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Late January 2017 – Heilkunst update

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Note, Moses (which is not his real name anyway), doesn’t want me using that name in my blog  anymore. He wants me to use AJ. So going forward, AJ, it is.

This is a summary of AJ’s Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in January over a 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On January 7, 2017, AJ started the following droppers:

1) Sol. t. 30C – (Physical – Asthma/Skin rashes/Abscesses/Coughing/Ear fissures/Dry skin/Accident prone/Teeth/Right ear wax/brain fog/Spaciness/Penmanship/Bloody snot/Itchiness/Nose blowing) – a drop a day

2) Picro. 200C – (Emotions – Anxiety re: new school and re: illness/Fears/Anger over move) – a drop a day

3) Lob. d. 1M – (Mentals – Night terrors/Hallucinations/Frustration with homework/Babyishness/Time management/Peer socialization) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety – Idf. 30C – as needed or daily

Our Heilkunstler suggested that AJ’s body could take a break from the Amaranth oil that he had been taking for over a year, and so we stopped giving it to him.


The evening before he started his new droppers (but after his Heilkunstler had chosen his remedies), he did some weird sleep-walking and he was upset, but it wasn’t as deep or as violent as his normal night terrors. He was officially abscess-free (given the recent abscess drainages under general anesthesia), but had 2 small hard bumps under his left armpit.

AJ had a good week following the start of his new droppers.

His teacher sent home this note: “AJ has been a great addition to our class community. He has been very respectful and uses his class time well. I think he has made a good connection with several students in class.” So heart-warming to hear!!!!! He has been coming home happy. He is settling into his new school just fine.  And, they are playing ball hockey in gym (his favourite sport), and he has been shooting several goals every time they play, which is so great for his confidence. I’m so happy and proud of my boy.

He’s been walking 1 km to his dayhome after school on his own. So independent. And in the cold!!!!  It’s been way colder than -20° C with the windchill. What a trooper. And, right now, both DH and I have had a cold (sore throat, aches and chills, and DH has had a runny nose), but AJ hasn’t caught it. Woot woot!


AJ had a karmic healing session on the evening of Jan 13th. He’s had a great week at school, has been in good spirits, continuing to play ball hockey at school and shooting several goals every day. He also played hockey in an outdoor hockey league and scored 2 goals, had 2 assists and 3 saves. He was doing so well and was healthy and happy! I felt that all of the time on the 24/7 Core last month helped. It’s so great that he likes his school and has already made friends there. I felt that this new year has birthed a fresh life and start for the whole family.

And then everything fell apart shortly thereafter….

Facial/dental infection

On Jan 15th, a small bump appeared in AJ’s nose. By the next morning, the bump had moved under his nose and was painful. Eep – the start of a dental abscess?  We sent him to school with Tylenol and I had a long, long day at work. (I worked from 8 am to 10:30 pm because I was “birthing” an educational program and it was a big week for the program).

That same day (on Jan 16th, 9 days after starting new remedies), his Heilkunstler said that AJ was already proving his remedies, and switched his droppers to:

  1. Physical: Cen. c. 30C
  2. Emotional: Mag. m. 200C
  3. Mentals: Lamium 1M
  4. Anxiety: Chelone 12C

The next morning (Tuesday, Jan 17th), the bump was so big that it moved his nose up and out of place and he couldn’t drink water without it spilling out of his mouth. It was painful and sore. Since the bump was near his mouth, we figured that it was a dental abscess. I tried making an appointment with his  dentist, but they didn’t even return my call. I called another dentist in our community and I was relieved to hear that they would fit him in at noon. That dentist prescribed amoxicillin (which AJ didn’t wind up taking for reasons that are explained below) and referred AJ to a pediatric dentist because they didn’t have nitrous oxide and AJ needs nitrous oxide to deal with the pain of these procedures.

Fortunately, the pediatric dentist was able to fit AJ in for an appointment at 1:30 pm. AJ had a panaromic x-ray and they even took photos of his face (it was that disfigured that they needed photos). His pediatric dentist said that AJ had facial cellulitis, and needed IV antibiotics before he could get in his mouth to remove the offending tooth and advised us to go to the ER.

