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2016 – a year in review

2016 was a big year for our family. I was laid off in May, which turned out to be a huge blessing. We moved across the country from St. John’s to Calgary in September, and I started a new job  in October. We love that we are back in Calgary and living close to the mountains!


Moses was very healthy during the first part of this year, especially between March and September, when he was abscess-free after starting a prophylactic dose of Doxycycline. We got a taste of what “normal life” could be like. It was glorious and gave us the energy that we needed to move across the country.

Good news

Moses is no longer allergic to sunflower seeds, and he isn’t allergic to pecans. Woot woot! Moses didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital,  didn’t develop pneumonia, and didn’t have any severe allergic reactions this year. Moses stopped taking a prophylactic antibiotic earlier this month.


Moses had 27 abscesses develop in 2016, which is  actually a huge improvement because in 2015, Moses developed 53 abscesses.It is undeniable that prophylactic Doxycycline was effective in reducing the occurrence of abscesses, but after we moved, this was no longer the case and Moses stopped taking Doxycycline in early December.

In 2016, Moses had a total of 10 abscesses drained under general anaesthesia on 5 separate occasions (in comparison, in 2015 he only needed general anaesthesia twice to drain 6 abscesses). Therefore, even though Moses developed fewer abscesses this year, the amount of surgical interventions was actually worse this year.  Approximately 50% of Moses’ abscesses needed to be drained by a surgeon under general or local anaesthesia in 2016; whereas in 2015, only 13% of his abscesses needed surgical attention. I have no idea why this has changed.

The move across the country away from family and friends was hard on Moses emotionally and physically. We’re hoping that once Moses settles into his new school and after school care program and makes new friends in our new community that things will settle down for him.

The plan

We are continuing with Heilkunst, essential oils, karmic healing and have started 24/7 Inergetix CoRe treatments when needed. He has started IVIG treatments and we hope that it will help reduced the frequency of abscesses.

Moses looks forward to playing in a grassroots hockey league in January, and also skating at our community rink with DH. We also look forward to a lot of family walks and hikes in the mountains and in our neighbourhood coulee.

I hope and pray that things will start to settle down for Moses once he gets settled in our new neighbourhood. May 2017 be Moses’ (and our family’s) best year yet.

More reading:

  • You can read about our 2015 year in review here.

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The impact of a wish come true…

DH recently wrote this email to Make-a-Wish:

“Just wanted to give you an update on how Moses been doing since the big wish. We’ve had so many people tell us how healthy looking and confident Moses has been since his Vancouver experience and we can see it ourselves. He still has his health issues, Job’s Syndrome is still a part of him, but his health issues seem to be in the background and do not define him.

I used to looked at him and see a sick child with a huge spirit that fought every day to live a “normal” life. Now I see independent kid who is wise beyond his years and capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.

Whether you know it or not, the work you do has an immeasurable impact and is more effective than any medication. You’ve made a huge difference in our family’s lives and we just wanted to say thank you.

p.s. Moses registered for hockey this year for the first time. A year ago we would have never considered it but he’s convinced us he’s ready for it.”

Read more about Moses’ wish here.


The impact of a wish…

Did you know…

According to the results of a 2011 – 2013 Wish Impact Study that involved interviewing wish parents, past wish kids, health professionals, and volunteers, a wish come true empowers children with life-threatening medical conditions to fight harder against their illnesses.

When wish kids are granted a wish, they get more than just a great experience for a day, two days, or a week. That experience improves the quality of life for them and their entire family.

Health professionals treating them say the wish experience is an important adjunct to medical treatment, and they observe their patients feel better and comply more readily with treatment protocols when they experience their wish come true. And the community volunteers who grant wishes say the wish granting process heightens both their ability to see the best in others, and their commitment to actively help more people in need.

Adult former wish kids say the wish experience made them feel better socially and emotionally, improved their health and strength, gave them more confidence and the will to pursue more challenging life goals, made them more compassionate and philanthropic, and even helped to save their lives.

