Raising a Sensitive Child

Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit


In my quest for finding a way to heal Moses’ various health problems, I have tried a lot of different things. Many, many methods of healing (see the bottom of this post to find out all of the things that we have tried). I think many things helped to stabilize his system, but nothing has helped in such a meaningful way as Heilkunst (a form of sequential homeopathic treatment). We started Heilkunst homeopathy treatment 6 months before his diagnosis with Job’s Syndrome in May 2010, and continued for two years until November 2012. We then gave his body a 2 year break from homeopathic treatment to see what life was like without the ups and downs of healing reactions, and then started up again in October 2014.

I was introduced to this method of healing by a local mom of two sensitive children, who told me that it was extremely effective in helping her children. She encouraged me to watch this video Heilkunst  and Autism: Removing Cause vs. Managing Symptoms.  The presentation is by Rudi Verspoor, the founder of the Hahnemann Centre and Heilkunst Homeopathy Clinic in Ottawa. It shows a grounded way to look at health, treating chronic/complicated illnesses and cure. When I finally watched the video, I got very excited because Heilkunst approaches treatment in a way that makes sense to me: removing the underlying cause.

The traditional medical system manages symptoms and does not remove the underlying cause. An example of managing a symptom would be treating eczema with hydrocortisone. The problem with managing the symptom in this way is that approx. 70% of children with eczema who are treated by hydrocortisone develop asthma. (And, we’ve seen this for ourselves as our son only developed asthma after we started using hydrocortisone on a more consistent basis). It’s as though the “energy of the disease” (e.g., whatever is causing eczema) needs to find expression and if you block expression of the disease, it was find a way to express itself in another (often more serious) form. You can read more about healing reactions here and the direction of cure here.

Heilkunst treatment addresses the underlying cause on an energetic level. If you want to know more about this method of healing, I highly recommend reading the book Autism: The Journey Back – Recovering the Self  Through Heilkunst (it’s relevant for all individuals who are interested in learning about Heilkunst, not only parents of children with autism).

Heilkunst treats for traumas one by one in a reverse sequence, with the most recent trauma first. (A more clinical description of Sequential Treatment can be found here). Each round of healing takes about a month. Heilkunst also treats “emotional diseases” (including grief,  fear, anger and guilt), chthonic disease states (fear and anxiety) and inherited chronic miasms. One of the things that you should know about this  process is that sometimes things get worse before they get better. Some of Moses healing reactions have been quite drastic (like developing pneumonia in the first month), but even by the end of the first month, we started seeing improvements in Moses’ health (within the first seven weeks, Moses’ lungs were clearer after his initial healing reaction and his stamina started to improve).

I’ve read that with respect to healing autism, healing can take as long as 1-2 years to complete the first level of healing (i.e., to heal one’s lifetime of traumas, in reverse sequence,  until birth), although good improvement is normally noticed within 3 to 6 months. We suspect that Moses’ healing will take a few years. My vision is that one day Moses will have normal IgE levels and will be completely asthma-free, eczema-free and allergy-free with the help of this treatment.  (Oct 2011 update: 17 months after starting treatment, my son’s lungs are mostly clear, his skin is essentially eczema-free and his allergies ARE healing!).

If you want to read about our Heilkunst journey, here’s a list of all of my posts about this topic:

After the diagnosis:

Two year break from November 2012 to October 2014.

  • September 2014 – thinking about restarting homeopathy after a 2 year break here.
  • Round 23 – healing Tuberculinum to 50M.  (And me clearing Medhorrhinum on the Fibonacci scale here).
  • Round 24 – healing Medhorrhinum to 10M (for the second time). (And me clearing Tuberculinum to 50M here).
  • Round 25 – healing Tuberculinum to 50M (again). (And me continuing to clear Tuberculinum to LM3 here).
  • Round 26 – healing Ringworm to 50M. He is now officially abscess-free! (And me clearing Ringworm to 50M here).
  • Round 27 – healing Medhorrhinum 50M (for Moses and for me).  Pneumonia. Ack!

