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Grade 3

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So proud of our Moses, who made it through Grade 3 with flying colours. He did really well in school this year, despite the fact that his motto is to work as minimally as possible and the fact that he doesn’t enjoy reading, writing or school work. But, he’s so bright, has amazing comprehension, and has a computer brain that remembers everything, so he did phenomenally well overall. This year was his best report card ever. So proud of him!

He also enjoyed Grade 3 because he made some good friends. In the past, he was very shy, and he seemed to come out of his shell this year and gain some confidence. It’s been such a joy to witness him joking around and hamming it up with his friends.

Another amazing thing about Grade 3 was that it was the very first school year that Moses did not need to be admitted to the hospital. We are so pleased!! He still missed 4 weeks of school due to illness, but he was able to rest and recover at home. So thankful!

What a year, it has been!

Enjoying a walk through the woods with one of his buddies

Enjoying a walk through the woods with one of his buddies


* I really feel that Heilkunst has helped Moses at school. I feel that it helped him socially, behaviourally (in past years, he struggled with focus, listening and completing work during the allotted time) and also cleared some brain fog. So thankful!

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