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2016 – a year in review

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2016 was a big year for our family. I was laid off in May, which turned out to be a huge blessing. We moved across the country from St. John’s to Calgary in September, and I started a new job  in October. We love that we are back in Calgary and living close to the mountains!


Moses was very healthy during the first part of this year, especially between March and September, when he was abscess-free after starting a prophylactic dose of Doxycycline. We got a taste of what “normal life” could be like. It was glorious and gave us the energy that we needed to move across the country.

Good news

Moses is no longer allergic to sunflower seeds, and he isn’t allergic to pecans. Woot woot! Moses didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital,  didn’t develop pneumonia, and didn’t have any severe allergic reactions this year. Moses stopped taking a prophylactic antibiotic earlier this month.


Moses had 27 abscesses develop in 2016, which is  actually a huge improvement because in 2015, Moses developed 53 abscesses.It is undeniable that prophylactic Doxycycline was effective in reducing the occurrence of abscesses, but after we moved, this was no longer the case and Moses stopped taking Doxycycline in early December.

In 2016, Moses had a total of 10 abscesses drained under general anaesthesia on 5 separate occasions (in comparison, in 2015 he only needed general anaesthesia twice to drain 6 abscesses). Therefore, even though Moses developed fewer abscesses this year, the amount of surgical interventions was actually worse this year.  Approximately 50% of Moses’ abscesses needed to be drained by a surgeon under general or local anaesthesia in 2016; whereas in 2015, only 13% of his abscesses needed surgical attention. I have no idea why this has changed.

The move across the country away from family and friends was hard on Moses emotionally and physically. We’re hoping that once Moses settles into his new school and after school care program and makes new friends in our new community that things will settle down for him.

The plan

We are continuing with Heilkunst, essential oils, karmic healing and have started 24/7 Inergetix CoRe treatments when needed. He has started IVIG treatments and we hope that it will help reduced the frequency of abscesses.

Moses looks forward to playing in a grassroots hockey league in January, and also skating at our community rink with DH. We also look forward to a lot of family walks and hikes in the mountains and in our neighbourhood coulee.

I hope and pray that things will start to settle down for Moses once he gets settled in our new neighbourhood. May 2017 be Moses’ (and our family’s) best year yet.

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