Raising a Sensitive Child

Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Treatment Plan

This is what we are currently doing in terms of  treatments and supplements to heal my sensitive boy. My boy is currently thriving and has come a long, long, long, long way in his healing. If you were to meet him now, you would see a bright, funny, sensitive, healthy, strong, and vibrant boy.

His rashes (a typical sign of individuals with Job’s syndrome / Hyper IgE syndrome) are essentially healed. He was once allergic/sensitive to 40+ foods, and now it’s down to four foods (gluten, dairy, fish and eggs) (much more manageable). His IgE levels (which is related to his allergic condition) have decreased from 70,000 IU/mL to 16,612 IU/mL in the last year. We are very thankful.

I feel that Moses’ healing has been so remarkable because we have pursued all five levels of healing during Moses’ healing journey (i.e., healing Moses’ physical, energy, mental, intuitive and spiritual bodies), in addition to a focus on the whole family’s healing journey.


  • Heilkunst homeopathy – out of all of the things that we did, this has been the most significant for Moses’ healing; we consult with his Heilkunstler every 4-6 weeks or so. I highly recommend Heilkunst homeopathy. We had previously consulted with three classical homeopaths, and found that classical homeopathy didn’t help our son.
  • Cranialsacral therapy, total body modification and chiropractic adjustment by his chiropractor (every 4-6 weeks)
  • We also occasionally consult with a naturopathic doctor (once or twice a year) (read about one of our consultations here)
  • karmic healing

Essential oils

  • Frankincense to support his immune system;
  • Essential oil blend for intra-cellular healing;
  • Protective blend to support his immune system;
  • Grounding blend to help keep him grounded and calm; and
  • lavender for calming, bumps and scrapes.


Not every day, but when we can hide it in shakes, etc.:


  • We feed my son as much organic food as possible
  • Finding how what he was sensitive / allergic to and avoiding the allergenic foods (we found out through RAST tests, prick tests, IgE blood tests, IgG blood tests, sensitivity tests, experientially, and some DIY food sensitivity tests at home)
  • Details about meals for my food-allergic boy (happily, he only has a handful of allergies now) here


  • epsom salt baths with tea tree oil (antimicrobial properties – for rashes associated with Job’s syndrome — his rashes are just about all healed now)



  • We try to minimize medications to the extent possible because medications often do more harm than good (i.e., side effects) and medications do not heal, but suppress symptoms, which drive the “disease” deeper into an individual (whereas, homeopathy heals the root cause of disease).
  • He is taking Alvesco (a preventative puffer for his asthma) – 1 puff in the morning and 1 puff at night. I hope to get him off this very soon!
  • Prophylactic antibiotic (Keflex — read here about Keflex dosage) related to his Job’s syndrome diagnosis. The story of how we came to terms with starting these medications here. He was on them from the time he was first diagnosed when he was 4 years old. We’ve tried to stop it from time to time with not so great success (read more here).
  • 2% hydrocortisone /Bactroban for his ears when his rash is bad (DH will use 1% hydrocortisone on other parts of his body when his rash is bad, typically during healing reactions).


  • Moses will not be receiving any further vaccinations. More about this here.

Other ideas about supplements:

  • Recommended supplements to boost the immune system here
  • Recommended supplements for autism, recommended by a Heilkunst practitioner here
  • If you don’t have your own homeopath, you can try some homeopathic remedies for colds and flus at your natural health food store (e.g., Kids 0-9, Hylands).

Energy Healing

Things we have tried in the past:

(Note that all of these techniques likely helped to some extent, but there’s only so much money and time, so we had a pick and choose which treatments to stick with and implement. Also Moses didn’t necessarily like all of these treatments, so that helped us to choose as well).

