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June 2016 – Heilkunst update

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This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in late May to early June  2016 over a 3.5 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On May 17th, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Lycopers. 30C – (Physical – Rashes/Preventive for abscesses/Cracks in lip corners/Food Allergies/Asthma/Immunity re Tetanus/Eczema/Anxiety/stress) – a drop a day

2) Ferrum 200C – (Emotions – Night fears/Friendship Issues) – a drop a day

3) Digital. 1M – (Mentals – Brain fog/Focus re schoolwork/Socialization Skills/Babyishness/Sense of well-being) – a drop a day

On the morning before he started his droppers, he had a stomach ache, which I suspected was related to the droppers. (Moses often responds as soon as his Heilkunstler prescribes the droppers, even before he receives the first drop). Before he went to bed, he complained of another stomach ache (which was soothed by a digestive essential oil blend) and was very emotional at bedtime. Similar to last month’s healing reaction, his emotional state reminded me of what he was like many moons ago. Later that evening, he cried out in the night while he was sleeping and I thought he was going into a night terror, but I was there to “catch it”, and I told him he was sleeping and he fell back to sleep.

The next day, he was focused with his math homework, but at bedtime, his energy was manic / emotional again, but not as intense as the first night.

Two days after starting his droppers, he had an increase in rashes on his chest, his armpits and his back. (He had no rashes on these areas prior to starting the new droppers). Also, his face was really dry and the cracks on the corners of his lips were very pronounced.

On May 20th, he took his 3rd timeline wafer (Thuja 200C) to clear developing pneumonia in April 2015. The next day, he went to sleep crying for the third time during this week because he was in trouble for something. This has been a very emotional week for Moses at bedtime, although during the day, Moses was  active and on the go with his friends, playing basketball, ball hockey and riding his scooter.

On May 25th, he took his 4th timeline wafer (Thuja 1M). He didn’t have any noticeable healing reaction, but I noticed that DH developed a painful stye on his eye later that same day (and Moses used to develop a lot of styes). DH also had a painful bump on the top of his head, which probably started around the same time that Moses took his 3rd timeline wafer.

Overall, Moses’ healing reaction this month was mostly emotional.

DH and I are currently at a place where we no longer think of Moses as a “poor sick child”. We now see him as the vibrant and healthy boy. When people used to ask me how Moses was, I would always automatically think of all of the physical ailments that he was dealing with, but I would respond with a not very convincing, “He’s doing good”. Now when people ask me how Moses is doing, I no longer think about his ailments (since he doesn’t really have any) and I respond with a resounding, “He’s doing phenomenal!”.

This same month, Moses participated in his school’s Public Speaking night since he was one of the 2 finalists in his class and one of 6 finalists within Grade 4. I was so proud of my  boy! He teacher was also proud of him and told me that typically the same children always get chosen for these events and she’s always so happy when a quieter student gets chosen. It felt like Moses was really coming out of his shell.

The fact that Moses was also involved in a Public Speaking event also has deeper significance for me because on the evening that Moses was diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency 6 years ago, I received a vision of Moses as an adult. In that vision, Moses was on a stage speaking to a large audience. I can still see that vision to clearly in my mind’s eye. He was strong, healthy, charismatic, grounded, fully present. Inspiring others. Fully engaged with life and living his life purpose. I first wrote about that vision 6 years ago, and that vision has kept me inspired through all of the ups and the downs that we have experienced since that day. Dear friends, if you or your loved one is dealing with a difficult health challenge, hold strongly to your vision of health. Because that vision (especially combined with Heilkunst) will one day bring you true healing.

Our family was on a hike last week and as Moses bounded effortlessly up the hill that I climbed with effort, DH asked me if I ever thought our son would ever be doing the things that he’s doing today. He told me that he honestly didn’t think it would ever happen, whereas, I told him that I never doubted that one day Moses would be healed and be a healthy boy. In fact, in some ways, I had a harder time with all of his many hospitalizations and bouts of illness because his hospitalizations weren’t congruent with my inner vision of the truth.

Last night, Moses’ teacher emailed us to let us know how far Moses has come in his reading this year. He has moved up 5 reading levels, which is a huge progress in one year. His teacher is so proud of him. She remarked that he hasn’t missed any time from school lately and the day-to-day consistency is really paying off. She’s also so proud of the extra effort he has been putting into school. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Also, Moses hasn’t needed frequent physician appointments like he used to. We used to see his surgeon at least once a week and now we are seeing his surgeon every 2 months. Moses had a follow-up appointment yesterday and his surgeon was so happy to see how well Moses is doing. He hasn’t had any new abscesses develop since we started Doxycycline in February. We are thrilled about this.  I feel that Heilkunst has healed Moses’ in all aspects of his health, but there’s no denying that the Doxycyline has also helped to keep his abscesses at bay.

By the way, this round of healing was 25 days in length (vs. our typical 21 days) and this proved to be too long. Moses was VERY emotional today. And tonight, he was feeling sick (cough, runny nose, sore throat, feeling run down, tired). He was more than ready for his next round of droppers.


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