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The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids

I’ve been reading a lot lately!

I recently read Maureen Dawn Healy’s book, The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids. It’s a book that I wish I had read when Moses was very young and when I was looking for answers on how to care for my highly sensitive child. It’s a book that I feel that I could have written, as the book describes many ideas and techniques that I have discovered over the years that help Moses (and me).

I currently don’t really like using the terminology indigo kids, crystal kids, rainbow kids, etc. (although I often used this terminology when I first started this blog five years ago), but I do feel that there are certain children and individuals who are highly sensitive. That said, Maureen actually does make a distinction between highly sensitive children and indigo children.

Highly sensitive children are just that. They have high sensitivity to sensory input (sounds, sights, smells, feelings and so on) and are quick to respond. HSC are also considered to have a highly sensitive nervous system. Indigo children are highly sensitive children but also have other defining attributes. Specifically, indigo children hold two what seems like opposing qualities: High Sensitivity and Fierceness. It is their fierceness along with a shared mindset that is often misunderstood about them. In the book, there is more detail about what the indigo mindset is, how it gets triggered and what you can do to either avoid a trigger or manage it better. – from an interview with Maureen Healy

I would recommend this book for individuals who are looking for practical advice on raising their energetically sensitive child(ren). She recommends finding an “indigo elder” to mentor your child, and energy healing for these children. Modalities such as crystal healing, crystal grids, flower healing, flower essences, colour healing, sound healing and Reiki. She recommends daily energetic practices, energy protection, tapping, grounding exercises, affirmations, shielding, clearing, channeling energy, yoga, meditation, prayer, self-healing, etc.

Reading this book helped me to feel that I’m definitely on the right track with Moses, and reminded me of some things that I used to do (like Donna Eden’s 5 minute daily practice), and would be a good idea for me to start again. This book actually also helped me to understand myself more as I am also highly sensitive myself.

More reading

  • Another book that I highly recommend if you are interested in this topic is Doreen Virtue’s The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and Crystal Children.
  • Read more about highly sensitive and intuitive children here.


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ADHD, Autism and Energetic Boundaries

Dear friends,

I wanted to highlight two of Mommy Mystic’s recent blog posts, where she interviews Cyndi Dale, who is an author, energy healer and intuitive.

In the first part of the interview, they discuss ADHD and energetic boundaries and in the second part, they discuss autism and soul groups (such as Constructs, Indigos, Crystals and Spirits).

I thought it would be of interest to some of you and I encourage you to read them…

Part 1 – ADHD and Energetic Boundaries

Part 2 – Autism and Soul Groups


The Cause of Autism – a Soul Perspective

Jon Rasmussen, a shaman, wrote an article entitled, “The Cause of Autism – a Soul Perspective”. You can read the entire article here.

Autism is an extreme form of protest by highly sensitive and dedicated souls.  For the most part, these protesters are coming in greater numbers and refusing to give in until humanity at large returns to a functional, sustainable, and more peaceful and harmonious way of living on this planet.

…Since the 1960’s, there has been a leap in human consciousness such that a large percentage of souls are now recognizing serially that something much greater than their own life experience is at stake. You know this as an adult, you see it all around you and likely feel the same level of frustration your autistic child does.  The difference is that you and I decided to go along and get along as best we could and take other approaches to affecting change besides out right protest.  These powerful souls coming in today at this critical juncture, seem to be taking a more drastic approach, and rightfully so.

Furthermore, the symptoms of extreme neurological and psychological sensitivity, toxins in the body, and so on seem to be an attempt to show us adults just how bad the state of humanity and the Earth has gotten so that we cannot ignore it out of convenience or fear any longer.  It would be equivalent to a person covering their body in the mud of a toxic lake to bring attention and inspire action to clean up the lake, or a bread maker dowsing their body in gasoline an alighting it to start a revolution.

These souls in the bodies of autistic children and adults today are basically showing us that we need to solve the big problems directly and quickly.