  • acupressure – probably could help, but Moses doesn’t like his acupressure points stimulated. Note, that we did try 3 reflexology appointments and Moses developed 10 abscesses following the treatments (read this and this).  Great link about acupressure points here.
  • aloe vera juice – good for teeth – we just got out of the habitat of using it.
  • Alpha CRS supplement – developed a bad rash after taking it. Some thoughts as to why this might have been the case here.
  • beta-glucans, a supplement that is good for the immune system – Moses didn’t like the taste, even though it tasted like a sour candy
  • body talk – hard to say if it helped, but Moses received body talk every 4 weeks or so when he was 1.5 years to 2.5 years of age
  • cactus juice, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Recommended by a natural health practitioner who said that she finds it helps her cancer patients.  Unfortunately, Moses didn’t like the taste. We hid it in his shakes and didn’t wind up using all of it. It was extremely expensive ($150 a bottle).
  • calcium-magnesium – June 1, 2012: Moses was on a liquid calcium-magnesium supplement since he was quite young until he was 6 years old. DH recently heard that there’s a link between calcium supplements and heart disease, so we’ve stopped this supplement, although Moses still gets a calcium supplement in the orange juice that he drinks.
  • castor oil abdominal massage – Moses didn’t like this, so we didn’t get in the habit of doing this
  • Chinese herbal remedies recommended by an acupuncturist (we didn’t find a noticeable effect)
  • classical homeopathy – we consulted with three different classical homeopaths, including one who was out of province and who specialized in children with eczema and an author of a book about treating children with eczema with homeopathy. We didn’t find a noticeable effect, although Moses’ rashes got extremely worse. That being said, I know that some people have had amazing results from classical homeopathy.
  • Diflucan (prescription antifungal) – he doesn’t need it any more. Yay!
  • eat right for your blood type – found it too restrictive for foods that you can eat (esp. since Moses is already on a restricted diet)
  • Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment – caused an increase in rashes, likely because it contains lanolin
  • flax seed oil – he was on a daily flax seed oil (1 tsp) for two years, until we found this great vegetarian omega 3 oil which is even better than flax seed oil. Currently, we are using amaranth oil.
  • Flovent – he was on Flovent (a preventative puffer) for his asthma for approx. a year (something that I wasn’t a fan of, but DH and his physicians felt strongly about it). We switched to Alvesco once we stopped his antifungal medication because Flovent may result in thrush.
  • Genestra Bio-Vitamin B12 plus Folic Acid – stopped using it because a medical intuitive advised us to stop using it (he was on it for years, and stopped when he was almost 9 years old, in April 2015).
  • gentian violet – didn’t help his chronic thrush long-term (and was terribly messy)
  • emotional freedom technique (EFT) – I love this technique and highly recommend it although I don’t currently use it very much anymore (you can read a story about how EFT helped our family here)
  • glutathione-accellerating supplement (Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula). Read more about glutathione here. We only gave this to him a couple of times because detoxes quite strongly on it (i.e., an increase in rashes).  A friend of mine wondered if Moses has a double COMT gene mutation – there are some things in the Alpha he could react too like the Acetyl L Carnitine and Quercetin. Read more here.
  • Himalayan salt sole – I found it too salty and didn’t get into the habit of doing it with Moses
  • iron supplement – his hemoglobin levels were once very low and now they are on the low side of normal, so we don’t need to supplement his iron any more
  • lanolin – causes an increase in rashes
  • liquid chlorophyll – Moses was too sensitive even for liquid chlorophyll (i.e., caused an increase in rashes)
  • Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) – tried it when he was 2 years old (~6 sessions). Did not help (they “desensitized” him to eggs, and a few days later, he wound up in the hospital for four days after accidental exposure to eggs). I loved the theory behind NAET and some people swear by it.
  • New German Medicine one session in November 2013 – didn’t resonate.
  • Nutravege – can’t remember why we stopped. Right now we are using amaranth oil instead because our Heilkunstler said that Moses’ body “tested high” for amaranth oil.
  • Probiotics, are of course important. We used Genestra HMF powder between 3.5 years to 9 years old. Really too long to be on the same probiotic. He is currently using GutPro probiotic.
  • RespirActin Breathe Easy for children – a natural supplement that helps breathing difficulties – we used this for awhile instead of his Ventolin puffer, but didn’t find it as effective as his Ventolin puffer. Used when he was 7 years old (2013)
  • Sedona method – Great technique (you can learn it yourself by purchasing the book and or getting it from the library, or maybe googling this technique). I love this technique and highly recommend it although I don’t currently use it very much anymore
  • Shamanic healing sessions  (Moses used to receive shamanic healing sessions every 6 months to a year or so until he was 7 years old, but as of December 2014, we are taking a break from shamanic healing and any other energy healing sessions other than our karmic healer and energy healing chiropactor)
  • Spectro Kids EczemaCare – ironically, made Moses’ eczema very, very itchy and red. We only used it once and will never use it again.
  • numerous special creams for eczema (including medicated creams, as well as over the counter creams purchased online, from health food stores, at the recommendation of homeopaths, etc.), none of which helped. The thing that helped Moses’ skin is sequential treatment through Heilkunst homeopathy
  • numerous supplements, some of which Moses was sensitive to and made his rash worse.
  • Zinc supplement – H13 zinc – his homeopath suggested 3 pellets twice a day for ear fissures in Feb 2015 (he took this for two days before I found out that it contains lactose and wheat starch – ack! This likely explains the recent increase in rashes (back, stomach) and stomach pains. His asthma and cough has also increased.

