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MRSA essential oil protocol

As you know, Moses has had a chronic MRSA infection for years (this has been the reason behind his chronic abscesses). I know that essential oils have been shown to be effective against MRSA in in vitro studies (it was why I was drawn to trying essential oils in the first place – an example of one study here), but we have had a difficult time coming up with an effective protocol because many of the oils that are effective against MRSA are “hot” oils and it’s been difficult finding the right combination of dilution (i.e., it had to be diluted enough not to burn Moses’ skin and yet strong enough to be effective against MRSA). Also, some of the protocols involve ingestion of essential oils, and Moses cannot swallow capsules, so that has not been an option for us.

It’s further been difficult because Moses has not been a big fan of having the oils applied directly to the areas where he typically gets abscesses (and some of them are in sensitive places).

So for years, I’ve only been applying the oils to the bottoms of Moses’ feet and that hasn’t been enough to fight the infection.

Jeannie from Essential Oil RN shared this protocol with me and I am eternally grateful to her. She has said that it has helped many with MRSA infections.  I feel that it’s been helpful because it provides a rotation of oils (i.e., so that the bacteria do not develop a resistance to a given combination of oils). Prior to trying this protocol, I had just been using say OnGuard essential oil blend on the bottoms of Moses’ feet, which was not enough.

Currently, I have been applying the following blend to each of the areas that are prone to developing abscesses twice a day: one drop of each oil diluted in 15 mL of fractionated coconut oil. In addition, I have been applying the following blends undiluted to the bottoms of his feet (they don’t burn the bottoms of his feet).

I’ve also learned not to apply any oils to Moses’ skin after he has a bath because the oils penetrate that much deeper after a bath (which causes great discomfort).

I only recommend doTERRA essential oils, which are certified pure therapeutic grade. Currently, we are rotating between weeks 1-3 blends and will continue with this rotation.



Drop essential oils into a 00 vegetable capsule and take 4 times a day for a week.  You can make a spray also and just quadruple the essential oils, add 20-25 drops of Fractionated Coconut oil to hydrate the skin and fill with purified water in a 2 or 4oz glass spray bottle.



Drop essential oils into a 00 vegetable capsule and take 3 times a day for a week. Make spray blend for children.



Drop essential oils into 00 vegetable capsule and take 2 times a day for a week.  May need 2 capsules for this week – just equal drops per cap.  Make spray blend for children

These rotations should be done until ALL signs of MRSA have disappeared.  Recommend taking a (one time a day) maintenance dose of Week 3 after infection has disappeared.  Consider adding DDR Prime softgels or essential oil blend to bottoms of feet twice a day


Mix equal parts of all of the oils listed below with equal parts of doTERRA fractionated coconut oil (FCO).


Apply mixture directly on and around infected site 2-3 time per day and after bath.

(extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil can be substituted for FCO but it will be greasy and may stain fabrics – doTerra FCO is non-greasy and will not stain)


MRSA can also live in the nostril hence causing reoccurring infections.

Diffuse 2 drops each:

  • Melalueca
  • Lavender
  • Patchouli
  • Geranium

More reading

  • Read several stories of MRSA infections and essential oils here.Onguard



Parasites cycling with the moon

A couple of months ago, my friend, Dante’s mom at Boy Connected, asked me if I had noticed whether Moses’ symptoms get worse around the full moon.  hmmm…. I hadn’t noticed, but I hadn’t really looked for a connection.

The reason that she asked was because often symptoms can get worse around the full moon because of increased parasitic activity (it’s parasite breeding time). ewwww….  (This is why Dr. Kalcker’s parasite protocol [related to Kerri’s protocol] starts 3 days before the full moon and continues to the waning moon [i.e., a total of 18 days]).

Well now that I’ve been looking for a potential connection, I have noticed that for the past 2 months (June and July), Moses has had a night terror only once per month and both times, the night terror occurred exactly 3 days before the full moon. I did a quick google search and some have said that night terrors can be related to parasites and can increase around the full moon. hmmmmm……

Looking back at my notes:

In March, Moses had 2 night terrors 5 days before the full moon, and 2 new abscesses on the day after the full moon.