We switched practitioners.

  • Round 28 – our first session with our new practitioner. No powders were cleared this month. Moses’ eyesight improved in an eye that had been injured and his ear fissures healed.
  • Round 29 – Moses is doing well. Still has some abscesses. Read more here.
    • I cleared Carcinosin to 50M here (feeling great!)
  • Round 30 – it was a rough month. Dental abscess, 2 teeth pulled and general anaesthesia to drain 2 abscesses. Read more here.
  • Round 31 – A relatively gentle month for Moses. Read more here.
    • I cleared Syphilinum to 10M here. New rashes and exploring my life purpose.
  • Round 32 – tried GcMAF cream this month. Oh boy! Read more here.
  • Round 33 – A great month. So many improvements. Read more here.
    • I cleared Lyme to 1M here. Hives and feeling more at peace.
  • Round 34 – Minor healing reactions. He’s doing so good overall. Read more here.
    • I cleared Leprosy to 50M here. It was brutal for me. Terrible rashes and intense itchiness. I think I have some more mental clarity as a result of the clearing.
  • Round 35 – Up and down kind of month, including one night’s stay in the hospital after minor surgery for four abscesses. Read more here.
  • Round 36 – Minor healing reactions. Doing well overall. Read more here.
    • I took some droppers only to give me a break after last month’s intense clearing. A great month. All is well. Read more here.
  • Round 37 (early January 2016)- A relatively gentle month. Going to start consultations every 3.5 weeks. Read more here.
  • Round 38 (late January 2016) – A difficult month (needed general anaesthesia twice to get abscesses drained). Read more here.
    • I cleared Psora to 10M. Rashes and feelings of not being good enough.
  • Round 39 (late February 2016) – Another difficult month (third minor surgery in less than 4 weeks). Read more here.
  • Round 40 (mid-March 2016) – We had a great month. No new abscesses. Experienced a minor concussion. Read more here.
    • I cleared a timeline event related to Moses’ G6PD-deficiency diagnosis. I had a great month. Had a huge shift after a karmic healing. Feeling empowered and energized. Read more here.
  • Round 41 (end of March 2016) – We had a great month. He is officially abscess free. Read more here.
  • Round 42 (end of April 2016) – Another great month. Read more here.
    • I cleared a timeline event related to Moses’ Job’ syndrome diagnosis and another timeline event related to letting go of being a healer. Read more here.
  • Round 43 (May 2016) – He cleared a timeline event from April 2015 (developing pneumonia during his Make-a-wish trip). He had a great month. More focused at school! Read more here.
  • Round 44 (June 2016) – He had a great month. Doing great at school. Read more here.
    • I cleared a timeline event related to upheaval when I was 9 years old. And I was laid off from a job where I worked for 15 years. Read more here.
  • Round 45 (late June 2016) – He had another great month. Did great in baseball and school. Read more here.
  • Round 46 (late July 2016) – He had another great month. So emotionally balanced. Read more here.
    • I cleared a timeline event related to my recent lay-off and and another timeline event related to grief regarding the death of a family member. Read more here.
  • Round 47 (mid-August 2016) – Vacation. Fun and family times, but an increase in rashes and crankiness.  Read more here.
  • Round 48 (early Sept 2016) – We moved across the country from St. John’s to Calgary. Moses is doing great. Read more here.
    • I cleared a timeline event related to an unrequited love from 2003, and cleared the end of a significant relationship from 2003. Read more here.
  • Round 49 (late Sept 2016) – Adjusting to life in a new city, and having a difficult time clearing a timeline event related to a cancelled vacation. Read more here.
  • Round 50 (mid-October 2016) – Still having a hard time clearing a timeline event related to a cancelled vacation. ER visit related to an abscess in the nose.  Read more here.
    • I cleared a timeline event related to a cancelled vacation.I started a new job!  Read more here.
  • Round 51 (early Nov 2016) – Needed 3 abscesses drained by a surgeon. Thinking about starting IVIG. Read more here.
  • Round 52 (mid-Nov 2016) – More abscesses after seeing a new chiropractor. Read more here.
  • Round 53 (end of Nov 2016) – Night terrors, more abscesses, karmic healing, move. Read more here.
    • And I cleared Moses’ first few days at NICU and started clearing trauma from when I was less than 5 years old. Also we moved homes. Read more here.
  • Round 54 (mid-December 2016) – Night terrors, abscess drainage, started 24/7 CoRe treatment, and stopped prophylactic antibiotic. Read more here.
  • Round 55 (early January 2017) – Night terrors, abscess drainage, bad IVIG experience, double ear infection, viral chest infection and new school. Read more here.
    • And I continued clearing trauma from when I was less than 5 years old, and cleared Moses’ time being treated at the Children’s hospital. Read more here.
  • Round 56 (late January 2017) – Night terrors, dental abscess, facial cellulitis, stressful IVIG infusion. But also, an increase in creativity, new friends and doing well at school. Read more here.
  • Round 57 (mid-February 2017) – Abscess drainage and more abscesses. An increase in creativity. Read more here.
    • And I cleared the trauma around AJ’s birth and intense grieving. Read more here.
  • Round 58 (mid-March 2017) – Abscess drainage, but no night terrors and other signs of improvement. Still creating. Read more here.
  • Rounds 59 (late March 2017) – No abscess drainages needed. Recently started Septra, which seems to be keeping the abscesses away. Feels like things are shifting for the better. Read more here.
    • And I cleared the physical and emotional effects of a recent minor surgical procedure. Read more here.


