vomited everything in his stomach. All over his (carpeted) bedroom floor. He vomited four times, vacating his stomach completely.

We were so happy that the offending food was out of his system and he told us that he was starting to feel better, but was still feeling a “7”, with “10” being really sick and “1” being well.

Over the next hour, he was hungry again and he had some watermelon and a banana with peanutbutter. (A great sign that he wanted to eat. We knew that the peanutbutter was “heavy”, but he wanted something to fill him up after emptying his stomach). He was still complaining that his throat was hurting on and off, but it was 11:30 pm by now and way past his bedtime. So DH put him to bed and I will plan to sleep with him tonight to make sure that all is okay through the night.

I’m a tired mama now, but wanted to get this off my chest before I go to bed.

Today is his 9th birthday. As we walked into the ER tonight, I noticed that they had a sign up and it said that they treat children up until their 18th birthday. It occurred to me that we have made it to exactly the half-way point of his childhood / adolescence. It feels bittersweet today.

My poor boy had an allergic reaction to his birthday dinner.

It was a brutiful (brutal + beautiful) day.

So glad that he is sleeping in his own bed tonight and tomorrow is a holiday, so we can all sleep in and rest.


2 thoughts on “Allergic reaction

  1. Oh dear… soo sorry for the little guy.. I hope today is a much better one !!

    I have had two vomiting episodes / usually I just got nausea and pain.. The vomiting happened on one eeney teeney tiny / I mean small ! pills … chlorella … I truly felt like it was food poisoning.. vomiting five hours straight, not able to move vomiting.. Me the optimist gave the pill another trial/ less than a quarter of it this time .. a year later. It was recommended for my high mercury and I was scared to death of my super high mercury.. And so I braved it again a year later.. Same reaction … I later learned of my sensitivities to salicylates in most vegis and fruits… and attribute the chorella brutal days probably to the salicylates http://www.salicylatesensitivity.com and facebook group of the same name…

  2. Hi Nancy: Thanks so much for the info about the salicylates sensitivity. I have heard of it, but not sure if Moses is sensitive to salicylates. He seems to tolerate fruits and vegetables well, but he has previously had a reaction (rash) to spirulina. hmmm……

    He’s all better now, thank you!

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