In April, Moses had a new abscess a day after the full moon.

In May, Moses was sick at home a couple of days after the full moon.

hmmmm…. maybe there’s something to this full moon thing.

There are a wide range of symptoms that can be associated with parasites (read more here) and Moses has a number of them (of course a number of these symptoms are also related to his diagnosis) but the fact that he has a compromised immune system means that his system is also susceptible to becoming infected by parasites.

“90% of the world population is infected with one or more parasites in their body, being able to coexist in the same host up to five different types. The danger comes when the balance is upset, within the host, skyrocketing the number of parasites and the host starting to show signs of serious illness and even, in some cases, death. Parasitic infections caused by parasitic worms do not always cause disease in man, a number of carriers has been found which are fully healthy. Parasites are silent murderers claiming  unsuspecting victims living in a world that does not even imagine they exist. Doctors in Western Europe and the U.S. do not contemplate the possibility that we may be infected, but with phenomena like the immigration of people across continents, the problem is much more common than anyone can imagine and often parasites are causing many of the rare diseases, or other such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or arthritis that are causing so much damage lately in our communities.” – Dr. Kalcker, source

I’m not really sure what to do with this information. DH does not believe that parasites are a problem and Dr. Kalcker’s parasite protocol involves a number of supplements (and also enemas), and I can’t get buy-in from DH or Moses for this protocol.  During our recent consultation with our naturopath, she didn’t think we needed to go this route, and I was happy to let it go for now.

I’ve been researching essential oils that are good for parasites. You can read more here, here and here. I’m going to start doTERRA’s GX Assist, which can help with intestinal parasites for me and see how I feel. I’ve taken GX Assist before, but generally only take 1 capsule a day for 10 days, but I’m going to take the recommended 3 capsules per day this month starting today and lasting until the waning moon. After that I’ll take PB Assist (doTERRA’s probiotic for 5 days).

Since Moses isn’t taking essential oils internally, I will put oregano, melaleuca, lemon and OnGuard on his belly and on the bottoms of his feet during this same time.

More reading

  • How to detect and treat a parasitic infection by Dr. Kalcker


August 17, 2014: A couple of days ago was the full moon and there was no major or obvious effects of the full moon. But, he did wet his bed (something that NEVER happens) three days before the full moon and an abscess spontaneously burst on that same night. I did a quick google search and pinworms can be related to bed wetting (a scientific paper documented a case study here), so it does give me something to think about.

September 10, 2014 – Moses had a night terror 2 days after the “super moon” / “harvest moon” (which is also 4 days after general anesthesia to drain 8 abscesses). He also had a night terror a couple of weeks ago.

October 10, 2014 – Moses had 2 night terrors 2 days after the full moon.

November 6, 2014 – Moses did not have any night terrors around this full moon. Woot woot!

December 5, 2014 – Moses had a night terror the night before the full moon (full moon = Dec 6).

December 25, 2014 – Moses had a night terror 3 days after the new moon (and 5 days after general anesthesia). It also may be related to a cold that he was developing, too much sugar on Christmas and not enough sleep.

January 6, 2015 – Moses had a night terror on the full moon.

January 10, 2015 – Moses had a 2nd night terror, 4 days after the full moon. He also was dosed a Tuberculinum powder at 50M today, so perhaps it was also related to that.

January 18, 2015 – Moses had a night terror, 2 days before the new moon.

February 3, 2015 – Moses did not have a night terror around this month’s full moon. Yay!!!!!!!!!

February 10, 2015 – Moses had a night terror (one week after the full moon, so had nothing to do with the full moon). It was probably related to his homeopathic clearing of the Ringworm chronic miasm.

March 15, 2015 – Again, Moses did not have a night terror around this month’s full moon (March 5). Woo hoo!  He has officially been night terror-free for over a month!

March 24, 2015 – Night terror on the night we started clearing the Medhorrhinum chronic miasm.