Some of my general posts about Heilkunst:

  • Introduction to the chronic miasms;
  • Heilkunst view of night terrors;
  • Four energy bodies according to Heilkunst;
  • Four disease categories according to Heilkunst;
  • Why I think Heilkunst can help even “non-responders” (people who don’t respond to other forms of treatment, including medical treatment and other alternative treatments) here; and
  • How Heilkunst compares to other forms of homeopathy here.

If you want to learn more, here are some good Heilkunst resources:
– Canadian – International Heilkunst Association – FAQ
– Arcanum Wholistic Clinic – Heilkunst FAQ and blog (very useful information on this website!)
– Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst – Resources and Links
– Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst – here
– Hahnemann Colleage on ITunes (see public access) – here
– Difference between Heilkunst and classical homeopathy here.
– Great article by Sandra Weizmann about Heilkunst starting on page 42 of the Autism File Magazine (June – July 2015).

– Tips for managing your child’s Heilkunst treatment here.
– Useful information about various aspects of Heilkunst treatment – here
– Detailed case study – here
– Brochure that describes healing reactions – here
– Definitions of 8 chronic miasms here and here
– The eight chronic miasms are: Psorinum (Psora), Malaria (Malaria), Tuberculosis (Tuberculinum), Ringworm (Ringworm), Sycosis (Medorrhinum), Carcinosin (Cancer), Syphilinum (Syphilis) and Lyme (Lyme). Detailed information about the chronic miasms can be found in the book, “Chronic Disease in Dr.  Hahnemann’s Medical System” by Decker, Smith and Verspoor, starting on page 67. Another description of the miasms here and here. Some great explanations of the chronic miasms here.
– Great explanation of the energetics involved with Heilkunst homeopathy, chronic miasms and more here.
– Homeopathic constitutional types – here, here, and here.
– Genotypes:  silicea (perfectionist; DH and I are both silicea); sulphur (lives in the here and now; Moses is sulphur); phosphorus (enthusiastic); lycopodium (strongly grounded in rational mind); pulsatilla (shy, coy); and calcarea carbonicum (down to earth, community-minded).
– Phenotypes: Natrum Muriaticum (old grief); Arsenicum (fear, control freaks); Staphysagria (victimization);  Nux vomica (thwarted ambition); Sepia (totally fed up);  Lachesis (guilt, jealousy, and envy).
– Chthonic realm (deep fear states) – here and here.

