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Visit with our naturopath – December 2015

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As I mentioned in this post, we recently had a visit with Moses’ naturopath, who we love.

Since Moses doesn’t see her very often (every 6-12 months), she has a long view on Moses’ healing and she also knows where he started from since we started seeing her when Moses was 3 years old.

I always find it’s a good “check-in” and helps me to affirm that we’re on the right track.

The main things that came out of this appointment include the following:

  • Overall, Moses is doing well!
  • We’ll consult with Moses’ dentist about her thoughts on Doxycycline;
  • I’m going to start Moses back on CD baths (perhaps it’ll help with the recurrent abscesses);
  • I’ll start using the sublingual vitamin B with Moses (something that his Heilkunstler suggested, but Moses doesn’t like the taste, so I got out of the habit of doing); and
  • we’ll start him on a good multi-mineral supplement (Genestra Colloidal MultiMins Liquid). (The MultiMins Liquid is sweet and tastes like a melted orange popsicle, but for some reason, Moses doesn’t like the taste. ugh).

She thought the vitamin B might help with the chronic cracks that Moses has in the corners of his lips.

I’m thinking the CD baths might help with the recurrent abscesses. We got out of the habitat of doing so because truthfully, we’ve been doing diluted bleach baths (as per the recommendations of Moses’ dermatologist and immunologist), but I think the CD baths would be more effective for his abscesses. Unfortunately, I was too enthusiastic on the CD bath yesterday, and today, on Christmas eve, Moses isn’t feeling well (I think a die-off response to yesterday’s CD bath*). It’s a good reminder for me that slow and steady wins the race. ugh!

* Last year, Moses routinely had 20 drops of CD in his bath. Yesterday, I started with 10 drops, and then he had a second bath with 12 drops. This was evidently too much to start with.


More reading:

  • Read about our last naturopath appointment in July 2014 here.

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