…I don’t think we need to fix the Autism; instead we need to look, question, and listen very carefully to the underlying protest.  Let the autistic children in particular know that you hear them, you see them, and that you understand them.  Ask them what we should do to fix the world.  Let them know that you are doing the best you can, and then do the best you can to bring about a world that is once again functional and harmonious, and makes sense for all sensitive souls to thrive in.  See how they respond to that; to adults finally looking in the right direction from their perspective.  They are wise teachers as well.

I resonate strongly with Jon’s words.

Earlier in his article, Jon talks about different souls having different archetypal energies, and alludes to the fact that autistic children (and other sensitive children) often have warrior archetypal energies. This reminded me that a shaman once told me that Moses was often a warrior in past lives, and he came into the life ready for a fight. As part of his healing, she tried to tell his soul that he didn’t need to fight in this lifetime. That in this lifetime, it was okay for him to rest.  Yet, fight he does. He has such a strong, fighting spirit. And this fighting spirit is helping him to survive, to thrive, and to heal the immune disorder that his body was born with.

My dear friend shared this thought with me.

I had a fleeting thought about Moses as I was reading David Suzuki’s “The Sacred Balance”.

I envisioned Moses being the perfect human being – his perfectly clean body responds to the contaminants that the rest of us can’t sense, and his responses indicate the choices we can make to create a healthier, happier world (inside us and outside us).

And that’s how I feel that it is with all of our sensitive children. They are showing us the way to create a healthier world.

The gift of the shaman’s vision is that they have the ability to see the big picture, the highest vision, the soul’s perspective. They see with the eyes of an eagle. In my own healing journey and in supporting my son’s healing journey, I have found it useful to remind myself of the soul’s perspective.

That said, I also know what it’s like to be on the battlefield with your child (fighting along side your sensitive child). Living and struggling with day to day life. There was a time when it was a struggle and would take hours just to be able to get Moses dressed and his teeth brushed because everything was a struggle because his body, his mouth and his gums were in so much pain.

In addition to keeping the soul’s perspective in mind, I also needed guidance on how to care for and raise this extremely sensitive child, and I learned over time to follow my intuition. 

Remember that your child is perfect. Divine. Holy. A gift from God. And on a soul’s level, your child chose you, out of all souls to parent him/her. Trust your intuition about what it is your child needs.

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Creating a tower of treasures

I have been doing a lot of sacred ceremony lately on healing the masculine, the feminine and then an equinox fire ceremony. Praying for our family’s healing and that I may remember my divinity and step into the highest destiny for my life. Releasing perfectionism, people pleasing and fear.

While we were sitting together later in my friend’s living room, after placing our prayer sticks in the sand painting, I looked down at my mesa, my medicine bundle, and was surprised to see that a tiny green caterpillar was sitting on the flower on my mesa. I felt that it was a huge sign from Spirit that my prayers were taking form and being birthed, ready to be transformed into something beautiful.*

It’s stirring things up and Moses is so sensitive that his body often responds by creating abscesses. Our Heilkunstler always reminds me that abscesses symbolize resolution, stuff coming to the surface to be released and healed.

Still, it’s not easy. He developed 5 abscesses in the last week, and one has progressed enough that it will be drained under general anaesthetic on Monday. It’s extra stressful because DH and I are / were planning on going on holidays for a week at the end of this month. I blew all of my concerns into a mini prayer bundle and it was burned in a fire ceremony last night.

After last night’s fire, two of his abscesses disappeared, and now there are three…

Blowing my prayers into a prayer stick

Louise Hay in You can Heal your Life, says that the new thought pattern for healing abscesses is:

“I allow my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I am at peace.”

One of my friends had two dreams about our family last night. She dreamt that Moses was building a tower, and putting treasures in each block. Feels like such a rich dream and yet another reminder for me to see the bigger picture and not get caught up in the drama of it all.