Treatments we have considered, but haven’t used (yet)

  • camel milk
  • CytoFlora
  • high dose lypospheric vitamin C – recommended by Healthyself — helps with asthma and allergies.  Was going to order, but then noticed that it’s contraindicated for individuals with G6PD deficiency (high dose vitamin C makes Moses susceptible to hemalysis).
  • Quinton Isotonic minerals
  • IVIG – his immunologist has suggested this as a monthly treatment, but we aren’t interested in it at the moment
  • Pulmogen by Genestra (a lung tonic, suggested by his naturopath)
  • Naltrexone low dose
  • Homotoxicology
  • One of my readers recommended Dr. Yanick, who created Quantafoods. This naturopath’s approach has to do with healing the inner physician so that the body can heal itself (the inner physician consists of the efferent-afferent neurons, the liver and gallbladder, and the microbiome). He is located in Las Vegas but can do consultations by e-mail. His website is http://www.quantafoods.com/. You can read this free e-book he wrote about his approach here to learn more about it: http://marthlinn.s3.amazonaws.com/Yanickbooklet.pdf.
  • Dr. Schulze’s herbs (highly recommended by our karmic healer)
  • Our naturopath recommended UMAC liquid, which is a phytoplankton and a great source of antioxidants and micronutrients. I am considering trying this, but am also wary because CD is not effective with antioxidants, so I’ll need to decide which is more important.
  • Concept Therapy – Zone healing – my friend Emma mentioned it to me
  • Healer at Circle of Intention, recommended by my Heilkunstler
  • Full CoRE reading with Ati – recommended by my Heilkunstler
  • rinsing with wheatgrass for 5 minutes, instead of oil pulling, for dental issues.
  • Beyond Diet and Nutrition by Patricia Lemer.
  • ice cold foot baths
  • Vision Therapy with a Developmental Optometrist, such as Dr. Brent Neufeld in Calgary, AB. He comes highly recommended.  In 4 months, a friend’s son had his reading cognition improve by 3 grade levels as a result of this therapy. It’s not cheap (~$700 for the initial assessment and ~$460 per month), but my friend said that it’s been a game changer for her son, who has tried a lot of different therapies.
  • My karmic healer recommended: Sota Silver Pulser Bio Stimulator Pulse to fight bacteria and viruses.
  • Taiga Professional A320 by Positive Health Australia, which could be ordered from here. Shipping is approx. $22 to US.

Job’s syndrome:

  • Read about how another holistic mom is treating her son’s multiple allergies and hyper IgE  here.
  • Read about how another holistic mom is treating her son with multiple allergies, Hyper IgE (15,000) and  Chronic Granumatolous Disease (CGD) here.
  • Read about other potential treatments for Job’s syndrome.

22 thoughts on “Treatment Plan

  1. What brand of MMS are you using? Where did you buy it?

  2. Hi Denise: I purchased our MMS from MMS Supplier. http://mmssupplier.com/

  3. I am also a mother of a child with Hyper IGE Syndrome my son has alot of similar issues as your son does. He receives a medication called Hyzentra it is an IGG immunoglobin it has kept my son from getting life threatening respiratory infections. He does not receive any live vaccinations due to his prior adverse reactions. In regaurds to his skin I find it helpful to use aquafor to keep it moisturized which prevents outbreaks and whenever he sweats he takes a shower. When his skin is really brokenout the steriod that works the best is Triamcinolone Acetonide. Dr. Steven Holland at NIH in Mariyland specializes in Hyper Ige Syndrome we have an appointment in the spring to see him. Every 3monthes he visits his Immunologist at Miami Childrens Hospital.

