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No longer allergic to sunflower seeds


Wow – this is a big one! Moses is no longer allergic to sunflower seeds, something that he had an anaphylactic reaction to in the past! We fed him something that contained sunflower seeds because he was open to trying it and my intuition said that it was safe.

This opens up our world so much because every additional allergy is that much more restriction, in terms of foods that we can prepare and places that we can eat.

I also want to eventually try to feed Moses some other foods that I suspect that he is no longer allergic to, if he is comfortable trying it. His current list of allergies are the following: tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, mustard and fish. I’d love to get this list down, one by one. It feels like his world is opening up! So thankful!


2 thoughts on “No longer allergic to sunflower seeds

  1. Hi Janice.. Thought i would share on your blog about how some foods are high in glutamates.. So even though we may be tolerating the food we should not be eating soo much of it .>

    Glutamates are broken down into Gaba by an enzyme we all have.> Some of us not enough of the enzyme .. Our bodies can tolerate a certain amount of glutamates but it can build up . SO just warning people not to go over board with eating too many glutamates in one day just because you seem to be over the senstiivity to it .. Go slow and watch out for a return to symptoms when introducing a food that seems to be safe now..

  2. Thanks, Nancy. I appreciate the info!!!!

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