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Clearing Syphilinum to 10M (my journey)

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This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in June/July 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

This month, I cleared Syphilinum to 10M. Syphilinum is a pretty nasty miasm. You can read about syphilinum here.

“Destruction, decay, and processes of things breaking down or falling apart all describe the essential characteristics of this miasm at all levels (physical, mental, emotional). Physical conditions including any form of auto-immune disorder, as well as psychological conditions of depression, despair, even to the point of suicide fill out some of the details. The emotional acts of blaming and criticizing are further indicators of this energy. A feeling that life is meaningless, and that “there is no point” form part of the more extreme version of this mental and emotional state. The expression “Life’s a bitch, and then you die” portrays the sentiment of this feeling.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

This was the first time that I cleared Syphilinum, and Moses has only cleared Syphilinum to 200C (it was a doozy for him and we took a 2 year break from Heilkunst after clearing this chronic miasm). Since our relationship is in resonance with each other, I felt that clearing Syphilinum may help us both. I know that Syphilinum is a big one in Moses (potentially one of the major roots of Moses’ dis-ease, from a Heilkunst perspective). I’m glad that our new practitioner is giving Moses a break on clearing with powders because we both feel that clearing powders can be destabilizing for his sensitive system. Heck – even clearing with droppers alone can be destabilizing for his sensitive system.


For my info and in case you are curious, I started the following droppers on June 13, 2015.

Homeopathic Droppers:

1) Constitution – Sil. 200C/Sep. LM5/Drainage combo/Diosc. 30C – a drop a day (also addresses jaw clicking)

2) Neck and shoulder pain – Lapath. 30C/Piperaz. 9C – a drop 2X a day

3) Plantar’s Warts – Bad. 12C – a drop a day

4) Stress/Anxiety – Nat. lact. 30C – a drop a day

5) Life purpose – Seneg. 9C – a drop a day

6) Connectedness with Moses – Vib. p. 1M – a drop a day

7) To support digestion – Lin. cath. 12C – a drop a day

My month

Immediately after starting the droppers, my body felt so incredibly sore. More sore than normal – neck and shoulder pain, pain along my arms, pain along my spine. My hay fever has also been really bad – worst than it’s been in a long, long time.

It took awhile for my wafers to get to me through regular post, so I started the Syphilinum wafers on June 26 (~2 weeks after starting the droppers). No noticeable difference immediately, but a few days after I started taking the wafers, I noticed that I was more irritable than normal, angry, worried, mind racing, feeling unfocused and ungrounded. I was also extra busy at work and Moses was going through his own healing reaction, so hard to say what caused what. But perhaps my emotional response was a healing reaction to Syphilinum.  A weird discolouration appeared near my inner wrist (approx. 1 cm x 0.5 cm) – it looked like an old burn / scar. Weird.

On Canada Day, I had the best day (after a stressful morning) at the beach and felt very present and content.

On July 17, approximately 3 weeks after starting the Syphilinum clearing, I had a rash (small red very itchy spots – they looked like fly bites) develop on my torso, back and  arms. ~ 20 spots in all. So itchy!!!!  I’ve never had a rash like this develop before. Yikes! I checked in with my Heilkuntler and she thought that the rash was likely a response to clearing Syphilinum. Four days later, the rash was still present, but the itch subsided.

Today is July 29th and tomorrow night I have a session booked with my Heilkunstler. I still have scars from all of the rashes that developed during this month, but they are no longer itchy. It’s been ~7 weeks since my last session, which is a long length of time between sessions, but I’ve been trying to time my sessions to coincide with every two of Moses’ sessions and I’ve also been trying to extend the time between sessions to save some money.

Emotionally, it’s been a challenging couple of months overall. The summer months are typically my busiest months of the year work-wise and on top of my normal busyness, I was working on a scientific paper during my “spare time”. This meant that my life went completely out of balance – working until midnight some nights and working on the weekend. Thankfully, that paper is just about done. There has been some uncertainty at my place of employment (including layoffs), which has been causing some anxiety and also some soul-searching about what it is that I want to do with my life. I’ve been taking a homeopathic dropper to help with this theme (Seneg. 9C to help connect me with my life purpose).

The last couple of weeks have been challenging for other reasons and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and soul-searching. I’ve been starting to revisit Lissa Rankin’s Mind over Medicine questions, which have been giving me a lot of things to ponder. I just finished David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity, and also just started Stephen Cope’s The Great Work of your Life.

What is my dharma? What is my life’s purpose?

For  the last 9 years, my dharma has been to facilitate Moses’ (and my own) healing. And with the grace of God, I can see that we are on the right path given that our lives are less and less about struggle and suffering. Thank goodness! Amazing!!!  I’m so thankful to Heilkunst for that.  So, now I have some energy to think about: what’s next?

I’m a technical writer / biologist / environmental consultant during the day. That work fulfills me on many levels: intellectually; financially; and helps me to balance my home life because my work is ultra flexible and I work from home. I also spend most of my day writing, which I love to do. And, yet the work doesn’t fill my soul.  And it’s also very uncertain work at the moment.

I used to think that my dharma was to be a healer. Once upon a time, I was a yoga instructor, but I’m currently on an extended sabbatical. I used to hold space for energy healing, which I stopped after I noticed a pattern.

I love Heilkunst, but I don’t feel drawn to becoming a Heilkunstler.

So now what?

Well, it’s still a mystery and an unknown. In the meantime, I’m trying to feed myself with meditation, yoga (just got back on my mat today after an extended period away), writing / journaling and nature. Keeping things simple.

I trust that all is coming.


Cape Bonavista – a historic town where Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) first discovered North America in 1497.


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