  4. Hi Bonnie: Thanks so much for sharing your treatment plan for your son. I didn’t know about Hyzentra as a treatment option, so that’s good to know. I like hearing about what others are doing to treat Job’s syndrome. I’ve added some of these ideas to this blog post “Living with Job’s syndrome” https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/jobs-syndrome/

    Take good care!

  5. Hi, Im from Malaysia and my son too was diagnosed with a type of Hyper IgE/Chronic Granumatolous Disease. I didnt start any allopathic treatments but went straight on to naturopathic, biomed and homeopathy treatments as well. My son is currently undergoing chelation through homeopathy.

  6. Hello Ad: So nice to “meet” you, another kindred spirit. How is your son responding to the naturopathic, biomed and homeopathic treatments?

  7. I have been considering camel milk as well for my daughter. Why haven’t you tried it yet? What do you see as potential cons/risks? Thanks! Molly

  8. Hi Molly:

    Truthfully, I likely would have tried camel milk if it wasn’t for the fact that my husband is *very* skeptical of trying new things. I decided that since Moses is doing so well on his current treatment that I wouldn’t push trying to convince my husband that it was worth it to try camel milk as well. Plus the fact that a friend of mine whose son has hyper IgE syndrome tried camel milk and he had a strong healing reaction to it… (And my husband is not a big fan of healing reactions…)

    I personally don’t feel that there are any potential risks associated with camel milk (with the exception of potential short-term detox reactions). The cons are that it is expensive, not local (I prefer to buy local as much as possible) and hard to get, but again if it wasn’t for my husband’s skepticism, I definitely would have tried it by now based on the reading that I’ve been doing and the positive benefits to many parents of autistic children have been reporting.

    In case you didn’t see it, I wrote a blog post on camel milk here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/camel-milk-for-health/

    I wish you continued blessings on your daughter’s healing journey!

  9. Hi!

    I read something in a website that has stuck in my mind… it’s this abstract written by a Australian homeopath that I found quite interesting.

    She argues that once healing starts to happen with homeopathy, it seems that supplements can be an excess instead of a help. She saw in her practice that when the children regress, by cutting the supplements, they get back on the healing track… which sort of make sense, doesn’t it?

    If you think that somehow homeopathy does heal any sort of deficiency, keeping the supplements may be counterproductive.

    Reversing autism (part 2)

    “Parents should also be warned that side-effects of once-helpful biomedical treatments – even vitamins or minerals – can occur as homœopathy moves their child to better state of health. This aspect has already been commented on in Alex’s story (part one, Case 1) and has been seen on numerous occasions in the author’s practice. If biomedical side-effects are suspected, parents should be asked to suspend the most likely intervention for a period.”

    (Alex’s story: Not long after this, Alex’s behaviour and mood deteriorated in spite of Sulphur still being indicated. His mother decided to reduce some of his biomedical supplements and chelating agents. An immediate improvement took place. This is something I have seen in several children on biomedical treatment and something for practitioners to be aware of. It would seem that large doses of once helpful supplements and chemical medicines have an aggravating affect once homeopathy has moved the child to a better state of health. This phenomenon can easily be mistaken as an aggravation from the remedy, or cause the practitioner to think the remedy is no longer suitable.)

    This abstract comparing biomedical treatment and homeopathy is very interesting… I’d love to know your opinion.


  10. Hi Julie: Thanks so much for sharing that article. I think it’s an excellent article, especially for individuals who are using Classical Homeopathy, in which case, I would defer to the individual’s homeopath re: the whether or not to continue with supplements…

    I know for myself, I’ve tried to keep my own supplementation to a minimum, and my Heilkunstler suggested that I personally stop taking probiotics and Vitamin B because she didn’t think I needed it anymore, but she encourages me to continue to take Vitamin D (and my cranialsacral therapist also tells me that my body needs a high dose of Vitamin D — it’s very cloudy / foggy on most days here in Newfoundland!)