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Essential oils for protection

In addition to recommending crystals for protection, my naturopath asked if I’d been using essential oils for protection. This was a great question considering my love of essential oils and the fact that I have a very extensive collection of essential oils.

And truthfully, I hadn’t been specifically using any essential oils for protection.

I knew immediately which blends would be perfect:

1. OnGuard essential oil blend (cinnamon, clove bud, Eucalyptus globulus, rosemary and wild orange), which is an immune blend. As Daniel Macdonald states in his Emotional Healing with Essential Oils book, immune blends… “are especially indicated for personalities who have a weakened boundary due to some kind of perpetual violation to their personal space. Immune blends given individuals strength to say ‘no’ and resolve to maintain clear boundaries….”

2. TerraShield essential oil blend, which is an insect repellent blend, but is also great for repelling other types of “pests”. As Daniel Macdonald states, “Repellent blends strengthen the protective shield around one’s body, helping them to feel safe. This is especially important for children and adults who unconsciously “merge” with other people’s energy. They may doe this as a way to relieve others’ burdens, or to simply “lighten the load” in the environment.” Goodness, this one sounds perfect for me.

During the last few days, I’ve been consciously using OnGuard essential oil blend before I leave the house and also on Moses as well. I choose OnGuard because I love the smell of OnGuard, whereas Terra Shield isn’t my favourite blend (it smells like citronella, since well, it contains citronella oil, in addition to 14 other essential oils).


Find out more about essential oils here.


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Essential oil update

This is our current essential oil routine. I’ve been putting the following essential oils on Moses’ feet twice a day:

  • OnGuard – an antibiotic blend that has been shown to be effective against MRSA in vitro;
  • frankincense – great for healing and inflammation;
  • DDR Prime – great for intracellular healing; and
  • DigestZen – good for digestive health.

I feel that the DigestZen is helping to keep his bowel movements regular, despite the fact that he’s on a pretty powerful course of antibiotics. I hope and  pray that this continues.

In addition, a few times a week, I’ve been applying the “basic Symphony of Cells”, which involves applying Melaleuca (a natural antibiotic), Aroma Touch blend (which is good for inflammation) and Peppermint (which has many healing properties, including being anti-inflammatory) to the spine with fractionated coconut oil. The symphony of cells helps the body with infections. There are more complicated procedures that involve up to 10 essential oils, including one for infectious diseases, but I feel that given Moses’ sensitivity, the 10 oils may be too much for him, so I’m sticking with the basic symphony of cells for now.

I do feel that the essential oils are helping with Moses’ underlying health, vitality and resilience.  And one of the best things about them is that DH is 100% on board with using them given his own experience with them (e.g., they helped with a migraine, a toothache, a badly cut finger, cramps and muscle pain, and more).



Not quite done…

Well, I thought we were done with abscesses, but we’re not quite done…

Two days after Moses’ 7th birthday (he had a great birthday, by the way!), another one appeared under his right armpit, and proceeded to get huge (~4 cm x 3 cm). We saw his surgeon 5 days later on a Friday, and the doctor said that he thought it might pop on its own if we used warm compresses on it. If it didn’t burst by Monday, it was going to be drained by the surgeon. So, we started warm compresses over the weekend. On Sunday, I had a meditation and prayed that it might burst on its own. Immediately, I had a vision of it bursting when we were at a birthday party and received a message to bring an extra t-shirt to the party.

Sure enough, a couple of hours later, we were at the birthday party and Moses told me that his bump burst. Woo hoo!!! (Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to bring an extra t-shirt, so we made due with putting napkins under his armpit).

After the party, when we were home, I spent a good 10 minutes manually draining pus from his armpit. There was still more to drain, but it was starting to hurt him, so I gave him a break with the intention to drain more a couple of hours later.

Surprisingly (and much to my dismay), a couple of hours later, the abscess had completely closed up. Moses’ body heals that fast (I think this is an effect of the essential oils), but in this case, I was dismayed that his body healed that fast since there was more pus to drain. Thankfully, a lot had drained, but it was far from resolved. Ack.

