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January 2016 (Heilkunst update)

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This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from mid- December 2015 to early January 2016. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On December 10, 2015, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Tan. 9C – (Physical – Lungs/Vision/Thrush/Itchiness/Asthma/Ear fissures/Dry scalp/Rashes/Abscesses/Dental issues/Immune boost/Styes/Digestion/Allergies) – a drop a day

2) Pancr. 200C – (Emotions – pessimism/dealing with bully/stress) – a drop a day

3) Lith. c. 1M – (Mental – Sleep/Socialization/Energy level/Night terrors) – a drop a day

A day after started his new droppers, Moses was more hyper / crazy / chaotic than usual, but seemed more himself by the following day.

Around the same time that we started the new droppers, we also started using his medicated creams more frequently because his dermatologist “wanted us to get on top of his rashes”.

Four days after starting his new droppers, he had the start of a new “bump” under his left armpit, and two other abscesses in other areas. The latter two had been there prior to starting the droppers, but they seemed smaller than they had been (according to Moses’ surgeon). His lips looked worse to me (dry, corners of lips very cracked).

Five days after starting his new droppers, he was needing his puffer a lot. (Was this a consequence of suppressing  his rashes, a healing reaction to the new droppers or a consequence of the paint fumes from painting our livingroom, or a combination of all three factors?)  His teacher also emailed us because Moses was working so slow at school and he came home with a lot of school work that he didn’t complete when he was in school due to a lack of focus.

A week after starting starting his droppers, he came home from school early because he rubbed something that he was allergic to into both eyes and his eyes were red and puffy. Things settled down after taking Benadryl and putting some eye drops in his eyes.

10 days after starting the droppers, he had an abscess starting under each armpit and another one on his groin. The next day, out of the blue, he threw up.

Mid-way through this month, we had an appointment with his naturopah and we re-started him on sublingual Vitamin B drops, Genestra colloidal multimins liquid,  and MMS baths (started with 10-12 drops. Will work back up to 20 drops).  I think he might have had a healing reaction after his first bath (general malaise, feeling tired, nauseous and a lack of energy), but thankfully that passed after 24 hours, just in time for us to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

This month, I stopped giving him his remedies 3 weeks after starting them because we wondered if after the 3 week mark, he was starting to prove the remedies (rather than them being of benefit). This time, his symptoms seemed to increase after the 3 week mark and stopping the remedies early didn’t really help.

It’s now January 3 (3.5 weeks after we started the remedies), and his rashes seem increased, and he has two abscesses under his left armpit,  one under his right armpit, and one on the right side of his head. He had a night terror a few days ago. I think he’s ready for his next set of remedies. We have a session scheduled with his Heilkunstler in a couple of days. She mentioned that he’s on a 21 day cycle (i.e., it would be best if we scheduled every 3 weeks rather than every 4 weeks). I think she’s right, but I’ve been scheduling them every 4 weeks to reduce costs.


We had a great Christmas break and other than the relatively minor symptoms described above, Moses has been vibrant, healthy and well.

Christmas 2015 031

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a happy new year! May this he a healthy year for us all.



It’s now January 6th (we had our consultation with our Heilkunstler tonight), and the abscess on the side of Moses’ head has been causing him pain, interrupting his (and our) sleep, and causing him to miss school. Also, the abscesses under his armpits have “ripened” and are quite large (he now has four abscesses under the left armpit and one under the right armpit). And, he had a second night terror last night. His body is really ready for the next set of remedies. It’s obvious that a 3 week cycle for remedies would be beneficial for Moses.

Also, as a result of the increase in medicated creams earlier this month, Moses’ asthma has gotten worse (because of the suppression of symptoms). We are backing off of the medicated creams now.


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