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Late Sept 2016 – Heilkunst update

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This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in Sept 2016 over 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On September 9, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Rx. c. 30C – (Physical – Ear fissures/Rashes/Digestion/Allergies/Corner of lips cracked/Asthma/Itchiness/Tongue bite/Immune system) – a drop a day

2) Pop. c. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Groundedness) – a drop a day

3) Nicc. 1M – (Mentals – Brain fog/Hygiene/Accident prone/Babyish behaviour/Adjustment to new city) – a drop a day

New Timeline Wafers:

Nit. spi. dulc. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Take one every fifth night, 1-5. (Devastation over cancelled vacation three summers ago – 2013)


On the day we started the new droppers, we also started the Nit. spi. dulc. wafers to clear Moses’ devastation over a cancelled vacation three summers ago. (In retrospect, it was probably  too much to start the droppers and the wafers at the same time). The vacation had been postponed because Moses had a painful abscess and a doctor friend had advised us not to travel with him. It had been absolutely devastating since it was a last minute decision, and Moses woke up the morning that we were supposed to leave on vacation to the news. It was awful for all of us. We wound up rescheduling the trip for the following month (and had a great time), but when we went on vacation to Winnipeg in August of this year, I was reminded of this incident and it felt like something that needed to be cleared for him and also for me.

On the day after we started the new droppers and timeline wafer, Moses was highly emotional and missing St. John’s (of course, to be expected after such a big move). By the following day, he was feeling more emotionally balanced. Four days after starting the droppers, we had guests over who he had never met and Moses was outgoing, confident and over-the-top entertaining – unlike I’d really ever seen him behave.

The next day, September 14th, Moses took his 2nd Nit. spi. dulc. wafer, and after a busy day at school, playing with friends after school and a 4 km walk up and down an escarpment, he was feeling not himself (i.e., tired, needing his puffer, stomachache, runny nose and flu-like symptoms). Likely a healing reaction to the wafer. He slept in and stayed home the next day, and was feeling better by the evening. But the symptoms continued on and off. On September 18th, he still had a runny nose, shortness of breath and complained of stomach pains at dinner time. But, he was still able to go for a bike ride (with a lot of rest breaks along the way) that same evening. On Sept 19th, he was supposed to take his 3rd wafer, but I decided to give him a break until his symptoms subsided. On Sept 20th, he was still having difficulty breathing, especially at night. He was also complaining of more stomach pains.

On Sept 23rd, he was still out of breath and having difficulty with short bike rides. And feeling mad about it. Telling me that it’s not fair that he has these symptoms to deal with. His state of mine was much the same as the state of mind that he was in when his vacation had been cancelled. How life is not fair. A clue for me that these symptoms were, in fact, related to the timeline clearing that he was in the middle of. He had a night terror later than evening, and the next morning, he told us that he was really sad about moving from St. John’s and how he missed his friends and family and his life in Newfoundland.

On Sept 24th, he started swimming lessons. He loves swimming, but hates swimming lessons and had a lot of resistance and was even angry about going to swimming lessons. We made him go anyway, and when he came out, he was happy that he had gone and was proud of himself.

I gave him the third Nit. spi. dulc. wafer on Sept 25th, 11 days after his last dose (typically, I dose him every 5 days because of his sensitivity [based on our Heilkunstler’s recommendation]). Within minutes of receiving the wafer, he was angry that I didn’t let him eat in the livingroom, and then also sad about missing his friends and family in St. John’s. But that wave of emotion passed minutes later. Around this same time, he developed a bump on his head (related to a Staph infection???). He used to get recurrent Staph infections all over his body, including his head. This was the first one to develop since he started Doxcycline in Feb, so it made me nervous. He couldn’t ride his bike or scooter because it was too painful for him to wear his helmet.

I started my own timeline clearing of this same event on Sept 24th, and I noticed a couple of days later, Moses was doing better physically. DH remarked that Moses “was getting over his cold”. He had more energy when we went on a family walk together along the Bow River. The bump on his head was still there, but wasn’t getting any worse.

Today is Sept 28th, the day before his next session, and it feels like Moses is ready for some extra emotional support. This has been a big month for him emotionally (i.e., getting settled after the big move, in addition to clearing a significant timeline event). He still has 2 more timeline wafers to take, which I’ll give to him after he starts his next set of droppers.


Despite it being a more difficult time for Moses than recent months, it was still a great month overall. He has done really well with the adjustment to a new city and a new school. He’s made friends at school and in his neighbourhood, and already has a best friend who lives 2 doors from us. He’s also been very motivated at school and has been getting all of his work done in school, so that he doesn’t need to take any work home. He’s been focused and has been doing a better job with time management.


Moses woke up on the morning of Sept 29th to the bump on his head being completely healed. Glad that is over with.


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