I was visiting you at the hospital and Moses was very peaceful making a structure with blocks. In my second dream I told you that a priest had come by and a doctor and that they both shared a past life with Moses – they were aware of it but not Moses. I also told you, although I don’t remember seeing it in the first, that Moses was putting little treasures in every block of this structure he was building.

Then I heard bullying outside and left your room to investigate and just being there stopped one kid from beating up another. The bully left and the “victim” was crying saying he regretted teasing the bully. I told him people only loved you if you really loved them first. They needed to be shown how to do it.

I went back to your room (from the outdoor balconies) and a big group of very drama-filled / grief- stricken folks were trying to get in. I tried physically barring them and [DH] let me in and tried pushing them away and you were calm in the armchair and just whispered “see, he’s sleeping peacefully” this is not who you are looking for and they left…

Not sure if any of this is worth sharing, but the concept that Moses was building his own castle and hiding treasures and gifts in each block – something he had brought with him from before this life and had both physical(doctor) and spiritual (priest) support from those who knew of his plans – that felt good.

Please join us in our prayers that everything will be resolved with ease and grace. I am going with the flow of it all, and trusting that everything is unfolding for the highest good of all concerned.

*A dear friend also reminded me:

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~Richard Bach


Sept 24, 2012 – We woke up to a miracle today. All of Moses’ abscesses are considerably smaller and the surgeon agreed that they didn’t need to drain it under general anesthesia. We were able to go home. Yay!  And, I see a vacation for DH and I in our near future.

Thank you all for your prayers!

When we came home, I saw a brown caterpillar on our driveway, bigger than the green caterpillar that appeared on my mesa. Another sign that my prayers have taken form and are growing.


The body’s magic buttons…

I recently have been using some of Donna Eden’s “energy medicine” techniques on the whole family (thanks to Jaime for recommending Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book to me). Donna Eden’s energy medicine is very accessible and easy — it essentially involves gentle movements and / or pressing different acupressure points on the body, helping the body’s flow of energy.

I love how simple, easy and quick these techniques are. Anyone can do them. Not only that, there are really effective. I’ve been feeling more centred when I remember to use these techniques.

I’ve been trying to do some of them before Moses goes to school and before he goes to bed. I tell him that I’m pressing his “magic buttons”. It is easy enough for Moses to do on his own, but for now, I’m doing it for him.

Two techniques are the “zip up” and the “hook up”, which helps one to quickly centre themselves.

The zip up:

  • You zip up an imaginary zipper from your pubic bone to your bottom lip (I’ve been doing it on Moses from his belly to his bottom lip and then all the way up over his head, to connect his aura with Spirit energy).
  • Repeat three times.
  • The zip up helps one to feel more safe and protected, less vulnerable to outside energies (so important for sensitive children who are so energetically sensitive to their surroundings).

The hook up:

  • You place one hand on your third eye and one hand on your navel and pull up for 15 to 20 seconds.
  •  It’s a quick and powerful way to centre oneself.
  • Donna Eden says in her Energy Medicine for Women book that they have used this technique to stop a seizure within 15-20 seconds.
  • I used the hook up when Moses was having a night terror and his night terror stopped within 15-20 seconds.  hmmmm….

Watch a video of the zip up and the hook up here:

More reading:

  • Read Donna Eden’s explanation of the benefits and how to do a “hook up” here.
  • Read more instructions and see a picture of the “hook up” here.


Healing angels

Well, it’s miracle week at Momastery, so I want to share a miracle of my own.

Last night, Moses was having a rough night. He was having difficulty breathing (maybe having a difficult time adjusting to this May energy). He needed his ventolin puffer again and again and again. I was afraid that we were going to need to bring him to the ER.

Moses was in bed with me and I silently prayed to God and the support of the Spirit world to help heal my son and to bring him ease. It was 2 am at this point and Moses was tossing and turning. Then, he sat up. I asked him to lie down and go to sleep.

He replied, “But look at all of the angels in this room. There are hundreds of them!” He laughed with delight.