– Tonic (constant, always appearing the same way) vs. pathic disease (variable – unique one-time manifestations, dependent on the individual expression of the patient) – here
Ideogenic disease (the highest disease – illusions, delusions and core beliefs) – Thuja (warts, feeling ugly), Hura (feeling like an outcast); Hydrogen (spacey); Coca and Cocaine (fear of heights and fear of falling, false ego ambitions); Agaricus (dependent, weak will); Anacardium (schizophrenic split); Anhalonium (loss of sense of self); Cannabis Indica ( escaping the perceived dangers of the outer world, and retreating into a safe inner world of one’s own construction); Germanium (perfectionism)

Emotional droppers (NSOL):

Natrum Muriaticumfor feelings of bereavement and loss, and ultimately for a challenge to someone’s core belief structure which questions whether people and the world in general can be trusted.

Staphysagria – for feelings of being victimized, or abused. Possibly for an anger without knowing exactly where or how to direct it.

Opium – for the root state of mind underneath many fears and anxieties. A kind of feeling “frozen in place”, like the dreams where someone is on a railway track, and cannot move a muscle.

Lachesis – for feelings of guilt, and a generally intense state of pent-up emotions looking for an outlet. Think of the image of a snake all charged up, and ready to strike out suddenly with its venomous tongue.
Different levels / aspects of Heilkunst:

1 – sleep, basics of nutrition, breathing, sunlight, hydration (here)
2 – water, recreation (here)
3 – The difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied. Also, the use of sequential eating to optimize digestion and assimilation (here)
4 – typologies – the blood type diet, the glandular diet, the metabolic typing diet
5 – avoid soy products, grains and milk products (here)
6 – reduce sugar
7 – detoxification
8 – nutrigenomics and tonic regimen (here)
9 – pathic and first aid prescribing here
10 – tackling myths – cholesterol myth, flourinated water and microwaved foods
11 – sequential timeline (here)
12 – healthy hormone function (here)
13 – chronic miasms (here)
14 – know thyself (6 genotypes and 6 phenotypes; resonance) – here
15 – highest levels of health (here)
16 – advanced timeline treatments (here)
17 – dealing with the false ego (here)
18 – dealing with the false ego using Mercurius (here)
19 – healing with Lanthanides (here)

  1. Lanthanum — The beginning of the journey into autonomy. Confusion as to whether it is possible, or not. Healthy state : Realization that freedom is the goal.
  2. Cerium — Wants autonomy, but plagued by hesitation. Healthy state : decisiveness.
  3. Praseodynium — Sets out on the path of autonomy, but easily discouraged by setbacks. Healthy state : perseverance.
  4. Neodynium — Try to prove their autonomy through reckless action. Healthy state : Being firm.
  5. Promethium — Falsely takes up role of saving others. Healthy state : Willing to share their experiences, when asked.
  6. Samarium — Feel they need to constantly guard their freedom from perceived threats. Health state : Apply self-defense as necessary.
  7. Europium – Seeking approval through cleverness. Healthy state : Command of scientific logic.

20 – emergence of the nether being (here)
21 – evolution as ascent or descent (here)

What is armouring?
Ocular segment
Oral segment
Cervical segment
Thoracic segment
Diaphragmatic segment
Abdominal segment
Pelvic segment

– Tissue salts and Heilkunst – here
– Autism and Heilkunst – here and here
– The three jurisdictions of medical Heilkunst here.
– Therapeutic regimen with Heilkunst – here
–  Homeopathic dose, potency and methods of delivery – here
– A great post about how Heilkunst works to cure multiple diseases at the same time here.

