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Fall 2015 – Heilkunst update


This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in September/October 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On September 17, 2015, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Magnesium phosphorica 12C (Physical – rashes/ear fissures/cracked lips/asthma/dry scalp/dry skin/abscesses/immune boost) – 1 per day

2) Mephitis mephitica 30C (Emotions – Anxiety/squeaking/Socialization) – 1 per day

3) Rhamnus californica 10M – (Mentals – Self-confidence/Agility/Focus/Motivation/Energy Level) – 1 per day

Moses wasn’t feeling well even before he started his droppers (potentially because the droppers actually start working as soon as they are prescribed by our Heilkunstler – it’s actually a form of energy medicine). I picked him up from school because he wasn’t feeling well a couple of hours before he received his first dose.

The morning after he started the droppers, he told me he had a bad dream (but it wasn’t a night terror = progress). That morning, he also told me that he was surrounded by angels. This was interesting because it’s been at least a couple of years since he mentioned seeing angels (this used to be a common occurrence when he was five years old or younger). A couple of hours later, I picked him up from school early because he had a headache, his eyes were twitching, he had a stomach pains and a stuffy nose. He felt better after a nice long, warm bath.

On day 2 (Saturday), he still had a runny nose = discharging.

On day 3 (Sunday), he still wasn’t himself: runny nose, wheezy, needed his puffer a lot, complaining of stomach pains and nauseous from a drive in the car. Loss of appetite. Still seeing angels. DH was starting to get worried / anxious.

He had a night terror that evening.

On day 4 (Monday), he stayed home from school. Complaining of a sore throat, intermittent stomach pains and had a nasty cough. His surgeon said that his lungs sounded clear, however. His energy levels were good and he was in good spirits. It felt like he was on the mend. He only had one abscess left (left groin). The abscess on his left armpit disappeared. Great news!

On day 5 (Tuesday), we sent him to school in the morning, but I picked him up early from school because he had a headache and a stomach ache. Still felt like he was on the mend though…

By day 6, he was feeling better and back to school. So, it wasn’t a terrible healing reaction and the great news is he didn’t develop any new abscesses during this time!  On Friday, he came home from school saying that he had the best day ever. He was back to swimming lessons after a month break and he reported that he learned to dive and swam to the bottom of the deep end of the pool. This was a boy who just learned how to swim a couple of months ago!

On day 11, Moses had an allergic reaction (itchy eyes, runny nose) to touching a plant at school. And, later that day, he had a “tingly throat” reaction to a GFCF spaghetti and meat sauce that we made (this is his second time having a reaction to this dinner), and we eat this pretty regularly. What’s up with this increase in food sensitivities in the last few months?

Three weeks after starting the droppers, Moses came home from school early, complaining of stomach pains and general malaise. Hmmm… This is out of character for him, unless he’s actively clearing something.

Good news – his last remaining abscess disappeared on its own.

3.5 weeks after starting the droppers, he developed small styes on his eyelids. hmmm…  I think he’s ready for his next set of droppers…


This was a very minor month for healing reactions for Moses. Other than the minor ailments mentioned above, he had a great month. He’s active, happy and healthy. And, he started hockey. We’re so proud of him! Woot woot!


4 thoughts on “Fall 2015 – Heilkunst update

  1. Oh hockey. !!! cool…… wishing him the best …

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Nancy!!!!

  3. Thanks, Sandra. 🙂

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