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Although my son is not on the autistic spectrum, I have found that many of the techniques that help autistic children also help my son. I feel a real kinship with parents of children with autism, and have read as much as I can about what parents are doing to heal their autistic children.

Resources for Parents of Autistic Children

  1. Blog list of parents healing their autistic children with supplements, dietary changes, biomedical treatments, homeopathy and energy healing  here.
  2. Genetic predispositions and triggers for developing autism here.
  3. Healing and Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartizinel. In my opinion, this book is a must-read for parents of all children, but especially parents with autistic children, and also for parents with children who are sensitive to foods and environmental allergens. More here.
  4. Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy. My thoughts about this book here.
  5. Autism: The Journey Back by Verspoor and Smith I really feel that Heilkunst homeopathy can help children with autism, by removing the root cause of disease. Both my son and I are both healing using Heilkunst.
  6. Importance of increasing glutathione levels in autistic children here.
  7. A list of free things you can do to help your autistic or sensitive child here.
  8. List of supplements that a Heilkunst practitioner suggests for autistic children here
  9. Autism Research Institute has great information on how to prevent autism starting from before conception through to infant care and beyond – read more here.
  10. Autism Research Institute has collected data summarizing parents ratings of various biomedical treatments for autism here.
  11. Great advice from the CEASE therapy website about what parents of children with autism can do to help their children here.
  12. Article by Dr. Mercola discusses the main environmental factors that affect the development of autism and how to prevent autism here.

Recovered from Autism

Heal Artfully – I love what Gina Laverde has done to heal her son with autism, using raw foods, supplements and energy healing

Recovered from Autism – Steps that Kaeden’s parents took to heal their son’s autism

Meet Taylor Morris – An inspiring teenager who was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at 2 years old. She no longer has a diagnosis. Watch her video entitled “Hope for Autism and Asperger’s: My Story”

Waking up Baxter – An 8 minute video documenting Baxter’s story. He developed autism after vaccinations.  Through a variety of methods, traditional and biomedical (dietary changes, chelation), Baxter is no longer considered on the autistic spectrum.

Autism Links

Autism and Heilkunst – I really feel that Heilkunst homeopathy can help children with autism, by removing the root cause of disease. Both my son and I are both healing using Heilkunst.

Anesthesia and the Autistic Child – an excellent article

Autism Research Institute – Formerly known as “Defeat Autism Now!” (DAN!)

Body Ecology – The body ecology diet can be used to heal autism. This GFCF, sugarfree and bad fats-free diet focuses on cultured vegetables, kefir, probiotics to heal one’s gut.

Carly’s Voice – Carly’s website. Carly is autistic and doesn’t talk through her voice, but communicates through typing through a computer. She shares what it is like to be autistic. Watch this Youtube video about her story.

CEASE Autism – Dr. Smit’s homeopathic treatment for autism

Defeat Autism Yesterday

Dr. Mercola’s article – The Toxic Origins of Autism

Dr. Klinghardt on Autism

Generation Rescue

Healing Autism and ADHD – biomedical techniques for healing autism and ADHD (a mother’s perspective)

Health Induced Autism – Great resource — the story of two moms and their journey of healing their children with autism. Both of their children are over the age of 5 years old and are making slow, but steady progress.  It’s very well organized and lots of useful information about a variety of treatments (supplements, dietary, homeopathy, and much more).

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Autism, PDD and ADHD – article by Sonya Doherty (ND), including fascinating results from scientific studies. For example “A ground breaking study in 2009, done by researchers at the University of Texas, revealed startling evidence of the environment’s role in autism.  The objective the study was to determine if proximity to sources of mercury pollution in 1998 were related to autism prevalence in 2002. The findings showed that for every 1000 pounds of industrial release, there were a corresponding 2.6% increase in autism rates and a 3.7% increase associated with power plant emissions. For every 10 miles from industrial or power plant sources, there is a decrease in autism rates.

How a Physician Healed her Son’s Autism – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recovered her son from autism, and in this interview with Dr. Mercola, shares her insights about Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), which can make a child vulnerable to vaccine damage and the GAPS nutritional program which can help treat autism. Her website here.

Immune Disorders and Autism – NY Times article

Mama Mac’s Top 20 Healing Ideas – Great list from a mama who is in the trenches

Mitochondrial Disorders and Autism – an article about the link between mitochondrial disorders and autism.

Summary of Biomedical Treatments – a simple summary of the major biomedical treatments
available to help children and adults with autism/Asperger’s by James Adams, Ph.D. Great resource.

Talk about Curing Autism (TACA)

The Autism Doctor – Dr. Brian Udell’s website and blog

Autism Protocol

Treating Autism – UK site

Treatment4Autism – a mom of a child with autism – helping others with treatment information

Ultimate Autism Guide – alphabetical list of autism treatments and research behind them

A Ventography! – Informative blog by two mothers who are healing their children with autism (both who are over the age of seven years old). Read this post that significant gains past age five are possible.

“Autism: Maybe it’s not what we’ve been told” – a great article by a dad of a child with autism, who also published a scientific paper in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease. The author, a parent of a child with autism, describes an n=1 case in which his child’s autism symptoms dramatically and rapidly improved following administration of a common antibiotic. The author asserts that this finding is not unusual in the autism population and that, when combined with prior recent medical research, suggests that a link between autism and the microbiome in some children is not just plausible, but in fact likely for some meaningful percentage of cases. The author argues for increased funding for a more thorough examination of links between autism and the microbiome and poses a series of questions to be further examined in future research.

Recommended supplements for autism, recommended by a Heilkunst practitioner here

All of my posts about autism

4 thoughts on “Autism

  1. Hi can you recommend me a Heilkunst homeopath that can provide distant consultations as I live in the U.K. Thanks.

  2. I wanted to let you know about another story of recovery: http://autismevolution.com/2013/12/09/how-i-cured-my-brother-of-autism/ and about Autism Evolution which provides a revolutionary approach to treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders using a combination of dietary guidance, nutritional expertise, full spectrum energy healing, and a variety of other healing modalities, tailored to each individual based on the founder’s experience healing her brother: http://autismevolution.com/. If you could please add this to your website, as an additional treatment option and story of recovery, I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Autism Evolution: Thank you for your post. I will definitely add your website to my blog list of healing children with autism post.

  4. Hi Spirityoga, thank you for being willing to add our story to your blog list. I would like to contact you directly about an idea I had for Moses, but couldn’t find a contact form on your website. Can you contact me through my contact form on Autism Evolution: http://autismevolution.com/contact/? The message will come directly to me, I wanted to share something with you personally. Look forward to hearing from you!

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