Find out more about the Wish Impact Study here.


Clearing Medhorrhinum to 10M

It feels like Moses is done clearing Medhorrhinum to 10M and is ready to clear the next chronic miasm, so it’s a good time for an update.

Interestingly, during the last round of clearing, I cleared Medhorrhinum and Moses cleared Tuberculinum and this last month, Moses cleared Medhorrhinum and I cleared Tuberculinum, so it seems like the same chronic miasms are active in the both of us.

To recap, Medhorrhinum is about:

“The general theme running through all the symptoms of this miasm is of an expansion caught by a restriction, which either causes pain, swelling, or inflammation, and a tendency towards exploding outward. In terms of the mental-emotional state and behaviour of this miasm, there are many extremes. Extremes of behaviour and mood punctuate a characteristically brilliant but unpredictable personality, as is often portrayed in the lives of certain creative artists.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

On the day of Moses’ appt with his homeopath, he was raging and angry and couldn’t control his emotions. His emotions were not to be suppressed. She remarked that he was ready to clear Med. He started clearing Med on November 18 and he cleared with powders from 30C to 10M, 3C to 13C (i.e., including the Fibonacci scale) and LM1 to LM4. He took his last powder on December 3.

He also had these droppers:

  • Fungal 30C, Drainage 2, Thuja 10M (feeling fragile), Belladonna 50M (heat, fever), Sulphur 10M (Moses’ constitutional remedy), Staph 10M (victimization), Hyos 50M (jealousy) – twice a day;
  • Staphyloccocus / Nit-ac MM (that’s a huge potency) – twice a day;
  • Veratrim CM (self-righteousness), Anachardium 10M (split personality: outward compliance with rules or authority, but with an incredible seething rage and hatred simmering invisibly on the inside), Ars 50M (fear, control freak), Bac CM / LM6 – 3 times a week; and
  • Med LM4 dropper once he finished the powders.

Moses started having hallucinations while he was clearing Med (he started seeing things that he knew weren’t there or weren’t real). Understandably, this really freaked Moses out and would have freaked me out except that I knew that Med is the remedy for sycosis and his Heilkunstler said that this was normal. The hallucinations stopped after he took his last powder for Med.

On December 1, I had a dream that the “root” of Moses’ abscesses had been excised, and a huge “energetic” surgery had been done.  It felt like a prophetic / meaningful powerful dream. I was feeling extremely optimistic, especially because Moses was abscess-free at the moment.

On DH’s and my second night in NYC, while we were in Time Square, we had a call from Moses’ grammie that all of Moses’ had drained spontaneously. It felt like a miracle and was such a relief. He was still abscess-free when we returned from NYC for about a week.

But then, two days after the dream, Moses had developed 6 new abscesses:

  • 2 under left armpit;
  • 2 on right left groin;
  • a huge one on the right groin / upper thigh; and
  • large one on his left bum cheek.

I talked to Moses’ homeopath on Dec 5 and she increased his Staphyloccocus dropped to MM (a huge potency). On Dec 10, I talked to Moses’ homeopath again and she thought that the increase in abscesses could have been related to a discharge related to clearing Med. She thought that the Med LM4 dropper would help with the “clean-up”. She thought that with the increase of abscesses, his body was pushing out strongly and that his body was trying hard to come to a resolution. We talked about his state of mind, and I mentioned that Moses was complaining a lot / had a negative mindset, and she said that this was related to the Med mindset. I also mentioned that he was in a victim mindset and she said that it was related to the Staphylococcus that he was clearing, so everything seemed to make sense from a homeopathic perspective, which brought me relief.