“Wow — look at what they are doing — I love that they are coming together and forming the shape of the earth. Oh, wow, and now they are forming the shape of a snake*. Look at them coming in through the door. That’s funny because they don’t need to use the door — they can fly right through the door. Look, there are some behind me. They are all over the place. Look, they can fly!” He exclaimed with amazement.

He wondered which angel was his Grandpa Joe, and figured that Grandpa Joe was in Moses’ bedroom, where DH was trying to get some sleep. “Grandpa Joe is in my room, talking to Daddy in his sleep because Grandpa Joe is Daddy’s Daddy”, he explained.

Moses wished the angels a goodnight and he slept soundly for the rest of the night. This morning, he needed two more puffs of his Ventolin puffer, but was in good spirits and better health for the rest of the day.

A tangible and answered prayer. An everyday miracle.

* As a side note, snakes symbolize physical healing.


The big picture… that we might know God

I’ve thought a lot about the whys. Why has my path been riddled with difficulties. Not only the recent challenges that come with raising a sensitive child, but challenges that began during my tumultuous childhood. In the end, the answer that I’ve come to is for me to know God. For me to know deeply and experientially that there is more than this physical realm.

Verspoor and Smith, in their book, Autism: The Journey Back, come to the same conclusions:

Illness and disease are adversaries that we have been given to test ourselves against so that we may have the opportunity to become who we were meant to be, or given the potential to be, by our Creator (p. 67).

Eckhart Tolle, in his book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purposes, also says the same thing. Essentially saying that disease and adversity occurs to bring forth a spiritual awakening in people. And when they occur early, it can bring forth an early spiritual awakening in a person.

Children who have suffered greatly often grow into young adults who are mature beyond their years. What is lost on the level of form is gained on the level of essence… Some great loss or disability on the level of form has become an opening into spirit. When you have had a direct experience of the unstable nature of all forms, you will likely never overvalue form again and thus lose yourself by blindly pursuing it or attaching yourself to it (pp. 286-287).

In Todd Burpo’s book, Heaven is for Real, he shares the remarkable story of his four year old son’s near death experience and the gifts that it brings, as his son, Colton, recounts stories of his time in heaven with God, Jesus and the angels.

It’s fun to talk about heaven, about the throne of God and Jesus and Pop and the daughter we though we had lost but will meet again someday. But it’s not fun to talk about how we got there. Recalling those terrifying days when we watched Colson cling to life still brings tears for Sonja and me. To this day, the miraculous story of his visit to heaven and the story of almost losing our son are one and the same event to us (p. 148).

All of these stories share the same message. The gift of adversity is that it opens up a doorway for spiritual awakening.  I feel that my own tumultuous childhood and experiences opened to the door for me to be a seeker, so that I might discover the spiritual realm that is just as real, even more real than this physical world. My spiritual awakening started before Moses was born. I felt intrinsically that there was more to this world, more to life than meets the eye.

Yet, I felt completely unprepared (or so it seemed) to raise my sensitive child. It’s one thing to suffer, but another to witness your child suffer and to feel moments of helplessness and despair. Through these moments, I kept getting the same messages: dig deeper still. Remember that your child is a holy child of God. Remember that he is being held in the hands of God. I am not the doer. I just need to open my heart and love my son and all will be shown to me. Breathe by breathe. Step by step. And sure enough, we have been led and my son is healing / has been healed / is perfect as he is, always has been and always will be.

There is a part of Todd Burpo’s book that spoke to me strongly. It may help to know that Todd is a pastor.

Over and over a single image assaulted me: Colton being wheeled away, his arms stretched out, screaming for me to save him.

That’s when it hit me. We waited too long. I might never see my son alive again.

Tears of rage flooded my eyes, spilled onto my cheeks. “After the leg, the kidney stones, the lumpectomy, this is how you are going to let me celebrate the end of my time of testing?” I yelled at God. “You’re going to take my son?” (p. 40)

I can certainly relate. I have felt that way. Not angry at God, but certainly I’ve felt hopeless moments. Moments of despair. Moments of “what the h*ll is going on, this isn’t part of the plan. I never signed up for this. How the h*ll do I get off this crazy ride?”