We saw the surgeon on Monday and he was happy to find out that it had drained and suggested that we continue with the warm compresses, which we did. I also continued to put essential oils on both the abscess and his feet (an antibiotic combination of oregano, OnGuard and melaleuca, plus frankincense [a powerful healing oil], peppermint [good for his lungs] and lavender [calming and emotional balance] on his feet). And over the week, the abscess got smaller and smaller and smaller.

At the follow up the appointment today, I was happy that the surgeon considered the abscess to be healing, and we don’t have a follow up for another 3 weeks. Whew!

I thought we were all clear and smooth sailing, but then after Moses’ bath, I discovered that another abscess is starting on his groin. Ack. This one is still small, and we, of course, hope that it’ll resolve on its own. DH tells me that it’s been there for about a week.  In any case, things seem to be settling down for Moses, and hopefully this one will be the last one for awhile.

Other than the abscesses, Moses has been doing really well healthwise, physically and emotionally, and we’re all feeling happy, content and at peace. We’re just trusting and going with the flow of it all.


Reflections on Reflexology

I’m sad to report that we’ve had a rough week.

Moses had three reflexology appointments within 15 days (you can read the details about each appointment here). Who knew that something seemingly as benign as reflexology could result in such dramatic healing reactions???

As I mentioned, a day after the first appointment, Moses developed a huge groin abscess. I felt strongly at the time that we should stop the reflexology appointment to give Moses’ body a break while he was still processing the abscess, and even cancelled the second appointment. But…. DH didn’t believe that the reflexology and abscess could be linked and thought that the reflexology would help support Moses’ body.

And, I wanted to believe that reflexology was a gentle treatment, so I kept the second appointment. The morning of the second appointment, it looked as though the abscess was starting to get smaller, but by the evening after the second appointment, it was bigger. Five days later,  DH brought Moses to the ER to get it drained. It took three adults to hold him down. Moses assures me that even though they use a local anesthetic, it is still a painful procedure. Not fun at all.

We really should have stopped there, but I optimistically hoped that would be the end of it (and didn’t stop to check in to my intuition), and so he had his third reflexology appointment the day after the abscess was drained. I was still feeling optimistic and was happy that Moses’ lungs were clearing so I felt that we were on to something…..

But by the next day, my poor boy had developed five abscesses under his armpit: two under his right and three under his left. And the ones under his left armpit were painful.

It’s been a heartbreakingly difficult week. Typically Moses’ pain threshold is high and the abscesses aren’t painful and he doesn’t complain — even when he’s had abscesses the size of golf balls under his armpits. These ones have been brutal and he’s been crying and in pain for a lot of the week. We brought him to the ER on Wednesday, but the abscesses weren’t ready to be drained (i.e., weren’t soft enough). We brought him back in on Thursday  (last night), and they were ready to be drained, but Moses was hysterical at the thoughts of having more of them drained (especially in a terribly sensitive spot and vulnerable spot).

The surgeon suggested that administering warm compresses for an hour at a time four times a day could help the abscesses to burst on their own. The surgeon seemed to prefer the idea to give it some more time, and Moses also preferred that option, so we went home. Once home, DH and I regretted this decision because Moses again complained of terrible pain and then we had to go through with administering the warm compresses (which truthfully, is a huge inconvenience). We all had a terrible sleep.

The plan is that if the abscesses don’t burst on their own, the surgeon is going to drain them tomorrow. We need to fast him for the morning, and then go through the ordeal. Not fun at all.

So… it feels like a HUGE lesson for me to LISTEN TO MY INTUITION. It’s been a not fun lesson to learn and, unfortunately, resulted in much suffering for Moses, missed school, missed work, and lots of stress, anxiety and crankiness at our house.

And the blessings?  I do feel that there are always blessings in every situation, even during trying times (often especially during trying times).

I hope that whatever his body has processed and brought to the surface will result in deep, long-lasting healing for Moses. Perhaps this stuff needed to come up to help his lungs to heal.