I mentioned how Moses started getting chronic abscesses (after being abscess-free for years) when we started clearing the chronic miasms, and she thought that once we clear the first round of the miasms (there are 8 in total), she felt that he would no longer have any abscesses. I pray that this is true, but I also feel in my gut that this is true. Perhaps my dream is also a sign for me not to lose hope. (For my new readers, we had stopped homeopathic treatment 2 years ago because Moses was having such big healing reactions that I wondered what life would be like if we stopped homeopathy. Overall, Moses was healthy and well during those two years, but we have been stuck in a vicious pattern of abscess (67 abscesses since March 2014 alone). It seems to me that he was stuck in this pattern because he wasn’t receiving the homeopathic remedies that his body needed to reach the resolution it needed).

Over the next week after we talked to his homeopath, most of the abscesses either disappeared or spontaneously drained (sometimes several times), and then on Dec 20, he had general anesthesia to have 3 abscesses drained. Then on Dec 22, yet another abscess appeared and then drained on its own within 24 hours. (You can read about all of the details here).


There are always gifts related to homeopathic clearings. Moses is doing so well! He is well-adjusted, calm, vibrant, funny and grounded.

I’ve said this before, but I feel that the homeopathy unlocks something in Moses’ brain. It’s amazing to witness. He did phenomenal on his report card. The best that he has ever done. Last year, he was an average student (and we were very proud of him because we knew that he tried his best). This year, he is excelling in school. My husband said that he never in his life brought home such a remarkable report card. Moses consistently has been getting 30 / 30 on his weekly math tests (it ranges from 27 to 30, but is mostly 30). In previous years, he struggled with paying attention and getting his work done on time, and this year, there are virtually no issues. His penmenship is getting neater and easier to read. He is learning cursive handwriting and he did such a great job that his teacher asked him if I had completed the assignment for him. (Little does she know that my handwriting is atrocious). His teacher also mentioned that his journal writings make her laugh and that he makes an emotional connection to his readers in his writing.

He only missed 2 days of school in this first term (whereas last year, he missed 5 weeks of school due to sick days).

And, socially, Moses is blooming. He is making more and more friends, and is talking about playing with more kids at school. He is getting phone calls from more kids and more kids are coming to our home for playdates. It is so heart-warming to witness.

DH and I were chatting a few weeks ago about how proud we are of Moses, how amazed we are at him and how remarkable we feel that he is, especially in light of all of his past struggles.

He is a true miracle.

I enjoy writing these posts because sharing these reflections helps me to ground the truth and really see how far he has come / how far we have all come.

I am so grateful.

These blog posts are helpful to me because each round of clearing has its difficult times and it’s a great reminder for me that we always make it through and it’s always worth it at the end.

I am so grateful that we are back to integrating homeopathy back into our lives. DH still isn’t a fan of it, but we are  not fighting about it, and for that I am grateful. I no longer feel that I need to convince DH that homeopathy works. It’s not worth the fight. All that matters is that Moses truly is healing. That’s all that matters.

More reading

  • Read about the first time Moses cleared Med to 10 M here and here (Dec 2011 and April 2012). It was a doozy. Reading it helped me to realize that Moses’ abscesses first re-appeared when we first started clearing Med the first time. I also think that I spaced the powders too far apart from each other back then and perhaps that dosing made things worse. I pray that we will get some relief from abscesses soon.
  • Read more about our Heilkunst healing journey here.


The birds are singing again

“The birds are singing in our living room and in our back yard.”

It feels like that statement sums up our lives at the moment. The birds are singing again.

In our living room…

We have two budgie birds, John and Yoko, in our livingroom and they are singing. They bring us such joy.

Over the summer, we had another bird, Ringo, who became sick with a brain tumour (poor bird) and it was sooooo terribly sad when the birds stopped singing. We didn’t have Yoko then and we needed to separate the two birds. John, bewildered, would spend all day over on the side of the cage, peering into Ringo’s cage, silent and watching and worried.

And Ringo would spend his days with his head heavy and would often fall off his stick, only to climb back up again. And again, and again.

It was a heartbreaking couple of months.

Now, we have a new companion for John, and it brings me such joy to hear them singing again.

