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My baseline before Thrive

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Friends, I’m starting a new supplement that a dear friend recommended. She found that this new supplement (or group of supplements) helped her energy levels, mental clarity, her emotional well being and decreased her symptoms related to PMS (a huge thing for her).

Since I’m going to be starting a new fulltime job next week, which will involve a 50 minute commute on transit, and earlier mornings than I’m used to, I’ve been concerned about my energy levels.

I thought that I’d jot down some notes about my baseline, so that I can see if the new supplement (which is quite $$) has an effect:

  • energy levels are okay, but I typically have a mid-day slump;
  • I typically crave chocolate during the mid-day and at night (maybe my body looking to increase energy);
  • I typically crave potato chips at night;
  • It’s hard for me to wake up in the morning;
  • dark circles under eyes;
  • chronic neck and shoulder tension that has been there for years;
  • I haven’t been making time to consistently exercise, despite the fact that I have time to do it. I’ve been very sporadically practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day, and go for occasional walks;
  • rashes on my belly and left inner elbow due to detoxing with homeopathy;
  • my frame of mind is generally positive, but I still have a low level of anxiety that runs in the background; and
  • I think I could ideally lose approx. 5-10 lbs.

My plan is to use the supplement at a half dose because I’m frugal and I generally take most supplements at a half dose because I tend to be sensitive (my naturopath says that I’m a half dose kind of gal). My friend found a difference at a half dose, and I hope I will as well!

I hope to have more consistent and higher energy levels and to have more mental clarity. I want to be at the top of my game for my new job, and also still have energy for the family. And energy to exercise. I’m going to stop the current supplements that I have been using (but will continue with homeopathy), and see how I do. I’ll report back in a month’s time.

Le-vel Thrive Experience Product Line

Le-vel Thrive Experience Product Line


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