Nonetheless, we are going to take a long, long, long, long, long, long break from reflexology. And when / if we try it again, they will be shorter session and not as frequent. Another reflexologist suggested that she would only do a 20 minute session with a child, especially a sensitive child.

What about the essential oils?

Of course, I’m still continuing to use the essential oils, but Moses isn’t keen on me putting them directly on the abscesses (which I can understand), so I’ve been putting them on his feet instead. With something like an abscess and the fact that his body is likely fighting a difficult to treat infection such as MRSA, the best place for the oils would be on the abscess itself and with frequent application (e.g., every 2 hours), but given that Moses isn’t supportive of that idea, I’m just doing the best that I can.

This difficult week also has made me so APPRECIATIVE of the three months break that we experienced from January to March. Really, a miracle. I am very, very, very hopeful that once these abscesses have resolved themselves, we can go back to smooth sailing and enjoying life and each other. I’m thankful for the hope that I have, and do feel that the essential oils have given me a lot of reasons to feel hopeful.

As a friend said to me today,

Maybe his body is just saying ‘leave me to it – I know what I’m doing’ and mama’s awesome essential oils are all I need.

So be it, and it is so, and so it is.

Thanks for sending some healing thoughts and well wishes our way.


April 13, 2013 – God’s healing power

April 14, 2013 – Some gifts that have resulted from reflexology…


Lungs are healing

Well, one of my prayers is being answered.

Moses’ lungs are clearing up. He hasn’t needed his Ventolin puffer regularly for a few weeks now (March 2 was the last day that I have in my notebook of Moses needing his puffer regularly, and interestingly, March 2 was the day that I changed his essential oil routine).

What helped?

  • Was it the healing codes that I did for his lungs?
  • Was it the essential oils (which includes several doTERRA oils, but also the NAN Rejuvenate oil, which I was told was developed to help someone with lung cancer)?
  • Is it because his body is now expressing at the level of the skin (e.g., the swollen abscess that developed last week)?
  • Is it because of the reflexology?
  • Or is it all of the above?

It’s likely a combination of all of the above. In any case, I’m feeling very optimistic, and very, very pleased.

It does seem like Moses body needs to express inflammation / agitation somewhere in his body.  It’s always better from a healing perspective for things to be showing up at the level of the skin (i.e., the abscess) rather than internally, so I’m happy for this shift.

The abscess is still healing and seems to be going down in size (although still is sizeable). We are being optimistic that his body will be able to handle it on its own. I’ve been treating it 3-4 times a day with oregano oil, melaleuca, OnGuard blend and lemon essential oils (diluted with a carrier oil), and then the same oils on his feet (undiluted). I’m trusting it will resolve without medical intervention.

The small swollen lymph node under his right armpit is very, very small now (pea size).

We decided to keep the reflexology appointment today. I wrote detailed notes about the appointment here, but of particular note is that Kim didn’t detect irregularities in his lungs or left eye this time, and she spent a lot of time on his lymph system and also opening his lymph ducts at his collarbone and groin. His adrenal system seemed blocked, so she worked to clear that. I’m really fascinated by reflexology as a method of healing.

I woke up this morning with a message to start Moses back on his homeopathic constitutional remedy (Sulphur), so I started both of us back on our constitutional droppers today.

Thank you for your prayers and, as always, I’ll keep you posted on how things continue to unfold.

March 31, 2013 — The abscess is definitely going down in size!!!!!!!! A happy Easter, indeed.


Feeling empowered and rolling with the punches

Moses had an appointment with a specialist who does immunology / infectious disease consultations. I really like this specialist and felt open enough today to share with her about the essential oils that we’ve been using. (I generally don’t share with the doctors what we’ve been doing to treat Moses since I found very early on that for the most part, they weren’t interested and I could tell that they thought I was a bit nuts. Some outright told me that they didn’t condone what we were doing (e.g., homeopathy, IgG testing) because it could be harmful).