So we went to the ER at around 4 pm. By this time, AJ was so upset that none of the dentists were taking any action. We told the ER physician that AJ needed to get the abscess drained and that we couldn’t wait a couple of days for them to deal with the swelling. The ER physician called the on-call pediatric dentist and they agreed that they would use conscious sedation (nitrous oxide plus ketamine) so that the dentist could remove the offending tooth. The problem was that the pediatric dentist didn’t have the panoramic x-rays that were done earlier that day and the tooth that was closest to the swelling was an adult tooth and she didn’t want to remove it without knowing for certain that it was the cause of the infection. She made two small incisions in his mouth while he was under conscious sedation to remove some of the pus in the abscess and cultured it. And, they gave him a dose of IV antibiotics (vancomycin) and an oral antibiotic (metronidazole) after consulting with the infectious disease specialist since AJ’s bacterial infections are resistant to a lot of antibiotics, so he can only receive certain antibiotics. AJ came out of the sedation better than normal (not screaming), but he had a terrible headache. We were finally able to leave the hospital at 8 pm, with the IV still in his hand.

Thankfully, AJ had a good sleep.

We returned to the hospital on Wed, Jan 18 at 8 am. First, we saw his pediatric dentist and he had even more x-rays. Then we saw his infectious diseases specialist for his second dose of IV antibiotics. For some reason, the infusion hurt him (I think it was because they rushed the infusion because his pediatric dentist wanted him to return back to her office right away since she was fitting AJ into her full schedule). So, we returned to his pediatric dentist and she pulled a baby molar under nitrous oxide and local anaesthesia. If that wasn’t already enough, we then went to get his IVIG started (of course, Murphy’s law would have his monthly IVIG infusion scheduled on this crazy day). By this time, AJ was an absolute mess emotionally (understandably so). It hurt when they flushed his IV, which meant that they needed to start another IV. AJ was so upset and in tears, so they let us postpone his IVIG for a couple of days and sent him home (still with an IV in his hand, in case it was salvagable).  I was with AJ all day, and later that evening, I drove an hour across the city to another hospital so that I could help deliver an educational program related to my work. I was burning a candle at both ends for sure. Later that evening, AJ threw up everything in his stomach, including blood that he had swallowed during the incision and drainage that had occurred the evening before. He also had a good long cry.. He was sad about everything that he had gone through, and was tired of it all. Later that evening, he had a night terror.

That evening, his Heilkunstler checked his remedies and after only 2 days, he already was ready for a whole new set of remedies. Goodness!

  1. Ictod. 30C (Physical)
  2. Merc. iod. 200C (Emotions)
  3. Ichthol. 1M – (Mentals)
  4. Anxiety – Cervus 30C
  5. Acute – Gut pain/Nausea – Aurant. 30C  – Take a drop 2 X a day

On Thursday, January 19th, AJ returned to the hospital to receive his third dose of IV antibiotics. Again, it hurt when they flushed the IV site, and he was in such an emotional state that his infectious diseases specialist allowed him to stop the IV antibiotics. He would be transitioned to oral antibiotics (metronidazole three times a day and levlofloxacin once a day). We were so happy to get him off of IV antibiotics.

With the exception of vomiting directly after starting his new droppers, AJ’s stomach settled considerably after starting the new homeopathic droppers and he stopped having diarrhea. Homeopathy is a God-send, really. And, I continued to use a digestive essential oil (ZenGest) when he had any nausea / stomach pains (he actually asks me to rub his belly with this blend to soothe his stomach).

On Jan 19th, he started the 24/7 CoRe treatment for a period of 10 days (it was originally planned for 7 days, but given that it took him so long to get stabilized, we extended it to 10 days), to help support him through this incredibly stressful time. He still had an IVIG infusion to get through.

Third IVIG infusion

On Friday, January 20th, AJ was scheduled for his third IVIG infusion. His nurse was  able to get the IV inserted on the first try and AJ was a real trooper during it (closing his eyes and breathing through it), with the support of a Child Life Specialist. But then he freaked out when he realized that the nurse was going to flush some saline solution through the IV because the flushing caused him pain when they tried to flush on the Wed and Thursday of this week. He completely lost it (screaming and kicking and thrashing about), and they lost the IV site. They called the expert IV specialists, but he was so anxious and in such a state that they couldn’t even try to insert the IV. One of the nurses remarked that he was so upset, it would take 3 grown men to hold AJ down for the IV insertion and they couldn’t do it. His immunologist was called in for a consultation and he explained to AJ why he thought the IVIG would help him (since he’s seen that it’s helped others with his diagnosis), but it might take 6 months for his body to get used to the infusions and for us to see a difference.

AJ agreed to the IV if they sedated him for it, so they planned to give him Madazalam (conscious sedation), but it took a long time for pharmacy to prepare the Madazalam, and we waited, waited and waited. We arrived at the hospital at 10 am to allow more time for the infusion (since last time, AJ’s infusion was scheduled at 1 pm and he had a bad reaction to the IVIG   [vomiting and intense headache] because of the fast 2 hour infusion). Unfortunately this time, because of AJ’s anxiety, they didn’t get the IV inserted until 2:30 pm, and then they did a 4 hour infusion (at my request, they allowed more time for the infusion than last time to minimize the chance of a negative reaction to the infusion). We were at the hospital until 7:30 pm (a total of 9.5 hours to do a 4 hour infusion).

