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No more prophylactic antibiotic!!!!


Moses had a consultation with his new infectious diseases specialist. They  cultured Moses’ MRSA infection and it is resistant to Doxycycline, so we can stop Doxycycline. It’s as simple as that!  I’m so happy!!!!  Moses has been on a prophylactic  antibiotic since he was 4 years old. That’s six full years / more than half of his life of taking a prophylatic antibiotic. Every single day. It’s an answered prayer to get him off if it. Thank goodness!!!!

Given that Moses has been getting recurrent abscesses in the last month (aka MRSA infections), I could have told you that Doxycycline wasn’t helping (and his prophylactic antibiotic before that [Keflex] didn’t help either). I am so happy, happy, happy to get him of this medication. It also caused staining of his teeth, so not only did it create havoc on his gut flora, it also caused aesthetic issues.

I’m a bit worried that his immunologist will want to re-start him on a different prophylactic antibiotic (since just about all individuals with Moses’ diagnosis are on a prophylactic antibiotic), but for now, starting tomorrow, we have the blessing of at least one physician to stop the antibiotics. Woot woot! May he continue to have the blessings of his physicians to remain off of the antibiotics and give his system time to heal. (Or may DH be on board with keeping him off of antibiotics regardless of what the doctors say).

By the way, we have been using a daily probiotic – perhaps now the probiotic will be able to do its job.

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2 thoughts on “No more prophylactic antibiotic!!!!

  1. Great news!!!!

    I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the continued updates.


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  2. Thanks for kind words and for reading, Debbie! I hope you guys are well too!

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