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December 2016 – Heilkunst update

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This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in December over a 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On November 23, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Chry. ac. 12C – (Physical – abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Thrush in mouth/AsthmaAccident prone/Tooth decay/Brain fog/Bloody snot/Itching/Food allergies/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Guarea 200C– (Emotions – Anger/Grief over so many changes) – a drop a day

3) Kali bi. 1M – (Mentals – Academic motivation/Friendships/Peer socialization/Babyishness with mother/Overly emotional) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety re: transitions to new home and impeding change to new school in January, making new friends – Piper nig. 30C

5) Cold: Bals. 9c

He started these droppers the evening of his first day that he received his first IVIG infusion (read more about this experience here), and earlier that day, had developed a new abscess and had another large abscess under his left armpit. He had a night terror that evening, his second one in a row. And he had another night terror four nights later on Nov 27th.

24/7 CoRe Treatment

His session with his Heilkunstler was on Nov 29th, and based on all of the difficulties that Moses has been having since our move (abscesses, night terrors, hallucinations, emotional stress, anger and grief), we decided to start a 24/7  Inergetix CoRe treatment.

I had planned to do it for at least 10 days, but because it appeared that Moses was responding well to the treatment, I decided to continue the treatment for an entire month to try to help stabilize Moses’s system.

The CoRe treatment practitioner explained:

“For now, I am focusing on the part that remedies are not able to hold stable or change fast enough. I know he is being treated every 10 days or so. The 24 hr treatment is meant to reduce tension and symptoms, stabilize him and then he can probably resume his regular treatments once more.

During the 10 days of my treatment the symptoms or main problem can change to something else, so if you let me know about it, I can pick the next set of rates accordingly. This is the main benefit from this approach – the daily monitoring and opportunity to quickly adjust the treatment as things start changing. Let’s hope it works quickly for Moses.”

New remedies

On the day after he started the CoRE treatment (on Nov 30), Moses started new homeopathic droppers. He wasn’t yet proving the previous set of remedies, but his Heilkunstler decided to give him new droppers to give him a fresh start since we had just had a consultation:

1) Fel. t. 30C – (Physical – Abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Thrush in mouth/Food allergies/Digestion/Brain fog/Itchiness/Asthma/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Lin. cath. 200C – (Emotions – Anger/Grief/Anxiety over upcoming change of school) – a drop a day

3) Merls. 1M – (Mentals – Academic work/Attention span/Frustration with homework/Night terrors & Involuntary shaking) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety re upcoming change of school – Asimina 30C – as needed

General anesthesia / more abscess drainage

The day after he started his new droppers (on December 1st), he had 2 abscesses drained under local anaesthesia (left armpit, and another location). Goodness – so much going on for my boy! I think the CoRe treatment really helped with keeping Moses’ system calm prior to the surgery. He was so calm. He didn’t complain of hunger, which was huge deal since he fasted between midnight until his procedure at 2 pm, and he typically eats when he’s stressed. He did so well.  But, he came out of the anaesthesia as he typically does, screaming, in a night terror-like state.  By the time they called me to his side, they had already given him morphine because they thought he was in pain. It was terrible; I never would have given them permission to give him morphine if they had asked. As a result of the morphine, it took him much longer than normal to come to. He screamed and kicked for an hour after I got to his side. He was terrified.  He screamed at me that he couldn’t stop kicking and screaming and he was terrified that he was never going to come to, that he was going to be stuck in that other hallucinogenic world forever. It was awful.

But thankfully, it did pass, and after he came out of it, he did really well, and he was his normal self by the evening. But, the ordeal wasn’t over because his surgeon had inserted a wick in both abscesses, and Moses has had several bad experiences with wicks getting stuck in the abscesses  / pain associated with the wick coming out. We removed one of the wicks within a few hours of his surgery because we find that his surgical incisions heal quickly and sometimes start to close around the wick, making it hard for the wick to come out, esp. if they pack it too tightly, so the quicker we get them out the better. He was freaked out and upset, but we finally convinced him to let us take it out.