    For Moses, however, I’ve chosen to continue to keep him on his current list of supplements, which I feel is not a very extensive list of supplements given what his dealing with…. His Heilkunstler has not indicated to me that she thinks that I should stop any of them, although some of them weren’t her idea (e.g., MMS). Another Heilkunstler wrote this article on supplementation, which makes sense to me (so they don’t feel that supplementation interferes with homeopathic treatment, although they also don’t feel that supplementation will heal the root cause of disease, and once the root of the disease is healed, eventually the supplementation may no longer be needed). http://dynamishealthcentre.com/articlesresources/supplements-do-we-need-them/
    More Heilkunstler’s thoughts on useful supplements for the treatment of autism here: http://www.heilkunst.com/autism/products.html

    So overall, I feel that with the Heilkunst homeopathic treatment, it is fine that we continue with the supplements that Moses is on, but the articles have reminded me about why I have tried to keep Moses’ supplements as simple as possible.

    What are your homeopath’s thoughts on supplementation?

  11. Hi Janice
    I am sorry that it’s been a rough year on you and your family. I checked with my Qi Gong teacher and she does not know of anyone in your area I am sorry to report. You would need to travel to her. And the practice is a commitment of 1-2 hours everyday. We have had an impossible time sticking to that regimen – but I hope in 2013 I can turn that around.

    I am posting on this page because I am exploring some theories for my son that may be of interest to you: namely milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and taurine. All of which have shown in studies to reduce IgE through – they think – detoxing the liver. Interesting that inside the liver B cells can be differentiated into IgE – so it’s plausible, heal the liver = lower IgE.

    I am considering trying some fashion of these with my son – but am first exploring what / who would be a good way to manage the detox – Dr Levy has said something to the effect of “Detoxification is retoxification.” And even Dr Gerson – stressed detox only when the body could eliminate toxins – versus them free floating in the body and landing somewhere else. He of course recommended patients use coffee enemas several times a day to assist.

    The other thing I wanted to say – I have been working on a documentary for nearly a year – and am hoping to have an editor locked down in the next couple months to start cutting – but at any rate – there is an interview that I had with a mother and PhD in medicine. Her son has willi-praeder syndrome. What made me think of this was your entry in your end of the year posting where you discussed needing to believe that Moses’ body is healing. And not see things the way the western model views things. But this mother, who’s husband is also a doctor, said that when their son was diagnosed within days of birth, they decided that he did not have a genetic issue, so much as a metabolic issue. And they treated him such – foods, supplements, certain physical therapies, accupuncture… needless to say, I think he is 8 now – and he is defying the prognosis. They are western doctors, but came at their son’s circumstances from a completely different point of view. Food for thought.

    The other thing that I am doing – is I am going to participate in the human gut project (http://humanfoodproject.com/american-gut/) for my son and myself. I am interested to see what are the prominent bacteria in our intestines. You can do skin, fecal, oral… samples to see what bacteria live on and in you. It ships to US – not sure what Canada situation would be. But I also want to mention this – because I know that you give Moses probiotics – but it may be interesting for you to find out what his gut biome is comprised of. As you know, so much of the immune system is in our guts.

    Not sure any of this will help – just sharing. What I saw with the Dr I mention above – is that even with a “genetic diagnosis” it is possible to have an outcome that is far outside that diagnosis prognosis.

    Blessings, healings, and great miracles in 2013 for Moses’ health and your family.


  12. Hi Denise:

    Thanks so much for sharing everything that you are learning. It certainly all gives me food for thought.

    re: milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and taurine — interestingly, the first two are in Dr. Keller’s original glutathione formula, which I still take and have tried with Moses, but he detoxed way to strongly on it, so I’ve stopped for now. http://glutathioneforhealth.wordpress.com/formula/

    I definitely believe that detoxification (though very important), is also retoxification and I need to be very careful due to Moses` extreme sensitivity.

    I do feel coffee enemas can help (I actually used to do coffee enemas for myself several years ago when I participated in 10 day liquid only fasts). I don`t see myself giving Moses coffee enemas at this stage though…

    Do keep me in the loop with your documentary and thanks for sharing your information about the interview with the parents of the boy with willi-praeder syndrome. I love the idea of thinking of things in terms of a metabolic issue rather than a genetic issue. I do feel that it`s important to think outside of the box of the diagnosis. An important part of the healing process is to disconnect from the diagnosis. I wrote a blog post about this idea here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2010/12/18/letting-it-all-go/

    Thanks also for letting me know about the human gut project. If we were in the states, we would definitely participate!!!

    I appreciate you sharing these ideas with me, and pray for the continued healing of both of our sons.

    Many blessings for 2013.

  13. Thank you for sharing your treatment plan! Could you share the name and phone number of your Heilkunst practioner? I don’t want to randomly pick a name off of the list on International Heilkunst Association.

