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I’m not against vaccinations. I just think that parents have a right to make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate. I respect the decisions that parents make on behalf of their children. I also support greening our vaccines.

In our case, my intuition strongly told me not to vaccine my child, but we selectively vaccinated him because my husband felt strongly about the importance of vaccinating. If I could turn back time, I would not have vaccinated him as I know now that immuno-compromised children are at the highest risk of vaccine injury. Furthermore, there is a lot of scientific research, as well as countless stories that demonstrate that vaccines can result in autism, brain damage, seizures, increase of infections, asthma, as well as death.

Research I’ve done on vaccinations

Stories of vaccine-injured children – this is my most read post on my blog (a must read)

Scientific research about vaccinations – you will be shocked at how many scientific papers demonstrate the negative effects of vaccinations

Vaccination considerations and precautions – including tips to minimize the risk of vaccine injury

Night terrors resulting from vaccinations

Hyper IgE Syndrome and vaccinations

Research about pneumococcal vaccination

All of my posts about vaccinations

Our experiences with vaccinations

My thoughts on vaccinations when our son was 3 years old

Our thoughts leading up to the MMR vaccination (delayed until he was over 3 years old)

Our son’s reaction to the MMR vaccination

My current thoughts on vaccinations – reflections after my son’s Job’s syndrome diagnosis

More information about vaccinations

Results of a global survey regarding vaccinated and non-vaccinated children – here and a summary here.  Participate in the survey here.

Danger of Excessive Vaccinations during Brain Development — a scientific paper that is a must read for all parents

Studies comparing vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated populations– vaccinated populations have higher percentages of individuals with allergies, asthma, hayfever, hyperactivity, immune disorders, seizures, etc.

Doctors and scientists with concerns about vaccines (a list of over 150)

200 evidence-based reasons not to vaccinate300 pages of study abstracts culled directly from the National Library of Medicine’s pubmed.gov bibliographic database on the wide-ranging adverse health effects linked to vaccines in the today’s schedule (over 200 distinct adverse effects, including death), as well as numerous studies related to vaccine contamination, and vaccine failure in highly vaccine compliant populations.

Over 180 research studies and case reports published in mainstream peer-reviewed medical literature documenting and exploring safety issues relating to vaccines here and here.

Vaccine papers – detailed, science-based and objective information about vaccines.

12 Reasons not to vaccinate your child

Autism % in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations

14 studies – criticisms and conflicts of interest about the 14 studies that falsely assert that vaccines do not cause autism

Disease vs Vaccination: Where does the Risk Really Lie?

Dr. Mercola’s articles about vaccinations 

Dr. Smit on post-vaccination syndrome

Dr. Tenpenny and vaccinations

Saying No to Vaccines – I highly recommend this book by Dr. Tenpenny. This book includes over 200 scientific articles about the negative effects of vaccines

Graphs that demonstrate that vaccines did not eradicate the diseases that they claim to

Scientific research about vaccines – compiled by the Global Vaccine Institute

International Medical Council on Vaccinations – written by medical doctors, nurses and other qualified medical professionals, a resource for physicians and laypersons about vaccinations.

Innoculations – True Weapons of Mass Destruction Causing Vaccine-induced Diseases by Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D.

Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review – CBC report here and paper here.

60 Lab Studies now confirm cancer link to a vaccine that you probably had as a child (i.e., polio vaccine) – by Dr. Mercola

Information compiled by Tamara Morales about vaccinations – her daughter had a vaccine reaction and Tamara is now dedicated to sharing information about vaccinations

Vaccination Risk Awareness Network – Canadian site

Vaccine Information Coalition

Why Fully Informed Consent Must be Instituted for all Vaccines – another must-read article that discusses the risks of vaccinations.

Measles 2015, A Tempest in a Teapot – excellent article by Janet Levatin, MD.

Hahnemann Centre for Heilkunst vaccination links

User-friendly vaccination schedule — for those who want to selectively vaccinate

Top 6 reasons why parents are opting out of vaccinations – well researched, including a lot of scientific research

“First they came for the Anti-vaxxers”

Job Description: Mommy’s list of invaluable vaccine information.

A very informative article about measles and the measles vaccine.

A look at the vaccine schedule and autism rates here.

Aluminum in vaccines travels to the brain. Read this scientific paper as to why this is relevant to children with autism.

Interesting “coincidence”

  • “My daughter was born in 1994 and was vaccinated according to the schedule. We were a military family at the time. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in the military, but there is a pressure on parents to comply with military regulations, including the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule. In fact, did you know that the children of military parents are the most highly vaccinated children in the United States? “Coincidentally” (I just LOVE that word!), the incidence of autism among children of military parents is much higher than the rate of autism in the general population. (Now that IS an interesting coincidence!) In 2007, when the CDC announced that autism affected 1 in 150 U.S. children, the rate among children of military families was 1 in 82.” Read entire open letter here.

5 thoughts on “Vaccinations

  1. hi
    thanks for you amazing blog,i’m very curious about this treatment you are doing with Moses.i have a little 3 year old boy and i’m doing CEASE therapy with him,now i’m detoxing vacines and i’m having good results.do you know CEASE?is it similar to your treatment?i would really like to know if they are something in common cause i’ve been reading your posts and i think some things are the same..

  2. Hi Isabel:

    So nice to “meet” you. You probably saw this, but I’ve listed Moses’ current treatment here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/supplements/

    With Heilkunst homeopathy, he was cleared of all of the major medical interventions and other “traumatic” incidents in his life in reverse chronological order (although they cleared him of his vaccinations first). I think it’s somewhat similar to CEASE in that Heilkunst also clears vaccinations. After clearing the “lifetime of traumas”, they also clear for the 8 archetypal diseases (or chronic miasms), which I think is key. I wrote about the chronic miasms here: https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/healing-the-chronic-miasms/

    I have a lot of information about Heilkunst here:
    https://crystalchild.wordpress.com/heilkuns/ and if you want to know more, I highly recommend reading “Autism: The Journey Back”. Heilkunst homeopathy is explained in detail in this book. http://www.heilkunst.com/autism/book_index.html. Heilkunst also involves constitutional remedies, emotional remedies, remedies for anxiety, etc.

    I really feel that Moses’ remarkable healing has been as a result of Heilkunst homeopathy (which I highly recommend), in addition to the many other ways we are supporting his healing (supplements, energy work, cranialsacral therapy and total body modification).

    I haven’t read a lot about CEASE homeopathy, so I can’t fully comment how much they are the same or different. Definitely similar re: clearing vaccinations, but they might approach the dosing differently.

    Hope that helps!!! I wish you and your son all of the best in your healing journey. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Thanks, Julie. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve been meaning to do so… Have you watched it?

  4. No I haven’t, but I want to. I’m so glad this film has been produced to help raise awareness!

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