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I’ve been reading a lot about GcMAF lately. A great summary is below (source).

What is micro immunotherapy / MAF Protein therapy?

Vitamin D binding protein – MAF (VDBP-MAF) is a naturally occurring protein, made by a person’s immune system as a response to enzymes released by immune cells known as T cells and B cells when inflammation is detected. These enzymes react with Gc proteins and create VDBP-MAF, which is a protein required by macrophages to become active. This protein is also known as gcmaf. This process means that macrophages are activated, and in a normally working immune system, this process would work anytime the T and B cells detected issues and released the enzymes.

What are macrophages?

Macrophages are so named from the Greek term ‘big eaters’. They are effectively the ‘big guns’ in the immune system and are called into play by the T and B cells releasing their enzymes which happens as cells die during inflammation and the cell membranes break down. This, in turn, creates VDBP-MAF which is the signal, or key, for the macrophages to wake up and join in the fight. Just as in human warfare, big equipment is not deployed for every skirmish, so the same thing applies, in principle, in the immune system. In the absence of the VDBP-MAF signal, macrophages dawdle around, eating enough to stay alive. Once activated with MAF (macrophage activating factor), macrophages increase their consumption rate over 15 times. In addition, whilst consuming pathogens, they also send off chemical signals to other immune cells to bring them into play (antigen presenting). In this way, macrophages are very, very important in the immune system, and are like a tank or missile response in human warfare, with a large army backup.

Why would I need VDBP?

Some cancers and viruses have developed an enzyme, known as nagalase, which will prevent the body from producing VDBP-MAF from VDBP. It does this by destroying the site on the Gc protein that would have generated the VDBP-MAF. While nagalase circulates in the body, it causes a suppression of the immune system by preventing the activation of macrophages, known as immunosuppression. By increasing the effectiveness of the immune system, this in turn can reduce the viruses and cancers, which then reduces the amount of circulating nagalase.

What is micro-immunotherapy?

Bearing in mind that macrophages, T cells, B cells, Natural Killer cells and all the other parts of the immune system are only visible under a microscope, and VDBP-MAF – the key that turns on the macrophages and which is smaller in size to a macrophage than what a small pill is to a human – is so small it is not visible under any microscope. However, this key, this activating factor, is essential to turn on the macrophages, and without it the immune system is depressed. It is like having an armoured tank and not being able to find the key. However, by reintroducing VDBP-MAF, often alongside other immune system boosting diet and lifestyle changes, helps rebuild the immune system so that it can get on with the job it is designed to do – defeating pathogens. Another term that could be used to describe this is ‘Immunostimulatory therapy’

How do I know that this will work?

It will not work for everyone. However, all humans and mammals have to be able to generate and utilize GcMAF, otherwise the immune system will not work and death will occur. It seems, however, that certain individuals have a different Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) gene to most, or their VDR has been compromised by certain bacterial infections, and for these people the effects of extraneous VDBP-MAF may not be so visible. It also will not work on advanced cancers in the way currently being promoted by other vendors of GcMAF, although it appears to help with palliative pain relief and feeling of energy and wellbeing possibly due to the effect on dopamine levels created by increased macrophage activity.

What is it used for?

VDBP-MAF protein therapy is used simply to awaken an immune system that is depressed through the action of nagalase. A fully functional immune system is known to be able to overcome over 6000 ailments, including cancer. When one looks at the evolution of the species, it is obvious that our bodies and immune systems are incredibly adaptive, as there has not been one single virus or ailment that has wiped out the human species. Everyone’s immune system has the potential to overcome ailments, with correct nourishment, lifestyle choices and an active immune system.

How can it help?

VDBP-MAF protein therapy simply restores the levels of VDBP-MAF in the body to where they would be, had the actions of nagalase not been able to suppress the immune system. Think of it like a vitamin deficiency, it is just the replacement of something that should be there.

More reading



MAF Research – http://gcmafresearch.com/

  • Sign up and join their GcMAF research project. There is no obligation on you to report anything, but they will be looking for previous medical history, current diagnosis, and an ongoing update as to what you are doing and how you are feeling.



Dr Yamamoto Papers – http://www.gc-maf.de/en/the-yamamoto-papers.html

Dr Antonucci Video – http://vimeo.com/71554845

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Initial Observations of elevated Nagalase activity associated with Autism and observed reductions from GcMAF – paper by Dr. Bradstreet – here.


GcMAF offers hope to autistic people. http://mafandme.co.uk/2015/07/15/gcmaf-offers-hope-to-autistic-people/

GcMAF and Autism – great info at The River to Recovery website here.


Dr Bradstreet Blog  http://drbradstreet.org/category/autism/



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Cancer cells and GcMAF; cells seen via microscopes and time lapse photography – video here.

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The demonization of GcMAF: A synopsis of the history, the success and the sabatage – here.

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