Months later, Colton tells his dad the reason that he came back to earth is that, “Jesus came to get me. He said I had to go back because he was answering your prayer” (p. 81).

Later, Todd shares…

What had I learned?… I learned that I am heard. We all are. I had been a Christian since childhood and a pastor for half my life, so I believed that before. But now I knew it. How? As the nurses wheeled my son away screaming, “Daddy, Daddy, don’t let them take me!”… and when I was angry at God because I couldn’t go to my son, hold him and comfort him, God’s son was holding my son in his lap. (p. 84).

Wow. So powerful. A powerful reminder to me that at all times, God is and has been holding my son. At all times, God is holding all of us. Sometimes it makes no sense to us on this physical plane and from our limited viewpoint, but if we take a broad viewpoint, we’re all okay. We’re all being held. We’re all safe.

I feel that my son is going to be okay. Better than okay. His body is healing. His emotions stabilized. He is brilliant. Funny. Courageous. Wise. Strong. Resilient. Compassionate. (And then, of course, sometimes he’s also a crazy five year old).

A friend of mine remarked the other day that Moses exudes such depth, such determination, such courage, such strength, such wisdom, such resilience. He is wise beyond his years. An old soul. She feels that this resilience, strength and determination is likely a result of the difficulties that he has experienced.

Like Colton, Moses spends a lot of time talking about God, angels and heaven. He talks about how he can’t wait to get to heaven so he can fly like an angel.

I tell him, of course, that he’s going to live for a long, long, long, long time and that there’s no rush for him to be an angel, but that God and the angels are with him always anyway. Both around him and also in his heart.

There’s one more thing that I wanted to share.

It’s the story of Garvan Byrne, a boy with a rare disease that caused him to stop growing at the age of 5. He is 12 years old in the video, prior to his death.  Although it’s very difficult to watch, it is also very inspiring and touching. A fully enlightened boy. May we all come to a place in our lives that we might have such courage, strength, wisdom. Such knowingness of God.You can watch it here.


“I love you, even when you’re angry”

Well, dear readers, we’re going through a bit of a rough patch right now. Moses has been in and out of the hospital for the last week due to a dental abscess, which has escalated to him throwing up everything in his stomach for the last three days, a fever, a terrible headache, a bad tummy ache and, now, we just found out that he has developed pneumonia! Ack!

I kept my calm for the first five days, but yesterday, I started to lose my patience (angry at the hospital, the medical establishment [all of their interventions just drive the “disease” deeper into Moses’ system, causes Moses’ body to create larger healing reactions], and then the doctors are bringing in “bigger guns” to suppress the healing reactions. Just so tired of the situation). What my boy needs is rest (which you don’t get at the hospital), a calm environment and to be at home. His body needs a rest and to be supported, not suppressed.

We all need a rest.

Last night, I was tired and angry. Sadly, I started to lose patience with Moses.

As we were getting ready for bed last night, my sweet boy told me, “I love you, mom…. even when you’re angry”.

Oh, my sweet boy.

As one of my friends remarked after witnessing him calmly and contently playing on his hospital bed: what a teacher he is.

I told him that I loved him too, and told him that I was sorry that I was being such a cranky puss.

To which, he responded, “That’s okay. Sometimes, I get angry too.”


Water sculptures

I came across another amazing story that I just had to share. In Dawn Paul’s article, Autistic Children are Awesome, Have Many Hidden Talents and Have Shamanic Tendencies, she writes:

…clues to an autistic child’s gifts could be found in their “stimming” – the repetitive physical movements that autistic children often make (stimming is short for “self stimulation”). For example, Rupert had a child on one of his Horse Boy camps who flatly refused to get on a horse; instead he just wanted to play with the water in a pond. Rupert allowed this and some clever soul watched over the child. The boy appeared to be slapping the water, gathering it up somehow, then letting it go, then he would fling his arms up into the air, only to then go back to rapidly scooping up water. He constantly repeated this process. To the onlooker, it looked like madness. But the man that was watching over this child took photos, and amazingly, the photos actually captured images of water sculptures that the child was making. He was actually shaping the water into images – of dolphins and horses for example, and when he created a pleasing image, he would fling his arms back in happiness, then he repeated the process all over again.