Backyard birds

We live in a newer neighbourhood without many trees, but close to a green space. When we moved in, we planted a couple of new trees and put up a bird feeder. And then another. Over the years, we often had a pair of dark-eyed juncos who would visit our backyard, but something shifted towards the end of the summer. The pair of juncos must have told their friends because we started to have a multitude of birds show up in our backyard.

This year, we’ve had five blue jays, a northern flicker, a dozen or more juncos,  a chickadee, 20 or more starlings, a couple of crows, and even a sharp-shinned hawk visit our backyard. And, earlier in the summer, we had a big fat American robin and some of his friends, who ate the dozens of cherries on our cherry tree.

Three or so years ago, we planted a pear tree in our front yard. In the first year, it produced one small (inedible) pear. The seond year, it produced ~8 small pears, but we didn’t know how to ripen them. This year ~30 pears and we learned how to ripen them (put them in a pot with a lid along with a couple of ripe bananas). The pears were delicious! We are finally enjoying the benefit of all of the seeds that we have planted.

From our pear tree

From our pear tree

And that’s how our life feels – it feels like the birds are singing in our lives and in our hearts and all of the seeds that we have planted long ago – the seeds of healing for Moses, are now blooming. And it’s time for us to enjoy the benefits of our sweet life.


Clearing Medhorrhinum (my journey)

I’ve also re-started my homeopathic treatment since it helps the child’s healing journey when the parents heal as well. (They say that it is very difficult for a child to heal beyond the level of the parent). And it also helps because I can get a sense of what the process might feel like for Moses.

The pendulum indicated that I needed to clear the Medhorrhinum chronic miasm (i.e., sycosis) on the Fibronacci scale to 13C (I had previously cleared Medhorrhinum to 10M, but not to the Fibonacci scale).

“The general theme running through all the symptoms of this miasm is of an expansion caught by a restriction, which either causes pain, swelling, or inflammation, and a tendency towards exploding outward. In terms of the mental-emotional state and behaviour of this miasm, there are many extremes. Extremes of behaviour and mood punctuate a characteristically brilliant but unpredictable personality, as is often portrayed in the lives of certain creative artists.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

This miasm is all about extremes and I think for me, this miasm shows up in my “all or nothing” personality , and how obsessive I can become about things. Nothing in moderation. All or nothing.

I also received powders to clear Staphysagria on the Fibonacci scale from 3C to 13C.

“The core theme of the phenotype Staphysagria centres around victimization. They are the type who get caught up in cycles of abuse where they are unable to say “no”, or assert a necessary boundary, but immediately regretting and resenting their own lack of voice, along with the actions of their abuser.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

I think this theme shows up with me in my work (i.e., having no boundaries with respect to my workload) and also feeling like a victim in other areas of my life (e.g., in dealing with Moses’ health issues).

She also gave me dropper remedies to help clear the “fall out” (i.e., fungal 30C, drainage 2). And she gave me a couple of droppers to help with some plantar warts that I have (Thuja 50M [feelings of ugliness] / Bac 10M / LM4 / Sil CM) and Caust 1M  /Nit-ac 200C).

Healing reaction

Two days after I started my powders, I felt intensely sad / depressed / headachy. I feel like curling up in a ball and staying in bed. Life felt overwhelmingly sad / hard to manage. Thankfully these feelings passed within 24 hours, but it certainly was intense while I was in it.

So glad to have that layer of energy gone…

The gifts

It’s hard for me to isolate the effects of the homeopathy from the effects of the recent karmic healing that I’ve received and also the effects of the work that I did with my friend Cheryl related to Lissa Rankin’s work. I think it’s all helping. Overall, I have been feeling really good lately. Optimistic. I’m still having difficulties with boundaries at work, but my work load is easing up and DH and I are even going on vacation by ourselves to NYC for a week. We leave in 6 days. Woot woot! Life is good. Not just good – the birds are singing in our sweet lives.

