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October 2016 – My Heilkunst update

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This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from  early September to mid-October (6 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

I started the following droppers on September 8th, 2016:

1) Alm. 30C – (Physical – Sleep/Digestion/Neck and back pain/TMJ/Plantar’s warts/Hay fever and Allergies/Peri-Menopausal/Weight gain) – a drop a day

2) Arg. cy. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety over the move) – a drop a day

3) Bar. iod. 1M – (Mentals – Adjustment to Calgary/Life Purpose/Career/New Life) – a drop a day

4) Acute – Stress over Move and job search/starting new job – Lep. bon. 200C – a drop as needed

5) Peri-Menopausal symptoms – Glon. 30C – a drop as needed

6) Sleep – Kre. 12C – a drop at bedtime each night

New Timeline Wafers:

Pallad. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Start two weeks after finishing last set of wafers, taking over six consecutive nights, 1-6. (2013 – Vacation cancelled at last minute)

Jatr. u. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Take over five consecutive nights, 1-5. (2010 – Ended relationship with a spiritual teacher)


One thing that I noticed after starting my new droppers (one of which was a sleep dropper) is that I started sleeping well (i.e., my jet lag was over and I stopped walking up in the middle of the night). Yay!

On September 13th, five days after starting the droppers and 8 days after finishing the Nat. mur wafers from the last timeline clear (i.e., the end of a significant relationship), I was experiencing grief. Nat. mur is related to old grief, so it was unsurprising that I was experiencing grief. Also, life was beginning to slow down after our whirlwind month of travelling, packing and moving, so the emotions related to saying goodbye to my life in St. John’s and also our loved ones were also starting to catch up with me.

On September 19th, I was scheduled to start my next set of wafers (i.e., 2 weeks after my last set of wafers), but I wasn’t feeling well, including a sore throat and runny nose, so I decided to delay my new wafers. I also felt like I was on edge and more sensitive than normal. I was also itchy in places (esp. belly, shoulders).

Clearing cancelled vacation

On September 24th, I started the Pallad wafers to clear an incident related to a postponed vacation in August 2012. Incidentally, this is the same timeline event that Moses was in the middle of clearing, and was having a difficult time clearing. The vacation had been postponed because Moses had a painful abscess and a doctor friend had advised us not to travel with him. It had been absolutely devastating since it was a last minute decision (made by DH), and Moses woke up the morning that we were supposed to leave on vacation to the news. It was awful for all of us. It was awful for me because the vacation was our first one planned to visit my family in three years. My best friend from high school had planned her vacation back to Winnipeg to coincide with my vacation, and I hadn’t seen her in several years. My mom’s sister had also planned a trip to Winnipeg at this time, and I’d never met my mom’s sister before because they had been estranged for over 50 years for reasons beyond their control. And, I was going to miss them both. I bawled my eyes out and grieved. Feelings of life not being under my control and not being able to enjoy the simplest joys. And also holding space for Moses’ devastation. I still remember how awful it was when Moses woke up, expecting to be in a plane ride and to the news that our vacation wasn’t going to happen because he wasn’t well enough. It still brings me to tears when I think about it. It was so awful. Truthfully, we had made so many plans that were cancelled due to illness that it was depressing for us both.

We wound up rescheduling the trip for the following month (and we had a great trip), but I found that when we went on vacation to Winnipeg in August this year, I was reminded about this incident and it felt like something that needed to be cleared for him and also for me as well. It was a major incident for us to clear (so big that Moses hasn’t yet been able to finish all of his wafers because he was having too big of a healing reaction). Feelings of: We don’t deserve to have good things happen to us. Life is not to be trusted. We might as well not make any plans because life sucks and is full of suffering. Really dark feelings and thoughts that need to be brought to the light and healed, especially in light of the fact that our family is at a different part of our healing journey and we are creating a much more light-filled life. A brand new start and a brand new life.

The morning after I started the first wafer, I developed a new rash on my inner left elbow. (The same place that I  developed a rash two timeline clearings ago). And I noticed that I was angry. For no apparent reason given how well life in present time was going for us. I knew that the anger was related to the clearing. This anger lasted for days. And interestingly since Moses and I were clearing the same timeline event, it mirrored the same anger that Moses was releasing. I noticed that shortly after I started taking the timeline wafers, Moses was starting to have an easier time physically.

But then on October 2nd and 3rd, we spent a total of 12 hours in the ER, which I found to be very difficult. It was the first time that we had to deal with abscesses since we started using Doxycycline in Feb, so I was freaked out. And, I was even more freaked out because I was scheduled to start fulltime work for the university, and I was worried about whether I would be able to meet my new work commitments. I was feeling angry and hopeless about the situation, but when we got home, Moses’ friends 2 doors from us came over with a card and a small gift for Moses. It melted my heart and my anger.

Clearing end of significant relationship

On October 13th, I started my next wafers (Jatr. u.) to clear the end of a significant relationship with a spiritual teacher in 2010. Today is Oct 17th and I took the last of my five wafers this morning. It’s too soon to tell if I will have a healing reaction to this clearing.


These last 6 weeks were incredible for so many ways. As mentioned above, I have a new job at the university as a research coordinator. I started my new job last week and I love working there. I love my bosses and my colleagues, my work, my office and my daily walks along a ravine.  I love, love, love my job! It feels so good to be using my gifts and skills for something that I feel passionate about.

We have now been living in Calgary for 6 weeks and I’m so happy to be living here. I love our current home that we are renting, and I love the home that we purchased, which we will be moving into next month. I love the sun. I’m so happy!! All three of us are happy, getting settled in our new lives, and reconnecting with our community here.

p.s. I started a new supplement a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s really helping my energy levels and mood.


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