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October 2016 – Heilkunst update

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This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in October over a 2.5 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On September 30, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Frag. v. 30C – (Physical – Digestion/Stomach pains/Rashes/Ear Fissures/Cracked lips/Dry scalp/Accident prone/Tooth decay/Allergies/Bloody snot/Asthma-Breathing issues/Itching/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Cycl. 200C – (Emotions – Social anxiety/Fears/Anger/Sadness/Mood swings/Loss and missing friends and family in Nfld.) – a drop a day

3) Bol. sat. 1M – (Mentals – Smooth transition to all the changes in his life – new city, new house(s), Mom going back to a regular job with travel, etc./Cleanliness/Focus on academics/Night terrors/Babyishness) – a drop a day

New Timeline Wafers:

Nit. spi. dulc. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Take one every fifth night, 1-5. (Devastation over cancelled vacation three summers ago – 2013) – Had last two wafers to take.


On the day before Moses started his droppers, he had a new abscess develop. The first that had developed since he started Doxycycline in Feb. It had me a bit worried….

On the day that he started his droppers, he was angry and talking back a lot. Not getting along with his friends. Argumentative. Also still very sad about missing his friends and family in NL.

On the day after he started his droppers, he had an abscess develop between his nose and his eyes (or so we thought). It was painful. A dental abscess?

On Oct 2nd, he had 2 abscesses near his nose and it was affecting his breath. And 1-2 more abscesses on another part of his body. Eep! We were all upset about this, given that Moses has essentially been abscess-free since February (since he started Doxycycline). What was going on?  I contacted our Heilkunstler and she thought that it was a healing reaction to the new droppers, in combination with the wafers that he had been clearing related to the last minute cancelled / postponed vacation in 2013. What a doozy of an event to clear. She prescribed an acute dropper to help him through it.  (Ars. hydro 12C).

In the meantime, we brought Moses to a dentist (thankfully, a dentist saw him last minute even though it was a Sunday!). They did some x-rays and determined that it was not a dental abscess. That’s good news. DH suggested that we go to the Children’s hospital, which we did. I had suggested that we feed Moses first because I had fasted him for the dental appt, in case they needed to pull a tooth. But, DH thought that the visit would be a quick one (but, of course, ER visits are NEVER quick), so we went straight there, and unfortunately spent 6 hours at the ER until 9:30 pm. Goodness. It was awful because Moses was sooo hungry. He basically missed eating lunch AND dinner, with just a few small non-substantial snacks instead. We found out that the abscess was actually INSIDE his left nostril. No wonder it was painful. They tried to drain it (which was awful and painful for Moses), and there was only blood in it, not pus, which concerned them, so then they wanted to schedule a CT scan. We waited for a couple more hours, and then they decided to send us home (thankfully), so that the CT scan could be done the next day and Moses could sleep in his own bed.

On Oct 3rd, we went back to the hospital. Moses had to fast for another 4 hours, get an IV and a contrast CT. And then we waited in the ER for another 3 hours to find out that they weren’t really sure what was going on with his nose. They sent him home (thankfully) because it was starting to get smaller on its own (I suspect because of the acute remedy that our Heilkunstler made up for him the day before). I was in a cranky mood about the whole thing, but when we got home, Moses’ friends 2 doors from us came over with a card and a small gift for Moses. It melted my heart and my anger. And, Moses was in good spirits because we bought him a special LEGO set, and spent the evening putting it together. And he even had a small playdate with his friends. All was well in our world.

And, on Oct 4th, the abscess on another part of his body burst on its own. Hallelujah! Woot woot! He still had an abscess in his nose, but it seemed to be getting smaller. And, on October 5th, the abscess in his nose was essentially gone (just a tiny bit was left). We were sooo happy and relieved.

On Oct 7th, Moses had an intense night terror. One of the worst that I’ve been in awhile. And, when Moses woke up the next morning, he told me that it was the worst bad dream that he had ever had. He felt like he was hallucinating and couldn’t get out of it. He was shaking like crazy. It was like it was affecting his nervous system. And he was panicked. I wondered if he was discharging some of the medical interventions that he endured the previous week. And maybe also discharge related to his homeopathic remedies and also a karmic healing that I had recently had, which would also indirectly affect Moses. I visualized Moses’ energy being grounded and shortly after, he calmed down and went back to sleep.

On Oct 10th, we had big news! We discovered that Moses was no longer allergic to sunflower seeds! (Read more here).

On the evening of Oct 12th, Moses had a night terror. It was odd because he actually walked downstairs before he started screaming and jumping around. He developed a chalazion on his right eye lid on Oct 15th, but it mostly went away on its own by the next day. He had some dental work on Oct 16th (including laughing gas), and his dentist noticed tongue ulcerations and signs of thrush, as well as his ever-present cracked corners of his lips.  He also had a huge emotional meltdown during homework. Later that evening, he told me that he was having hallucinations – he was seeing things that he sometimes sees during his night terrors, but while he was awake. And, later that night, he had a deep night terror – it took awhile for him to come out of it and he thrashed around violently and was difficult to control. He’s getting so strong, we are afraid that he will hurt himself (i.e., fling himself into the furniture or walls) or hurt us while we are trying to control him. We found him in the livingroom again.  I think this night terror was related to the laughing gas he had received earlier that day. On Oct 17th, he developed a new bump on the top of his head (right side). Given the increase in symptoms, it felt like it was time for Moses to have his next Heilkunst appt, and I bumped up his next appt by two days. It was only 2.5 weeks since his last appt, but Moses’ body lets us know when he’s ready for his next remedies.


Although there was an increase of symptoms during these last 2.5 weeks, including time at the ER, overall, Moses is still doing really well. His been adjusting to school well and has made several friends. And, he has a best friend, who he sees everyday.

Of course, Moses no longer being allergic to sunflower seeds is a huge, huge, huge gift!

I started back to fulltime work this week, which was a big transition for the family as I have been unemployed since May, and prior to that, I have worked from a home office ever since Moses was one year of age. Moses hasn’t had any problems with my transition back to work. On Friday, we even left him home alone for a couple of hours before school because DH and I had to leave for work at 7 am and Moses has a late school day start on Fridays at 9:50 am. He fed himself breakfast, hung out at home and then locked the door and walked 2 doors down to his best friend’s house when he was ready. And then they walked to school together. On Sunday, he and his friend attended the Home Alone course that is offered by Child Safe Canada.

He is enjoying a hockey camp at the university and has made friends there. He’s a strong swimmer during his swimming lessons. He even joined the wrestling team at school; his first session is next week. We are so proud of our boy.

We’ve now been living in Calgary for 6 weeks and he’s done really well with the transition. More transitions are to come because we are moving to a new community next month, and are thinking of transferring to a new school in January. Goodness. May all of the upcoming transitions continue to go smoothly for our family. One day at a time.


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