  14. Hi Julie: It was Sheila Earle. She can be reached at (613) 621-9481. I highly recommend Heilkunst and Sheila. Take good care!

  15. Is Genestra B12 a good product? Did you see any gains on it?

  16. Hi Agata: I feel that the Genestra B12 and folic acid is a good product. Our naturopath recommends this brand. Truthfully, I haven’t observed any major gains from it (with the exception that his tongue is in better condition, based on his naturopath’s observations). Our son has been on it or the Genestra liquid B complex for a long time. I wrote a couple of notes about starting Genestra liquid B complex here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/vitamin-b-deficiency/

    I was also taking the Genestra B12 and folic acid supplement and when my B12 levels were checked by my doctor, he said that I should back off a bit from the supplement because my B12 levels were actually too high. So, I feel that the supplement is definitely bio-available.

    When my son recently saw his naturopath, she felt that our son still needed to be on this supplement based on what his tongue looked like (it’s not as bad as what it used to look like, before we started to supplement his Vitamin B levels).

    Hope that helps. One good thing about this vitamin is that it tastes good (kind of like chalky candy), but it’s easy to get our son to take it.

  17. How long did u do Mms? What benefits did u see and why did u stop? I’m considering it for my autoimmune and gi issues due to chronic dysbiosis

  18. Hi Stacy: We did MMS for about a year or a year and a half. I didn’t see any noticeable benefits for myself (I’m generally healthy). For my son who had a very bad chronic staph infection on his back related to his diagnosis, his staph infection started to clear up. We gradually stopped after a year and a half for no particular reason (I can’t remember now), but I find that I may start a protocol and then gradually stop it because we are doing other things. One reason was that I was giving it to my son in pineapple juice and I was trying to cut down on his juice intake. I do feel that his MRSA infections started to get worse after we stopped the MMS. Hope that helps. I would recommend it….

  19. Wow, your blog is amazing. Such a wealth of info. I am stunned, honestly, in all the info you have gathered and all the succinct, objective posts of how it has helped you. I have been on a healing journey for 3 years with my family. I was thinking I’d just about read everything, but the more I keep digging, I realize there is so so much for people to learn. I doubt I have even hit the tip of the iceberg. I am interested in your energy healing stuff. I am a very religious person, but the particular religion I was raised in probably wouldn’t be too much of a fan of this kind of stuff. I whole heartedly believed my church to be the only true church. I mean, down to my core I did. We definitely believe in healing, but consulting someone and all the stuff you mentiined, it would be frowned uoon. And within the last year I have found out some things about my church that I was unaware of. It has been the most mindblowing thing I’ve ever experienced, to say the least, to question my faith…makes all this healing stuff seem like a cakewalk, honestly… anyway, so now I am trying to find out where I sit in the universe all over again at the same time try to heal my family. It is a very confusing time. I am drawn to this mystics view, and have read some on it with karma and past lives and all. But for me to turn to stuff like this woukd really upset my family. They would think I was devil worshipping, probably. Psychic stuff is seen in that way in my faith. And then there is the fact that I really really really believed it and I can’t just change my mindset so easily. The things you were taught in childhood shape the way you see the world. I don’t even know where I am going with this except to say I am interested I your experiences, and may just be an observer for a little bit while I shape my intuition all over again. Thank you for your blog. Also, as I don’t think I’ve seen it on here, have you looked into a pemf mat for healing? I have not tried one, but am so interested, and am trying to earn the money for an IMRS mat. I heard about it from kerri riveras facebook group.

  20. Hi Holly: Thanks for taking the time to write and for your kind words. I’m so glad that sharing our journey can help inspire / help others. I have learnt the hard way that you do need to be careful with who you consult re: energy healing / past life stuff, so I do understand the need for caution. And I also understand that it would be frowned upon or would be incongruent by some religions / people’s worldviews. I haven’t heard about pemf mats or IMRS mats. Thanks for the info…. Good luck on your continued healing journey.

  21. if a parent could only afford one thing what would that be,
    Stuck on and island so to speak which one remedy would you go with?
    warm regards New Zealand

  22. Hi Tea: If I could afford only one thing, I would choose Heilkunst, and I recommend this practitioner, who offers distance sessions. http://heilkunstmedicine.com/

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