The next morning (Dec 2), we had a terrible time getting the second wick out. He cried for 3 hours straight. He was so upset and scared and angry. And then later that evening, his immunologist prescribed a 5 day course of Linezolid (a strong antibiotic) because the abscesses are related to MRSA.

No more prophylactic antibiotic

On Dec 7, he had an appt with a new infectious diseases specialist (new since we recently moved to this city). She said that Moses’ cultured MRSA is resistant to the prophylactic antibiotic that Moses is on, so we can stop Doxycycline. Woot woot!!!!!!!!

I really felt that the 24/7 treatment was helping. Moses was emotionally stabilized. He hadn’t had any night terrors since we started the CoRe treatment. I was also relieved that he didn’t have any gastrointestinal issues to the 5 day course of Linezolid. He was emotionally stable. No new abscesses had developed. His only symptom was a persistent cough that was present for weeks.

New remedies

December 8 was Moses’ first day of being antibiotic-free. And, oddly enough, he woke up in a black cloud. He was so angry. He felt like he was hard done by. He felt like life was unfair. I asked his Heilkunstler if he was ready for new remedies since it was day 9 of his droppers, and he’d recently been on a 10 day cycle. She checked and said that he could have still continued on the same droppers for another 2 days, but given the recent symptoms, she gave him 3 new remedies.

  1. Physical – Carbo h. 30C
  2. Emotional – Crot. c. 200C
  3. Mental – Fluor. ac. 1M

That same day, he called me from school (this was before he received his new remedies) and he asked to be picked up from school because he had hurt his toe and thought it was broken or sprained. When I got to school, I could tell that it wasn’t that serious by the way he was moving, although it was swollen. When we got home, I put some frankincense, massage blend essential oil and peppermint essential oil and within an hour, there was no more pain. Thank goodness for the essential oils. I think the new homeopathic droppers helped as well. He had a night terror that evening and the following evening.

On Saturday, Dec 10th, Moses found out that his budgie bird in NL died. He was very sad and mad. He was mad all day long.

On Sunday, Dec 11th, his cough continued and seemed to be getting worst. It hurt for him to cough. The cough was so bad that I was worried that might develop into pneumonia. He had play dates on the Sat and Sunday, so he still had energy to play and have fun, but on Sunday evening, he was feeling he sick and mad and down in the dumps. His Heilkunstler gave him a new cold dropper (Pop. c. 9C), and Moses’ CoRe practitioner  noted that :

“It is interesting to note that from a German New Medicine perspective coughing is a sign of territorial fear conflicts and a result of a previous irritation of the air passages, when the person was in stress mode. Coughing is a release, but can become chronic when the stress repeats itself. In essence it is a healing process in the body that can be quite uncomfortable, but is meant to clean up and restore the respiratory system.

All healing symptoms worsen at night when our mind is more relaxed and when our body is at rest – with the coming of night we switch to the autonomic nervous system and the body begins a process of self-cleansing etc – and all fevers, coughs and such can feel worse then.”

It’s true – Moses’ symptoms always worsen at night. By the evening of the following day (Dec 12), Moses was feeling much better. He still had a cough, but it was better than it was. I think the  homeopathic dropper helped. I also massaged his back with melissa essential oil (which has anti-viral properties). And, he had a pocket full of essential oil cough drops, which he was popping in his mouth as needed during the day.

On the evening of Dec 13, Moses’ cough was worse again, and he was also very emotional because he didn’t do so well on a social studies test and DH was harder on him than he needed to be.

On the evening of Dec 14, his coughing worsened again, and he was up half of the night coughing. He also had the beginnings of a night terror, but came out of it easily. We kept him home from school on Dec 15th to rest. There’s a also huge bump starting under his right armpit.

Tomorrow is Moses’ next Heilkunst appt, and his last day of school before the holidays. Next week, Moses will be starting at a new day home in our new community, then I’ll spend a week home with him during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and then he starts a new school in January. There are still a lot of new transitions that Moses is navigating. I am hoping that now that we are rooting in one home (which all three of us love) that things will start to settle down for Moses. I also hope that the continued homeopathic and CoRE treatments continue to help his system to stabilize.

More info re: Inergetix CoRe treatments


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