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Jack the Fish

A couple of weeks ago, we welcomed a new member to our family: Jack the fish!

Jack looks a lot like this betta fish

We are thrilled to have a pet again! Our family loves having a pet to love. To bring you up to speed, we had to find a new home for our two cats shortly after Moses was born due to his allergies. (Happily, we found a great home for them). When Moses was three, we got a puppy because we thought that he wasn’t allergic to dogs (so the initial allergy test said), but after a few months, Moses developed an allergy to our dog, so we had to find a new home for Cookie Dog as well…  (This story had a happy ending because our dear friends took Cookie into their home and hearts and now we get to see her all the time). Posts about this here and here.

We’re so happy to have Jack in our lives. He’s so beautiful and calming to watch. And easy to care for. We got a bigger tank than the original one that he came in (we’ve read that betta fish should be in tanks that are at least 2 to 5 gallons in size, even though they are often sold in tiny little fish bowls).

DH even found that his stress levels decreased after we got our fish. So calming for us to watch. We spend a lot of time with our hearts beaming, love overflowing as we watch our fish swim around in his little tank. I didn’t realize that fish had such personality! He likes to rest in the plant, flare at his own reflection, hide behind the rock, fish towards the stream of filtered water, and rest against the filter vent when he sleeps at night. Sometimes he greets us and says hi. He even likes it when we change some of his water — very interested in what we are doing with the turkey baster.

Moses was excited to have a new pet as well, but then became a bit jealous of all of the attention the fish was getting in the first couple of days, so DH and I have calmed down on our enthusiasm a bit. I knew things would be okay when Moses showed the Jack his new toy that he got the other day, and now he’s feeding Jack as well.

If you are looking for an allergy-friendly and easy to care for pet, we highly recommend a betta fish!