Four beat cycle ( tension, charge, discharge and relaxation) – “It’s not always easy to tell and sometimes a patient can bypass some of the four stages. But to give you an example: Let’s say the patient has eczema. The symptom of eczema with its irritations, itchiness, etc. would be the tension. Giving them the remedy might at first make the symptoms worse or more intense or cause it to spread. That would be the charge. Then if the skin starts to flake or if pus starts to ooze out (a healing reaction) that would be the discharge. The reduction of the skin affliction or even its disappearance would be the relaxation phase.
– Fibonacci scale: Fibonacci scale is based on the mathematician Fibonacci’s system – kind of like the shape of a coiled snail. It is in the C-scale of homeopathic potencies and starts very low, like a 3C, then ascending to a 5C, then a 9C, all the way to a 144C and beyond. It has been researched and published in the book “The Potency,” by Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, who is an MD, naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist and many other designations.
– Excellent distinction between healing reaction and side effect here
– Homotoxicological chart – Dr. Reckeweg’s chart of homotoxicology maps out a very clear progression of cellular health, either in the direction of improvement, or in worsening. If you follow any row on the chart from the left to the right, it will illustrate a worsening of health, and from right to left indicates an improvement. Read also this and this.
– Homeopathic remedies for first aid – here and here.
– The best remedy kits and resource books for homeopathic first aid here

Autism: The Condition of the 21st Century – article by Arcanum Wholistic Clinic
– Books recommended by a Heilkunstler here
– Recommended book: “Rediscovering Real Medicine” by Jean Elmigir
Dynamic Legacy by Vespoor and Decker – one of the most important books ever written in the field of the dynamic system of thought. If you want to understand the meaning and function of curing disease.
– Great site to learn more about Heilkunst homeopathy – www.homeopathiceducation.com

Supplements recommended by a Heilkunstler here and here
– Blog lists of others who are using Heilkunst to heal – here
– Find out more about homeopathy: Homeopathy and Home Work and Play – free downloadable course here.
– Join the Homeopathy and Heilkunst Parent Support facebook group.

To find your own Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, there’s a directory here. If you can’t find Heilkunstler in your area, some of them do telephone consultations as well (which is just as effective — most of  my consultations for both Moses and me have been over the telephone).

If you live in Newfoundland, I highly recommend the Heilkunstlers at the Dynamis Health Centre in St. John’s.

16 thoughts on “Homeopathy

  1. How long have you been doing this method of healing before getting to the birth experience? I have never heard of this type of homeopathic but am very interested. We have done lots of homeopathic stuff, including homeopathic chelation that has worked well. Keely still has lots of emotional stuff that isn’t being addressed and she did have a pretty traumatic birth that I worry has been part of her issues. Is your practitioner right in your town or do you do it over the phone. Sounds like you guys are really coming along well. I have never heard of job’s syndrome.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jaime: In our case, it took 9 months before getting to his birth experience. It generally takes one month to treat every major shock or trauma (e.g., vaccinations, x-rays, anaesthetic) and they treat it in reverse sequence. Here’s another case study, if you want to get a sense how long it took for another child (looks like it took around the similar length of time). http://www.heilkunst.com/sam.html

    I’m also getting treated and since I’m older, it’s taking me a lot longer to get back to my birth. It all depends on how many major shocks Keely has had to her system. 🙂

    We are being treated by someone in our city (St. John’s, NL), but I’ve chosen to have most of our consultations over the phone because the clinic is on the other side of town. After the appointment, I pick up the remedies from the office, but I know that many clinics do phone appointments and then mail / courier their patients the remedies. The directory of practitioners can be found here: http://www.homeopathy.com/college-practitioners/268/doctors-of-medical-heilkunst

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and best wishes.

    Take care,

  3. I am so thrilled to have just stumbled upon your blog!! I too am using Heilkunst sequential therapy to treat my autistic son and we’re seeing fantastic results! My best wishes to you moving forward. I look forward to reading many of your posts. Coincidently, I also blog about my son’s progress. 🙂

  4. This is such great information. You have been at this longer than me. Your blog is going to be a great resource for me as I delve deeper into sequential homeopathy with my daughter. I have now cleared her timeline but she’s gotten stuck at the birth clear for the last several months. Her homeopath thinks it may have kicked up Lyme Disease for her, so we are now going a different direction. But once we get past that, we’re moving on to the miasms which I am very excited about. Did you see big gains from clearing miasms? Thanks for the great information! -Molly