Ironically, Moses has been abscess-free for two months, but wouldn’t you know it, on the day that we have an appointment with a physician, he had developed a pretty big swollen lymph node / abscess (~2 cm x 3 cm) on his left groin (which I think was a healing reaction to his reflexology appointment on Saturday, as it developed within a day of the treatment). Even with the swollen lymph node on his groin (in addition to a small small, but still swollen lymph node on his right armpit), she thinks that he doing really well (i.e., otherwise asymptomatic). His lungs are clear. No thrush (which she was impressed with, since this used to be a constant concern).

She didn’t have much new to offer us, except for an antibiotic prescription for the swollen lymph node / abscess, which she truthfully told us she wasn’t sure if it would help, and would likely cause diarrhea. I loved her honesty and candidness. Needless to say, we won’t be filling this prescription.

The best part was at the end of the appointment, she said that we should continue to do whatever we were doing because it did seem like it was helping.

I left the appointment feeling really good about things. The doctors once thought we were crazy because we were under-medicating our very sick child. And, now our once very sick child is getting healthier and healthier and healthier. I’m feeling really good about the options that we have, and how empowered I feel with the essential oils.

For example, today I felt like I was feeling flu-ish, so I made an essential oil flu bomb (5 drops each of melaleuca, oregano, lemon and OnGuard [an antimicrobial blend] in a gelatin capsule). It felt so emotionally satisfying to be mixing up my own natural medicine and I love all of the smells of the essential oils as I mix it up. Essential oils are powerful physical and emotional healers.

I’m praying that Moses’ latest flare up will resolve on its own, without medical intervention. I’m basically  treating it with the same oils that are in the essential oil flu bomb (but diluted with fractionated coconut oil), and using the same oils on his feet, undiluted, along with some other oils. Please pray with me. We may take a break from reflexology until this starts to resolve since we don’t want to overtax Moses’ system.



Moses will be receiving ten reflexology treatments from a massage therapist who needs to practice on a child as part of her reflexology training. How amazing is that?!

He had the first session today. I wasn’t sure how he would do — I didn’t think he’d sit for a full one hour session, so Kim planned a 30 minute treatment. He did just fine (it helped that I brought snacks and his DS to keep him occupied), so next week, she’ll plan for a 45 minute session. Interestingly, she was able to detect irregularities on his left foot (corresponding to the left side of his body) related to his eye, his lungs and his adrenal glands, which make sense since his left eye is still healing from the eye shield ulcer and the left side of his lungs generally present the most problems. She used a drop of peppermint essential oil to support his lungs in the apricot carrier oil.

I’m sure that these treatments will support his body, organs, lymph and immune system, and I’ll continue to share weekly updates on this post so that I can track what she finds and how his body responds to the treatment.

March 24, 2013 – The day after his reflexology appt, Moses developed a swollen lymph node on his left groin — a healing reaction that resulted from the reflexology appt? I did a quick search about healing reactions and reflexology and it does seem like they go hand in hand. I’m treating it with melaleuca and a diluted mixture of melaleuca, oregano, On Guard and lemon essential oils.

March 30, 2013 (2nd appt) – I was on the fence about keeping this appointment because I wondered if it would make the swollen lymph node worse (the lymph node is still present, although seemed smaller to me today). My husband wanted to keep the appointment because he thought it would help, so we kept it. Kim did a full 45 minute session, so this time was able to get to all of his systems (last time, she didn’t get to his digestive system, skeletal system or nervous system). This time, she also concentrated on his lymph system and also opened his lymph system near his collarbones. She used OnGuard essential oil to support his immune system and help fight infection in his body.

Moses did well for the first 40 minutes of the session, but was getting impatient towards the end of the session. She said that this time, his left eye point seemed okay and his lungs seemed okay (and interestingly enough, his lungs have been clear all week). Yay! She found that he was dehydrated this week, so we need to focus our attention on keeping him hydrated. She also found that his adrenal glands on both sides weren’t clear this time, with his left side being particularly gritty. She showed me how to do some of the main points that are pertinent to him, including the lymph system and his lungs, so I will see if I can remember to work on some of these points when I am applying the oils to his feet.

I’m really fascinated by this whole process and modality of healing. I’m feeling very, very optimistic, especially given that his lungs have been clear!!!

