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March 2017 – Heilkunst update


This is a summary of AJ’s Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in late February to mid-March 2017 over a 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On February 18, 2017, AJ started the following droppers:

1) Jun. c. 12C – (Physical – Abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Cracked lips-Thrush/Food allergies/Asthma/Right ear wax/Brain fog/Spaciness/Bloody snot/Itching) – a drop a day

2) Eric. 200C – (Emotions – Anxiety/Worries/Overly emotional at hospital/Fears) – a drop a day

3) Digitox. 1M – (Mentals – Time management/Academics/Frustration tolerance/Self-advocacy/Babyishness/Night terrors/Accident prone/Friendships) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety – Guarea 200C – as needed – can also put a drop into his water bottle to sip throughout the day.


He already had 3 abscesses when he started these droppers (under his right eye, left armpit and another location), but he was doing well emotionally and was in a creative mood. On Saturday, we created a hand puppet out of socks and he had a lot of “hang out time” with friends. On Sunday, he attended a drop-in painting class with a couple of his friends and painted this amazing picture.


He has been drawing and colouring and painting and creating like crazy lately. He told me that it’s been a hard couple of months and that painting helps him. He also told me that painting gives him somewhere to put the pain of missing NL.

On Monday (Family Day), we went for a 3 km hike in the mountains. Heart Creek. The last time we hiked Heart Creek, AJ was only 4 months old.

On Friday, Feb 24th, AJ had an upset stomach and diarrhea, but he woke up on Saturday feeling good enough to play his last game of the season of Grassroots (outdoor) hockey. Later that same day, he wasn’t feeling himself in the afternoon, but he perked up later that evening. On Sunday, he had an allergic reaction (swollen throat) to  a Jugo Juice smoothie (we assume that it was likely cross-contaminated with milk), but the swelling went down with Benadryl.

On Feb 27, AJ started a prophylactic dose of Septra daily, which will hopefully help to decrease the frequency of abscesses.

Abscess drainage and 5th IVIG infusion

On the evening of  Feb 28th, AJ re-started the 24/7 CoRe treatment for a period of 3 days to help support his system since on March 1, he was scheduled to have general anaesthesia to drain an abscess under his left armpit and one in another place. Thankfully, the abscess under his right eye resolved on its own. Typically, AJ comes out of general anesthesia in an emergence delirium and screams and cries and kicks for at least an hour. This time, he woke up from the anaesthesia gently, like he was waking up from a nap. This is amazing progress! Perhaps due to the 24/7 CoRe treatment, in combination with the cumulative Heilkunst treatment that AJ and I are undergoing? He also had his 5th IVIG infusion that day  (since he already had an IV inserted while under general anaesthesia), and he didn’t need additional sedation in order to receive the infusion. (Last time, 3 nurses had to hold him down while another nurse gave him Madazolam orally to sedate him enough for them to give him the IVIG infusion, even though the IV had already been inserted while he was under general anesthesia). More amazing progress!  The infusion was given over a 3 hour period, and AJ didn’t have any negative reactions to the infusion.

He stayed home from school the next day (March 2nd) to rest, and it was a rough day for him emotionally. Sad. Angry. Missing NL like crazy. Felt like life is unfair and how he hates his life. Traumatized about the penrose drains that were left in his abscesses. One just fell out on its own, but the other one required a slight tug to remove and he completely lost it because he thought it would hurt (because he’s had bad experiences with wicks being difficult and painful to remove), and was very angry.

On March 2nd, I checked with his Heilkunstler and she said that AJ was ready for new droppers:

  1. Physical – Chi. mur. 30C
  2. Emotional – Hoang-nan 200C
  3. Mental – Lacerta 1M
  4. Anxiety – M. p. amb. 1M

By March 4th, AJ was back to himself and scored about 7 goals at his hockey game. He’s resilient, he is.

By March 8th, he had another abscess develop on his left armpit. Oh boy. This was depressing given that he had recently started taking a daily prophylactic dose of Septra, which was supposed to help decrease the frequency of abscesses. On the good side, the abscess was still small and perhaps it would eventually just resolve on its own. I hoped so.

A major improvement that I’ve noticed is that AJ hasn’t had a night terror since Feb 2nd. That’s five whole weeks. He’s still having nightmares, but not night terrors. This is a huge improvement given that all of the general anaesthesia tends to lead to more night terrors.


All in all, there were some major improvements this month (despite the fact that AJ still needed abscesses surgically drained). I feel that this is a good sign and hope that the  improvements continue. It feels like things are turning a corner for the first time in 6 months since we moved to Calgary. I was feeling optimistic.


2 thoughts on “March 2017 – Heilkunst update

  1. How old is your son? That painting looks like a professional artist did it-wow!

  2. He’s 10 years old; turning 11 years in a couple of months. He attended a painting class on the day that he painted that birds, so I think he received some expert tips!!! 🙂

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