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July 2015 Heilkunst update


This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in July 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

Moses’ Heilkunstler is now focusing on only three droppers at a time – one that focuses on the mind, one that focuses on physiological needs and one that focuses on the neurological and physical needs. I’m liking this method as it’s a lot simpler to administer and takes up a lot less space on our counter!

On July 11, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Iberis 1M (Mental Outlook – head, brain, ears,eyes, thrush in mouth) – once a day

2) Narco. 30C (Physiological – trunk/pelvis to neck/abscesses/eczema/itchiness) – twice a day – can also use as a spray

3) Stach. 7C (Neurological/physical – whole body) – once a day

On the first day that he started his new remedies, Moses started hallucinating right before bed. He said that he “saw things that are far away” when his eyes were closed and it scared him (understandably). He said that it felt like he was having a bad dream (while he was awake). He was very emotionally unstable / upset.

The day after he started the remedies, it looked like his chronically cracked corners of his lips (which we think is related to thrush) were healing.

On July 15, he had a new painful abscess on a sensitive area appear, but within 24 hours, it drained on its own. Thank God. The bump on the right eyelid resolved with some warm compresses.  The bump on his right groin disappeared.  He still had abscesses under his right armpit.

On July 21, he had an allergic reaction (tingly throat and tongue) to his lunch (with no known allergens) at his day camp. He just needed Benadryl and then came home from camp early so that I could make sure things didn’t get worst. The same thing happened again during lunch on July 26 and on July 30.

On July 23, Moses needed an ultrasound for the swollen lymph node / abscess on the right side of his neck that is ~4 cm wide that his pediatrician was concerned about, which has been present for ~ 6 weeks. He still has abscesses under his right armpit.

On July 26, the abscesses under his right armpit had disappeared and the abscess on the side of his neck seems to be getting smaller. Thank goodness!

Throughout this three week period, especially when it’s just Moses and me, he has been extra hyper, sometimes speaking non-sensibly or even non-verbally (in high pitched squeaks and beeps).  Hmmmm…..  I’m sure that’s it’s related to his current clearing, so I’m not worried about it.

On July 28, on Moses’ first night back after our 2 day road trip, he had a night terror.

All in all, a relatively low-key three weeks healthwise. Thank goodness.


  • Moses loved daycamp, and his counselors told us that Moses was a social butterfly and made friends with everyone in his day camp. So heart-warming to hear!
  • Today, during a 6 km bike ride, Moses’ endurance and biking skills have improved as he was able to climb all of the hills during the bike ride (whereas, in the past, he used to walk his bike up them).
  • Had fun during our 2 day trip to Amherst Cove.
Relaxing in Amherst Cove

Relaxing in Amherst Cove

Sunset at Amherst Cove

Sunset at Amherst Cove


3 thoughts on “July 2015 Heilkunst update

  1. Cracked corners of the mouth can be deficiency of b2 riboflavin….

  2. Thanks, Nancy. Moses had been on a vitamin B complex for awhile. His Heilkunstler suggested that he stop that supplement though…

  3. I checked in with my Heilkunstler during our last appt and she recommended a new vitamin B complex, so thanks for the suggestion.

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