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Clearing Tuberculinum to 50M

Well, dear ones, we have started back on our homeopathic journey. For our new readers, we took a two year break from homeopathy and started back ~6 weeks ago with a new homeopath. Read about our decision to restart homeopathy here.

I *love* our new homeopath and I feel so good about restarting homeopathy. As I gave Moses his remedies for the first time, my whole body breathed a huge sigh of relief — it feels that it’s exactly what Moses’ body needed to heal. I feel that it’s the last piece. I feel that he will be okay / is okay / all will be okay.  I feel that this is an important piece in his healing, along with the other great things that we are doing (e.g., karmic healing, essential oils, a great healing round table, excellent support). Big sigh out.

As much as I felt that homeopathy is one of the most important thing that we have done in Moses’ healing journey, I also feel that the journey was a brutal one because Moses often had such de-stabilizing healing reactions. I was nervous about restarting again, but so far, it has been a very easy transition back.

His new homeopath follows the Heilkunst approach (similar to our last homeopath), but she does a couple of things that are different:

1. She uses a pendulum to find out exactly what remedies our bodies need, at what potency and how often it is needed; and

2. She clears for the “fall out” that will certainly happen after the initial remedy (i.e., she provides remedies for the healing reactions that will occur).

The pendulum indicated that Moses needed to clear Tuberculinum first and that he was ready to clear it to 50M / LM5, 21C (the second level of clearing) since he had already cleared it to 10M in July 2011. Tuberculinum is one of eight chronic miasms, or archetypal diseases. Tuberculosis is an active miasm in Moses because of his past lung issues

The pendulum also told her that Moses would need a Staphylococcus remedy (at increases dosages from 1M to CM) after clearing Tuberculinum. Interestingly, Moses’ infections are often Staphylococcus infections, so the Staph remedy made sense. He had other remedies to take as well (e.g., powders for Phos/Led/Arn/Hyper/Staph from 30C to 10M) and the following homeopathic dropper remedies:

  1. Lachesis 50M (to help with self esteem – and here’s a story that tells me that the remedy helped); and
  2. Bac 10M/LM4, Lyc 1M, Graph 200C/ Sais 200C / Nat-S 6X / Merc 200C / Cact M / Chel / Canth / Ber6 / China 200C.

Healing reactions

Thankfully, he had relatively minor healing reactions over the last 6 weeks.

By the evening of his first dose, he had an increase in rashes (they looked like big pimples – just like when we cleared Tuberculinum the first time) and hives on his back and he was terribly itchy.  This lasted for two days.

But then by the third day, he woke up and told me that “he felt helpful”. I thought it was an odd choice of words, but then he proceeded to help me with breakfast (something he had never done before). It felt like something had cleared and he had more energy to help. By the evening, his back rashes were starting to diminish and dry out.

12 days after starting Tuberculinum, on the last dose of Tuberculinum powders, there was an increase in intensity. He had scratched himself like crazy during the night and had ripped his ears apart (despite the fact that we wrap both arms in splits to try to avoid such a thing).  He was very emotional and cried a lot / was inconsolable about his homework.

Over the last few weeks, he has had an increase in abscesses, which is a whole other story in itself, but I believe that most of the abscesses are related to me “hanging out with spiritual people”, which is still a pattern that seems apparent. Looking over my notes, it does look like an abscess started growing under each armpit 8 days after we started homeopathy, and the one of the right disappeared on its own and the one of the left eventually drained on its own.


Other than the recent increase in abscesses in the last few weeks (which I don’t think is related to the homeopathy), Moses has had an amazing month. He has been a typical 8 year old boy. Healthy, well, robust. It feels like he is really coming into his own.

About a week ago, for the first time in 9 months, we have been able to stop “splinting” his arms to avoid him scratching his ears off (literally). He had special splints made at this hospital for this reason. We hated that he had to wear them and he hated wearing them. It feels so good to get them off.

And, I recently shared about Moses’ victories over the last week.