Rather than seeing autistic children as damaged and in need of healing, Rupert believes they are very special, so special in fact that he calls them “Dreamweavers,” as Rowan’s condition led Rupert to achieve many of his dreams. Rupert’s views on stimming are that they are a method of creation, which are intentional. Either they clear energy – for example shaking hands around the middle clear energy channels within the child’s energy body, or they create a vibrational resonance, an energy, that is needed for some reason. Therefore, when a child arranges, say, sticks in a particular pattern, they are creating an energetic frequency, which either they themselves, their parents or the world at large needs for some reason.

Wow — how amazing is that?


Muscle testing and other methods of divination

As I mentioned yesterday, the highest and wisest part of me knew that Moses would be healed. But, back in our day-to-day life when he was having reactions, when we were in and out of the hospital, when we were having a difficult time knowing what to feed him, what methods of healing to try,  how to deal with his tantrums and mood swings (because his body was so uncomfortable), I needed some practical advice.

I remember during one particular session with my shamanic healer, I asked her, “I need help. I need a manual on how to care for this boy. I need step-by-step instructions on how to care for him.” (By the way, this blog and my “tips for raising a sensitive child” turned out to be the result of the step-by-step instructions that I figured out by trial and error over the years).

I had my notebook handy, ready to write down the pearls of wisdom that she had for me…

And, boy, did she ever.

She asked me if I knew how to muscle test.

I did. (If you don’t know what muscle testing is, don’t worry, I’ll explain it below).

She encouraged me to use muscle testing to figure out how to care for my boy.

Muscle test all of his foods. Muscle test what supplements to use. Muscle test for whether a given treatment is for his highest good. Muscle test for everything. She even said that things would probably change from day to day (and it did for Moses… when he was very young, his sensitivities would change from day to day), so test everything day to day to see if things changed.

It was a great reminder that all of us, literally have at our fingertips access to divine wisdom and knowledge.

Now, what is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is essentially a way to ask your Highest Self / the Universe / God / Source whether something is for your highest good. It’s very simple to do and to learn and you can do it on yourself.

You can ask yes/no questions like:

  • “Is it in my highest good to_[fill in the blank]__?”
  • “Is it in my son’s highest good for him to eat this food?”
  • “Is it in my daughter highest good to try this treatment?”

Then trust the response and take action based on that response.

It’s simple to do, but would take many words for me to explain it, so I’ll just refer you to Mystic Mandy’s blog where she explains two methods of muscle testing that I actually use myself.

  1. Finger method – This is the method that I use the most (I use the second method that she describes).
  2. Standing muscle test – This is the method that I first learned and it’s the easier technique to use at first. This is the method that use when I’m having a difficult time making an important decision and I’m having a difficult time hearing my heart’s voice.

Another method of divination that I sometimes use is a pendulum. I recently purchased a rose quartz pendulum and have been having a great time asking it questions! When Moses was two years and sensitive to just about everything, both DH and I used a pendulum to discover which foods were safe for him to eat. I wrote more about that here.


  • Muscle testing and using a pendulum work best when you are centred, grounded and hydrated.
  • These techniques work best when you were open to whatever response may be (i.e., when you are not attached to the outcome).
  • Try it for yourself and see!

Lately, I just centre and ground myself, ask the question and feel my body’s response. When the answer is “yes”, my heart opens and my body is at ease. When the answer is “no”, my heart closes and my body tenses. It’s that simple.

How about you, do you have any experience with muscle testing or using a pendulum? Do you have a special way to access your intuition?