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November 2016 – Heilkunst update

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This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in late October and early November over a 2 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On Oct 18, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Carb. 30C – (Physical – abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Thrush in mouth/Asthma/Ulcerated tongue/Bumps on head/Accident prone/Tooth decay/Brain fog/Bloody snot/Itching/Food allergies/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Coff. t. 200C – (Emotions – Anger/Grief over move to Calgary and missing friends and relatives) – a drop a day

3) Hell. n. 1M – (Mentals – Academic motivation/Friendships/Peer socialization/Babyishness with mother/Overly emotional) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety re: transitions to new home and new school – Cast. 200C – a drop a day

The day after Moses started his new droppers, he developed three new abscesses (2 under his right armpit and 1 under his left armpit). One of the abscesses under his right armpit was already coming to a head. He also had a small bump on the top of his head, which developed 2 days before he started his new dropper. I was very upset/worried because these were his abscesses to develop under his armpit since starting Doxycycline in February. I was particularly upset because I had spent time with some spiritual friends 4 days before these appeared. It’s a long story, but Moses has a history of developing abscesses after I spend time with spiritual people.

On October 21, Moses fell down at school and hurt his pinkie. He was so upset that he threw up and had a panic attack. The next day, he had another panic attack in the shower. DH had to talk him down. Moses told me that he kept seeing things that weren’t there and that the pictures were speeding up. Goodness. A healing reaction to the droppers or was he still dealing with extraneous energies related to the time that I spent with spiritual friends?

On October 24th, we found out that Moses was struggling with math. And he was feeling emotional and overwhelmed by the fact that he was going to need to transfer schools in January because we were moving. And, he was missing his friends back in St. John’s. It was all too much for him to handle.

On October 26th, we discovered yet another abscess in a new place. My poor boy.

On October 27th, Moses had his first consultation with his immunologist in our new city. He highly recommended monthly IVIG infusions, which was suggested to us in the past, but DH and I weren’t fans of it because, well, it’s a blood product and the risks associated with that, we didn’t want Moses to need to receive IVIG infusions every month (i.e. time off of work; it’s traumatic for Moses to get IVs), and most of all, it’s like admitting that okay Moses really has an immune disorder that is otherwise not treatable except through extraordinary measures like monthly blood product infusions. Goodness. Read more about my thoughts about it here.

On November 2nd, Moses spent 8 hours in the ER because three of his abscesses were huge and needed to be drained. It was drained  under local anaesthetic, but he also received nitrous oxide and madazolam because he was so anxious. Thankfully, the anaesthetic helped and it wasn’t painful for him, but with all of the anaesthetic, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more night terrors. What a vicious cycle. His immunological team wanted him to be admitted with IV antibiotics, but DH and I said that we weren’t going to do that because we know from experience that Moses generally gets sicker when he’s admitted to the hospital, so they let us go with oral antibiotics (Clindamycin).

On November 3rd, our Heilkunstler gave Moses new remedies because she said he was already proving the remedies that he was on. Goodness. He was only on them for 2 weeks. He seems to be on a quicker cycle at the moment. Moses’ next consultation with his Heilkunstler is booked for next Tuesday. I very much appreciate her providing Moses’ new remedies before our next session. I also booked a session with his karmic healer; the session is booked in a couple of weeks.

May Moses’ next cycle be gentler. May the drainage sites all heal well. He still has some “unripe” abscesses that couldn’t be drained last night. May they just resolve on their own. And may our next move that is scheduled to occur in 16 days be a gentle and easy transition for all of us.


Moses went trick-or-treating on Halloween, and he went to his second NHL game ever last Friday. He was pretty excited. He’s still a vision of health and vitality. What a trooper.



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