  • On Friday, he came home with a 29/30 in his math test.
  • On the same day, he received his swimming badge and notification that he was graduating to the next level.
  • On Saturday, he received a “Balance” ribbon in skating classes.
  • On Sunday, he started learning how to play the first few notes to a Christmas song on the guitar.
  • And yesterday, he came home with a 30/30 in his math test.
  • In addition, his writing is becoming more legible.
  • His reading skills are improving.

These are huge victories in more ways than you could know given that Moses strongly detests school and doesn’t like traditional learning (i.e., sitting at a desk for long periods of time and filling in worksheets). About a month ago, we were communicating with his teacher because Moses was having difficulty with concentration and focus at school and was having difficulty in completing his assignments in school.

To me, it feels like something has cleared in his brain – like a fog has been lifted.

The swimming badge is a huge victory because Moses often misses his swimming classes due to the 56 abscesses that he has had between March and November. (He can’t swim if he has an appointment with his surgeon or if he has an open wound…)

And he just recently started skating and we’re so proud of how his motor coordination is coming along. So, so, so proud.

During the last skating class that I took him to, as I was watching him from afar, I experienced a deep knowingness and feeling wash over me that said that “he will be okay / he is okay / everything will be and is okay”. I felt that my deepest wish had come true. Moses is fine. He will be fine. All is well in his world and mine.

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Breaking through

I’m happy to say that we recently broke through something big.

We made it through Remembrance Day without Moses being hospitalized.

This significant for us because the last two Remembrance Days were spent in the hospital. To recap:

As a result, November has felt “charged” to us as a family and we kind of dreaded November’s approach, and we were all inwardly worried. We tried not to talk about it, but it was heavy on all of our minds. Even Moses voiced on a number of occasions that he was worried that he would be spending Remembrance Day in the hospital.

Since the nocebo effect is just as strong as the placebo effect (i.e., having negative thoughts about something can bring on negative symptoms), we wanted to break that connection in Moses’ mind. In order to try to break the pattern, DH told Moses that indeed, he spent last year in the hospital in November, but he told him that the year before, it had actually been in October.  And, it worked because Moses started talking about Remembrance Day a bit differently.

As Nov 11 came and went, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

So thankful. So very thankful.

You can only imagine how significant this feels to us.

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Last week was Moses’ week to shine.

  • On Friday, he came home with a 29/30 in his math test.
  • On the same day, he received his swimming badge and notification that he was graduating to the next level.
  • On Saturday, he received a “Balance” ribbon in skating classes.
  • On Sunday, he started learning how to play the first few notes to a Christmas song on the guitar.
  • And yesterday, he came home with a 30/30 in his math test.

He was on a roll. We’re super proud of our little buddy. Super proud.

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Our hero – Part 2

A precule to the “super hero” story…

Moses has a cousin named Jack.

Last year, when Jack was in Grade 3, he wrote about how Moses was his hero. Jack wrote about how brave Moses is when he is sick and needs to go to the hospital, and how he hardly ever complains.

When Jack’s mom called me to ask for our permission for Jack to write about Moses, I was so touched that I wept.

I’m not the only one who recognizes Moses’ strength and bravery.

Best friends

Best friends and cousins (and best photo bomb ever)


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Our super hero

A couple of weeks ago, Moses was the “Star Student of the Week”, and part of his assignment was to write about his hero.

Moses wrote about a fictitious character named “Moses Man”.

Moses Man is brave and strong and his super power is handsomeness.

He wears a shirt that has the letter “M” on it.

When Moses presented his news stories to his class,  his teacher commented that he was supposed to write about a real life hero.

Unperturbed, Moses responded…

“Well, when I’m an adult, I might be Moses Man one day.

I might be brave, and might be strong…”

Then he whipped off his glasses, and looked at his teacher with his sparkling eyes and a winning smile, and added, “And I’m already handsome”.

His teacher responded, “That’s a good point, Moses.”