  5. Hi Molly:

    I’m so glad that you find the information useful, and am so happy to connect with another mother who is using sequential homeopathy to heal their child. I can’t say enough about this form of healing. I feel that Moses made gradual, but significant gains through all of the rounds of sequential homeopathy. By the time we made it through his timeline, his health had improved remarkably. You can read that summary post here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/one-year-of-heilkunst-healing/

    The healing continued as we’ve started to make our way through the miasms. We’ve found that some of the healing reactions of the miasms have been quite dramatic. I found that his health took a big leap after clearing Tuberculosis. (More about this here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/healing-tuberculosis/).

    We’ve been taking awhile clearing Sycosis because he had a huge healing reaction clearing the first two levels (More about this here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/reflections/), but between healing reactions, he’s now a healthy boy!!

    Everyone’s experience is slightly different in terms of the type of healing reactions and how dramatic they are (I think Moses’ are particularly dramatic because of the depth of his underlying illness), but I really feel that sequential homeopathy / Heilkunst can really help anyone who undergoes this form of healing. It’s slow (we’ve been at it for almost two years now), difficult at times (due to the healing reactions), but truly miraculous! I’m truly thankful that we were introduced to this form of healing by another mom of two sensitive children.

    I look forward to following your daughter’s story on your amazing blog and her continued healing!

  6. Hi again! I’m really intrigued about Heilkunst. But as you know we are doing CEASE. We started with classical and changed to CEASE, I’d rather not change again… and finish with CEASE first before moving to any other therapy.

    Do you think we could profit from CEASE before doing Heilkunst or would we have to repeat the vaccines/antibiotics clearing again?

    Many thanks,

  7. I googled and I cant find homeopaths working with Heilkunst in England 😦

  8. Hi Julie,
    My homeopath does consults over the phone and will mail remedies. I know she’s done consults in Europe before but I don’t know if she’s run into any problems getting remedies through customs.

  9. Hi Julie: By the way, Livelymom’s homeopath is a Heilkunstler. I’ve asked mine if she would do consults in Europe as well (I’m sure that she would). My Heilkunstler recently moved to a different province, so we’re doing distance consultations now. We use paper remedies until the physical remedies are received by post.

    It would likely depend on your Heilkunstler as to whether the antibiotic and vaccination clearings would need to be repeated. I know that the sequence of the clearing is important with Heilkunst, so they might need to be repeated, but maybe not because in Moses’ case, my Heilkunstler didn’t actually clear in reverse sequence as is normally done. In Moses’ case, she did the most significant blockages to health first (i.e., vaccinations first, then anaesthesia next, etc…)… It would be up to your Heilkunstler how s/he approaches it…

  10. Hi Janice,

    I just started Heilkunst for my son, Is it possible I may speak with you via email. I like your blog very much and think it is very useful.

  11. Hi Asgar, Yes, I’ll send you an email!

  12. Hi Janice: I am a mom of 6 yr old with severe food allergies/asthma/eye issues. I have tried so many modalities (energy treatment like BioSet/NAET) and classical homeopathy with not much success. I was reading about Heilkunst and your blog popped up. am so glad to go through your kid’s recovery and really excited to know how is he doing with allergies..

    Also Could i ask you for your parctitioner details? If possible, could you please share your email so that i can ask you few things in detail.

    I have bookmarked your Blog and gonna visit this frequently to get updates on Moses’s health.

    best regards

  13. I’ll send you an email, Rajni!

  14. I just want to thank you for posting about your son’s journey with homeopathy.

    A few years back, thanks to your blog, I gave homeopathy a try to help with my numerous (!!!!) food sensitivities. Now I’m just sensitive to gluten and dairy, which is miraculous.

    Thank-you so much!!! 🙂

    Good-luck on your big move ❤

  15. C: Oh, wow, thanks for taking the time to share your amazing story of healing!! I appreciate your comment! I’m curious – did you use Heilkunst or classical homeopathy?

  16. I used classical. 🙂

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