We were all cracking up. AJ had had it. DH was cracking up since he has a stressful job and was getting stressful updates from me throughout his work day. And, I was sad since AJ had such a stressful week with so many medical interventions and I was powerless to protect him from it. And, now they were making plans to restart him on a different prophylactic antibiotic, after he finishes his 10 day course of oral antibiotics to treat his facial cellulitis. WTF?! I’m sad sad sad that he will continue to receive such medicalized treatment (monthly IVIG infusions, prophylactic antibiotics). And I’m sad because this week was a big week for me workwise (at a dream job that feeds my soul) and instead of being able to give that project my attention and energy, I was with AJ for four days that week, working during stolen hours in a hospital room (with no internet connection) and into the evening. And DH was saying things like he wished we hadn’t moved across the country  and that he thought one of us should quit our jobs because it is so very hard / almost impossible for us to maintain our sanity with both of us working fulltime jobs. I felt intuitively like things would eventually work out, but I felt beat up too. We all friggin’ needed a break. We really, really did.

His Heilkunstler checked and two days after starting his last set of remedies, AJ was already ready for new ones:

  1. Aescp. hip. 12C (Physical)
  2. Amor. sat. 200C (Emotions)
  3. Aviaire 1M (Mentals)
  4. Anxiety: Caulo. 30C

Later that evening, we discovered two new abscesses: one under his right armpit and one in another location. (Yes, that’s exactly what we needed. Just shoot me now).


On Sat, Jan 21st (on DH and my 11th anniversary), the swelling on AJ’s face was finally down, and he had a good day. He scored 5 goals (!!!) while playing hockey in the morning, went to a friend’s house in the afternoon, and went to another friend’s house in the evening. DH and I were so happy for life to get back to normal. He had a night terror later that night. (I think discharging all of the anaesthesia he has had this week).

On Sun, Jan 22nd, he went skating with DH at our community rink in the morning and then went skating at another community rink with one of his friends in the afternoon. We were so happy to have life back to normal and were gearing up for a  normal week.

Not feeling well

Well, the rest phase didn’t last very long. On Monday, Jan 23rd, AJ wasn’t feeling well when we woke him up to get ready for school. No appetite, nauseous, felt like throwing up and tired. DH stayed home with him because I had stayed home with him for four days the previous week. DH was super stressed out because he is still in the probation period of his new job and his employer isn’t as flexible as mine is. He wasn’t able to provide any notice to his employer that he was going to be missing work, and he works at a type of job where he has over 20 appointments booked throughout the day, so it’s a big deal when he misses work. OMG – we really can’t keep on going like this. Something has got to give. I hope and pray that AJ will be healthy and well again for an extended period of time soon because we really can’t continue like this and balance two full-time jobs. We will crack up for sure.

When I got home from work, AJ was still lying on the couch, where he had spent the whole day. Achy, headachy, nauseous, upset stomach and cough. Oh boy. Was this a healing reaction to the recent homeopathic droppers and a discharge of all of the medical interventions from last week?  Or side effects from the oral antibiotics (3 doses of metronidazole a day and one dose of levofloxacin a day) that he is on related to the facial cellulitis that he had last week. Or both?

I checked in with his Heikunstler and she reported that AJ was already in need of new remedies (only 3 days after his last set of remedies, and his 5th set of remedies within a 3 week period):

  1. Physical: Aran. scin. 30C
  2. Emotional: Calc. sil. 200C
  3. Mental: Conium 1M
  4. Anxiety: Rat 30C

He vomited everything in his stomach within 30 minutes of having his first remedies, and then vomited two more times after that. He vomited every time he tried to get something in his stomach (even liquids). I think it was his body’s way of getting rid of toxins (i.e., antibiotics). We were worried about him getting dehydrated because he doesn’t drink enough even when he is feeling well and he was drinking less than normal and was vomiting everything that he was taking in.

He stayed home on Jan 24th, but gained back his appetite and was more himself by the evening. He had a night terror later that night.

Thankfully, he was back to school on Jan 25th (after missing 6 days of school). But, he had a great day at school. When I got home from work, he told me that he was friends with everyone in his class (which is amazing considering that he just started at this school earlier this month) and that everyone missed him. He also received the results of a math test that he completed a couple of weeks ago, and he did phenomenal on the test. We’re so very proud of him and so relieved that life is back to normal.

His next Heilkunst appointment is tomorrow and the 24/7 CoRe treatment is still continuing for ~3 more days.

May our next three weeks be gentler on our family. I certainly hope it will be.



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