April 6, 2013 (3rd appt) – Well, the abscess was drained yesterday by a doctor. Today, Moses was very ansy during a lot of the session. Kim said that his right foot was clear. Yay. His left foot showed some “fullness” in his lungs and his adrenals. Over this last week, Moses lungs have continued to be clear for the most part, although he needed his Ventolin puffer a couple of times. We are also starting to give him RespirActin rather than his Ventolin puffer, which seems to be an effective (and natural alternative). We will continue with reflexology, but if any new abscesses appear, we may reconsider…

April 7, 2013 (day after 3rd appt) – Well, a day after Moses` third appointment, he developed two swollen lymph nodes under both armpits (he had a very small one under the right armpit previously). Ack! We`re definitely going to take a good long break from reflexology. Need to give Moses` body a chance to process this, and then give his body a break from clearing…

April 12, 2013 – Read about my reflections about the last week here.


Healthy and strong

I have more good news to share. We saw our  naturopath this week. I love seeing our naturopath because she can see the long-view with Moses. We generally only see her every 6 months to a year, so she can see the big picture.

She reminded us how far Moses has come. How healthy and strong he looks. How his body isn’t showing signs of being stressed with allergies, as it once did. How his skin looks so healthy. We’ve been seeing this naturopath since Moses was three years old, and she reminded us how his skin once looked. Inflamed. Infected and weeping in places. Raw. Sore-looking.   And it covered much of his body – his scalp, his neck, his ears, parts of his face, his entire back, groin, arms and legs. (As an aside, when Moses was two years old, we saw a cranialsacral therapist who tried to bring attention to the part of his body that wasn’t covered in rashes. She told me, “Look at how clear his feet are”. God love her. Reminds me of our angel at A&W).

I explained our current protocol (which is generally using essential oils and probiotics — we’ve really simplified things), and she was happy with what we’re doing. I wanted her thoughts on us taking a break from homeopathy. I’m still concerned with some things — he had gone through a period of time when he was still needing his ventolin puffer quite regularly (but now that I reflect on it, in the last couple of weeks, Moses hasn’t really been needing his ventolin puffer very regularly at all), he’s been having night terrors again from time to time, and something else had recently popped up (which is a whole other story, which I’ll fill you in on soon).

She reminded us that we have worked so hard over the last few years healing him (really his whole life – almost 7 years), and Moses has gone through a lot during that time. She liked what we were doing — taking a break from homeopathy so that we can see how his body can do on its own. She thought some of the “flare ups” may be Moses’ body pushing stuff out on its own. And regarding his lungs, she thought that with time as his body strengthens, his lungs will strengthen too. She sees Moses’ body just getting stronger and stronger, with fewer and fewer flare ups, and with the flare ups becoming less and less of an issue. Interestingly, her vision is very similar to the message that our shamanic healer recently shared. A vision that mirrors my own feelings and inner truth.

She did have a couple of suggestions:

    • She suggested that we start him back on Vitamin B12 (she thought it would help the corner of his lips, which are still cracked), so we’ll make more of an effort to bring that back into our routine. We got out of the routine when Genestra changed the formulation of their Multi-B complex, which Moses didn’t like the taste of. He didn’t even like the taste of their Bio-Vitamin B12 plus Folic Acid chewable tablets, which taste like a chalky candy (I think they taste good), but we’ll be more consistent with it since it’s important.
    • She asked if we were still making sure that he was getting sources of dietary omega 3s, like flax seed oil and hemp seeds (which he is), but it’s so good for the reminder.
    • She suggested the following lung tonic: Pulmogen by Genestra (which truthfully, we likely won’t doing since it’s very, very challenging to get supplements into Moses, especially ones that have a strong taste). But it’s good to know that we have some options to explore in the future.

After the session, she sent me an email that said, “It is so good to see Moses so strong and healthy.”

Again, it’s more and more confirmation that we are on the right path. More confirmation that my boy is healing. He’s really really healing. He is healthy and strong. Healthy and strong. Healthy and strong. A dream come true.


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